Monday, December 03, 2007

Light Up Leucadia Merchant Contest

Light Up Leucadia

December's Holiday Lighting Contest for Leucadia businesses on Hwy 101.

Cash Prizes awarded to the best light displays: First place $150; Second place $125; Third place $100; Honorable Mention $50 and People's Choice Award (new for this year) a 2003 bottle of Opus One wine will be given to the winner. Winners announced at the Leucadia 101 Annual Meeting:

Leucadia 101 Annual Membership Meeting, Jan. 17th 6 - 8 pm Poinsettia Room, City Hall.

Comon' L101 merchants, I want to see some nice x-mas lights up this year. Ever since the time change I've noticed driving home on the coast highway that Leucadia seems extra dark and sad this year. Let's light it up!

I wish we could light up the coast highway trees like this. Can we???


  1. All those lights would be wasted energy.

  2. Not much waste, we don't have many trees left

  3. It's not wasted energy if it makes Leucadia beautiful and stokes the kids out.

  4. Lets start with the fact that its Christmas not xmas. It's pretty hard to dispute from even just a historical perspective.
    Now lets light it up!

  5. geez.

    for the ones concerned about global warming...use led lights. For the rest of us concerned about global warming but really think xmas...see also Christmas, lights are fun, festive and decorative.

    I say light em up!!!

  6. No power in the medians. If there is who is paying for it. Use a car battery to run the lights. There is usually one or two laying in the median somewhere so it would be free.

  7. I like the idea! Stamps in the sidewalk was the first step, now lighing up the trees. Progress is being made in Leucadia!

  8. Even thoough I am technically a Cardiffian, I say light them up. Use solar, or whatever. This is the one time of year we can make it beautiful and worry about wasted energy later, IMHO. Besides, it will keep the RSPB a little warmer on these cold nights, so we are providing "shelter from the storm."

  9. LED lights are the future. Low energy and they last forever.

  10. lightin up in Leucadia stokes the adults out.

  11. very beautiful light


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