Thursday, December 06, 2007

Leucadia Rainy Nights

Leucadia Nights 6- 9 pm on Friday, Dec. 7th

Due to the rain predicted, there will NOT be any of the planned activities at Leucadia Roadside Park. However, that is not to say that Leucadia businesses won’t be doing something special on their own for the evening!

The evening’s planned opportunity drawing will still proceed, but not at the park. Instead, tickets will be sold at: Corner Frame Shop at 1038 N. Coast Hwy101; Embellishments, 466 N. Coast Hwy 101(in Gold Coast Plaza); and at the Leucadia 101 Main Street office, 320 N. Coast Hwy 101. (Check the store hours at each location.)
Tickets will be on sale Dec. 7th – Dec. 14th. Ticket Prices: $1 each/ $5 for 6 tickets. Below is a list of the really great items that local merchants donated. Winners need not be present to win. Proceeds benefit Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association. Thank You

Many Thanks To The Following Local Merchants For Their Donations

Sanctum Gallery & Gifts - Unframed Print
Farr Better Spirits - Bottle of Wine
Shatto & Sons Custom T-Shirts – Original Art T-Shirt
Joel Bloomberg Designs – Hand Blown Glass Piece
Corner Frame Shop/Leucadia Art Gallery – Leucadia T-Shirt
Nan Sterman’s Book - California Gardener’s Guide
Indigo Dragon Center for Health & Wellbeing - Gift Certificate
Jam Roc 101 Caribbean Grill – Gift Certificate
Ecke Ranch Poinsettias – Large Poinsettia (24 “ tall)
Bodywork Emporium – Gift Certificate
A Snow Globe Christmas - Holiday DVD
Deep Fling – Gift Certificate
Le Papagayo – Gift Certificate
Leucadia 101 Main Street – L101 Coffee Mug

Light Up Leucadia December’s Holiday Lighting Contest

There’s a new category this year: The People’s Choice Award. People can cast their vote for their favorite Leucadia business holiday light display along Hwy 101. Voting can be done at the following locations or send an email to me with your vote: Winners will be announced at the Jan. 17th Leucadia 101 Annual Membership meeting. One vote per person, please!

Voting locations: Leucadia Donuts, 1604 N. Coast Hwy 101,
Corner Frame Shop, 1038 N. Coast Hwy101,
Embellishments, 466 N. Coast Hwy 101(in Gold Coast Plaza),
Leucadia 101 Main Street office, 320 N. Coast Hwy 101,
DEMA office, 818 S. Coast Hwy 101,
The Encinitas Visitor Center, corner of Second and H Streets.


  1. North County Times Sucks Balls

    If you write anything explaining that Jerome Stocks receives substantial campaign support from Developers or the Government Employees Unions, they won't post your comments. Although its true and can be verified by looking at his contribution list from the last election, they still won’t allow the posts. The Building Industry of America most has a major strangle hold on the Editors.

    For that reason, I give North County Times The “Ball Sucker Award”.

  2. The 'Sucks Balls' heading sure was an attention grabber.
    Using it again at the bottom with "" and caps further highlight this award. I personally have never heard of this award. And what does this have to do with "Leucadia Rainy Nights"

    I look forward to Leucadia Nights.

  3. Subject: Farmer's Market Sunday, event to support Encinitas Domestic Abuse Shelter
    Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 06:00:11 -0800

    The classrooms of Mr. Mugg, Mrs. Leff/Mrs. Mezan and Mrs. Lukas are
    sponsoring a "previously owned" toy and game sale this Sunday, 12/9, at the
    Farmer's Market, from 10:00 to 1:00.

    The students are bringing their toys and games from home to sell on Sunday.
    Prices will range from $.50 to $5.00.

    All proceeds will go to support the families of the Encinitas Domestic Abuse
    Shelter. The students have decided that they would like to use the proceeds
    to buy gift certificates that the families can use for holiday gifts or for
    holiday shopping.


    We will need customers! Please come and buy a toy or game--the prices will
    be great!

  4. Who gets the Sucks Balls Award for our City Council?

  5. NBC and General Electric Corproation should get the "SUCKS BALLS" award for their refusal to run a paid commercial thanking our troops for serving.

    Boycott NBC and sell your GE stock.

  6. Is there really a "Ball Sucking Award"? Is it an actual trophy type award? Is it on your mantle? Could you post a photo of the award or is some silly certificate thing you did on your computer? What is the criteria? How would one submit their selves to be a possible recipient? Or are you some adolescent that gets a thrill out of seeing your naughty words printed?
    And how does this relate to the topic?

  7. I didn't know 'Ball" or "Sucking" were dirty words. Thanks for educating us!

  8. pruds, pruds, pruds

  9. Boycott the Sheinheart Wig Co and all it's subsidiaries!


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