Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art Banners 2008

Morgan Mallory took this photos at the Art Banner party the other night.

The event was held in the old metal building on 101 and the future site of the final yuppification of downtown Encinitas.

In Encinitas, banners going up and building coming down


  1. IS IT AS IT IS??? What original art that is, isn't very good and the cheap ripoffs of known artist such as Warhol and Mucha beg for legal action. If I was of Mayan Indian decent, I'd be outraged!! Copying a Mayan drawing is not original nor fair to the REAL artist from thousands of years ago!! One or 2 original artist are represented by decent banners, but 2 out of 100 isn't worth the time nor trouble.

    I score it:
    Originality- *
    Effort on the part of volunteers-***
    Enthusiasm of the crowd-****

    While I understand the limited commercial appeal of this type of work, I also understand the need and reasoning for doing this type of art.

    A pat on the back to all!!

  2. Next year I am going to paint a banner showing a teacher with a chain saw cutting down the trees in front of Paul Ecke Central..... with kids crying screaming- "Mommy - Why are they killing my adopted tree?"

  3. I guess n.county artist didn't paint a banner so had nothing to say that was positive. There banners painted for free to be viewed for free and will brighten our rapidly becoming treeless HWY. I say kudos to those that painted and go eat some paint to the critics.

  4. 1eyedmike-Ripping off known artists is not original, free or not. While the intent may be good, many of the artists are not. San Dieguito Academy has many 14-15-16 year old students that are better artists than what was presented. Perhaps the artist community should extend a hand to the local high schools and present banner art also.
    In many instances it will be better, can't be much worse.
    I don't paint, I work in bronze and the program at Palomar College is very good!!

  5. Put up an article on pretty much anything, and someone on here will bitch about it.

    Mayan Indian OUTRAGE?! haahahahahahahaahahahahaah.

  6. Palomar College? Again... hahahahahaahahahaah.

  7. Where will the arts banner program be next year?? No building to be had.

  8. n.county knucklehead, some of the artists were high school kids, some were old some young all were expressing themselves thats what real art is expression and remember all will not enjoy your work quite being so intolerent.

  9. I saw all of them and some were magnificent and some were fun and all were Appreciated.
    We all owe Danny, the 101Artist Colony and all the many caring volunteers who gave of their time to make this a reality a big Thank You.
    The banners will be hung next weekend and all can be bid on and enjoyed.
    I am sure all of us and our visitors will be happy they are there. (except the sour knockelhead that did not do anything but bitch)
    I am proud to live in a community that supports our arts.

  10. I saw all of them and some were magnificent and some were fun and all were Appreciated.
    We all owe Danny, the 101Artist Colony and all the many caring volunteers who gave of their time to make this a reality a big Thank You.
    The banners will be hung next weekend and all can be bid on and enjoyed.
    I am sure all of us and our visitors will be happy they are there. (except the sour knockelhead that did not do anything but bitch)
    I am proud to live in a community that supports our arts.

  11. Sorry, but stealing someone else's original art idea is not art, it's thievery!! Any real artist would not stoop to something so low. To the 2 ORIGINAL artists, I salute you!!

    I didn't see any teenagers taking credit for the art banners, if I am wrong please tell me which #'s so I may do a closer inspection of their works. In the photos provided I see only 1 teenager and he can't be an artist, he looks too happy. All real artist suffer for their craft, some are willing to cut off their ear.

    Please tell me which #'s so I may inspect their work again. I may be wrong and if so will say so on this blog. Perhaps the banners will look nicer with some sun on them, then again how and why a blue baby will look nicer in the sun I doubt I'll understand. Can we get the artists to stand under their banners and explain. That would be helpful.

    Actually I'm not an artist at all, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!!

  12. I agree a Boathouse worth of thank you's to Danny and the 101 Artist Colony

  13. If you get a chance, check out the Leucadia Donut banner. It's really well done.

  14. Leucadia first...January 29, 2008 4:27 PM

    It is my understanding that Leucadia will only have 9 banners on the H101. Why?? We have almost 1/2 of the H101 yet get only 9 banners?? Not fair!! Next year I want 50 banners in Leucadia!!!

    L first, last and always!!

  15. dear n.county artis(from this post),
    you were invited to the unveiling to see all the art and speak to the artists who were under their art. You obviosly were not there to set up, take down,see all the art, talk to any artists or did a banner yourself. But you have the right to comment reguardless if you don't know what you are talking about. That is the advantage of this blog format.

    It was a wonderful community art event and I too am happy I live in a city that supports the arts. I look forward to seeing them grace our streets.

  16. “In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

    “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” - Michelangelo

    “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” - George Bernard Shaw

    “The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from the artist is to make him ruin his work” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  17. can anyone help me? Why are they killing the trees at my school. I go to Paul Ecke Central. My mommy saids she has no idea and to go find out the answer. She said it will be good for me to figure out how to learn to find answers and protect the things worth protecting.

    I would love a bunch of help? Can someone tell me why they are killing the trees?

  18. It's kind of fun to play Where's Waldo with those pics for notable Enc players.

  19. Cindy, the trees are already dead. They are being cut down to give the people of Leucadia something to talk about. You see Cindy Leucadia is a place where washed old hippies reside and just can't get the protest out of their drug damaged brains. Hopefully your generation will have pity on these folks.

  20. Cindy, the trees are dying because a bunch of washed up old hippies didn't care enough to do anythng to protect those trees. The hippies were too stoned on dope and booze to give a shit about America-Land of the free, home of the brave!!
    These old hippies only care about themselves and getting high!! They don't care about the community they live in and the bad roads and bad lighting and bad infrastructure. Many of them have turned into raging Facist enviromentalists that want to repress your right to cut down a died or dying tree. Cindy when that dead tree falls on your head and kills you, your parents will want to sue someone. Remember to sue the old hippies of Leucadia, they are easily identified by their long hair and bad clothing. Also they wear sandals and go around telling everyone how to live. PS- they have made sure there won't be any Social Security for your generation.

  21. The problem is only 1 of the 15 trees cut down were dead.

  22. Mommy says I shouldn't read these comments. There are nasty people that write things here.

    I don’t understand a few things written. The first is

    the tree died "because a bunch of washed up old hippies didn't care enough to do anythng to protect those trees."

    My mom is 30 is she a washed up old hippy.

    We used to go water a bunch of those trees with my beach pale on our way to the beach does that mean we didn't care about the trees.

    was my mom to blame for not protecting the trees? Should I go tell her that she better chain herself or do whatever it takes to make sure the City or my school does not kill and cut down any more old growth trees?

    I went by and saw Oaky today in front of Paul Ecke Central today. He said he is not doing well. He is sooooo thirsty and his roots cannot breath. Oaky saids he is dying. I asked him who planted him and how long his has been growing in front of my school. He said he'd like to tell me, but he just didn't have the energy. Does anyone know who and how long Oaky has been planted in from of my school?

    My mom said this is a good lesson to show me how apathetic our community and Americans are in general. Is she right or will anyone help save these suffering trees?

  23. Wow, first of all, I just want to say this is why I love this blog. JP posts a topic and people take off on whatever is on their minds. Second, n.county artist needs to take an art class and a chill pill. All art is original unless you xerox someone else's art and sell it as your own. Art styles, art pieces, etc. cannot be copyrighted because they are ideas. Any true artist welcomes "copy cats" -- do you really think art is created in a vacumn? Third, has Jerome morphed into a little child named Cindy?

  24. I just figured it out -- Jerome's ANON personality posts a comment, which is then digested by his internal multitude of identities, who vote and elect young innocent "Cindy," in this particular blog, to reply. Jeez, Jerome, get your own blog. You could stay up playing with yourself 24/7 just by posting comments from all your different alter-egos. Come to think of it, doesn't the Red County blog encourage this type of flip-flop. Did you get booted off?

  25. bonddi- you spend too much time worrying about others on this blog. this blog is nothing but a way for nutts, kooks and freaks to feel important. don't fall for the anger nor the baiting. simply because someone states their opinion does merit comment. several poster are well known on this blog. well known as being a nutt or kook or weirdo. this is leucadia, we embrace these freaks, poor pathetic losers they are...

  26. i AM aN ALTER EGOJanuary 31, 2008 7:01 AM

    Wow is Bonddi a Leucadia dumbass or what?

    I wish Jerome cared about trees like Cindy and her school friends.

    I wish Bonddi cared about trees.

    I guess the one poster was right. Leucadians love to bitch and bitch about everything. Even about getting old and why there cloths look so gross and don't fit anymore.

    What they don't seem to do is act to better their community. Hence- the difference between Cardiff and Leucadia. Or ol Encinitas and Leucadia.

    Cardiff may be gay by putting up Fairy Mary, but they are light years ahead of Leucadia with intelligence and momentum for bettering their community's quality of life.

    I agree that most of the bitcher in Leucadia will continue to bitch but really don’t want any change.

    For the intelligent Leucadians, we know that change has happened. And the only thing for CERTAIN is CHANGE. We should be focused on CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

    Bonddi- Go help Cindy out today and save a tree today.

    best regards,

    J Alter Ego No 3

  27. Again Fred is right on the money!! Many people that post here are well educated and literate. And their opinions are worthy of reading and discussion, thank you JP for allowing us a place to gather and discuss the issues.

  28. nutts, kooks and freaks...


    thanks for posting the art banners.
    It's a great project and I am happy to see Leucadia having original works of art on the light standards.

    Most of the banners will go up this weekend, a job done by volunteers, people like Fred, Paula Kirpalini, Jimbobway, Danny Salzhandler and more.

    Art I suppose is in the eye of the viewer. After just the unveiling over 50 individual art works (banners) had bids on them.



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