Saturday, December 15, 2007

L101 Lights

photos sent in by reader Morgan Mallory.


  1. Funny- who gives a crap about lights. I just want to get to my 5th street bar down in San Diego as fast as possible to start drinking heavily.

    Screw all you Leucadian faggots. I rock from Carlsbad and you are my driveway!

  2. Awwwayhaaaaaaaa! You all are fagoots. I think I just nail your daughter and loveeed it......

    Next time I might slow down to show some respect for the stowdend!

  3. Nice lights, JP. Thanks for sharing these!

    Pay no attention to the man posting above, who can't control his liquor. Or whatever.

    Peace, and goodwill to all, and to all a good night.

  4. Thanks to L101 and Pres. Patricia for their 'Light Up Leucadia' efforts.
    It is good for our community.
    And thanks to JP for sharing.
    Cool Leucadia shirts, too.

  5. Kudos to the merchants who have made Leucadia festive at night.
    Support our local businesses.

  6. JP,

    I love the pictures of the lights. Please take Jerome Stocks picture off of the blog, it is making me sick.

  7. I agree. Let get the signs out for 2008. Like a No Parking sign with a red circle and strike through it. Put a No "J".

    Not re-electing Jerry is the best thing that could happen to this town.

  8. I'd like to see ALL campaign signs banned from Encinitas city-wide. It would make for months of a better looking city, not to mention save campaigners untold thousands of dollars. Campaign signs create incredible blight everywhere; a large percentage of them never get picked up after an election and they are by far more noticible than the cigarette butts on the beach. Besides, if voters are that dense that they need a sign to remind them who they prefer to govern us, we're all in trouble. Especially if someone's vote is swayed by the size of someone's campaign sign. As for the lights, great pics J.P.!

  9. Fred, Uhmm look at the people who keep getting reelected in this town.

    We ARE in trouble.

    Park boondoggle(s), public works yard, library boondoggle, Prop C, Prop A...

  10. Fred, you are right on about political signs. Ecologically they are a mistake. We should challenge our present council during oral communications to ban this senseless activity for the 2008 elections. Should be supportable as it is in the best interests of our collective environment.

    I think you're on to something here. Maybe it could grow countywide, or statewide!

  11. Dalager and Doug Long were the last people to take down their signs. There were two of them across the street from Moonlight Plaza. They'd been there for six months after the election. They were removed only after I filed a complaint with the city. No one can tell me that Dan or Doug didn't see them everyday on their way to their shops.

  12. Paper signs are just one of many ways a candidate can pitch themselves to the public. It is also the method with the least content. Unfotunately many uninformed voters cast their vote based on how many signs they see.

    Not having signs will force candidates to provide valid content and oblige voters to educate themselves. I don't see a downside to this (unless, of course, a candidate has no content).


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