Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ch 8 News covers the tree removal

I can't decide which newscaster is prettier.

"Oh, the humanity!"

NCTD: "Puny humans, do not resist our scorched earth policy. We have captured your mayor. He was delicious."

Are your children safe from wild Koala bears that could inhabit eucalyptus trees?

Hey look, in the background you can see the new crab shack in town.

Watch the video online click me.


  1. The trees are no threat, get real.

    The major threat to the train and to the community is at the hazardous Leucadia Blvd. railroad crossing.

    Until that intersection can be grade separated it should be closed. The deadly accidents are happening at about one per year now. Its time to close the deadly crossing!

  2. Now that you have seen Auggie's House of Crab = give it a try. He was the chef at Shrimply Delicious in downtown Encinitas, and this is the same concept. Go for the large feast as the small one only has wimpy snow crab and the big one has King Crab. But why don't they have Blue crabs, Dungeness or Stone crab?

  3. A tree came down at night once. Why do trains have lights? Just to be a blight? God, who is feeding this newscast with speaking points. There are engineers with eyes, trains with high speed lights so they can see cars stalled on the tracks -- like they couldn't see a huge tree trunk? The 101 corridor is being dismantled leaf by leaf so a redevelopment committee can barge in and eminent domain for corporate profit.

  4. avoid the ambulance and attorneysJanuary 17, 2008 6:35 AM

    Close the Leucadia Blvd. Rail Road crossing. Its to dangerous and a huge liability to the City.

    Anyone should go ask the City Attorney or even the city risk assessment person. They will tell you, when the City knows there is an existing condition that has a high probability of causing death or serious damage and the responsible agency knows about it and does nothing to protect the unknowing public, they are at serious risk.

    Close the crossing until its seperated!

  5. Thins to do:

    Take down the Eucs
    Close Leucadia Blvd train crossing
    Put one lane round about at La Costa and 101
    Put four more roundabouts on 101 in Leucadia
    Put in more orange sandbags to make leucadia colorful when the trees are gone.
    Fence the train corridor.
    Double Track for speedier trains.
    Blight all of the 101 corridor for redevelopment.

    This all sounds good.

  6. Watch closely any plans for the Leucadia Blvd. railroad crossing. There are plans still on the table to close the crossing at Leucadia Blvd. and place it at Cadmus. In my opinion this is a bad move for Leucadia.

  7. Four brave souls spoke last night at the council meeting about the tree cutting binge. It was not an agenda item, so they spoke under Oral Communication, limited to 3 minutes each.

    Mayor Bond had always allowed only 15 minutes for OC, but there were two other speakers for a total of 18 minutes. New Mayor Stocks allowed the full 3 minutes for each speaker. I think he's spooked about his reelection changes. The four tree defenders got their full time,

    There was no response from the council at the time, as is normal. It may have come at the end of the meeting, but I went to bed.

  8. Someone should write a children's book on a Leucadia theme.

    I could be called, "Where's Jerome?"

  9. Perhaps I am missing something. I just read the NCTimes article on the tree killing. It states that the City Council knew about it, but citizens were not given notification. Now this is what I don't get. Fred stated that Maggie called him "hopping mad" about these trees being cut down. I got the impresson from Fred's post that she knew nothing about it. Did I misunderstand or is Magiie not telling the whole story? Would love a clarification on who knew and who didn't. Thanks.

  10. Stop the ambulance chaserJanuary 17, 2008 9:06 AM

    Any plans to improve that evil railroad crossing is good in my book. I don't care if it’s at Leucadia, Cadmus or Marchetta, Jason or any other location. The sooner the improvement, the better.

    That hazard was a hand me down from the County days. To make matters worse, the City should have never opened up Leucadia Blvd. to the El Camino Real/ Olivenhain road area until the existing hazard was addressed. Of course the EIR for the project didn't address that did it?

    Now the intersection is a deathtrap for all that dare to cross it. And the City knows it has its ass hanging out there for lawsuits at the crossing and unsafe intersection.

    No more talking- Just Get It Done!

  11. Evil railroad crossing? The hell you talking about? Evil?

    Deathtrap? Puuhhhhleeeeaaaaseeeee.

    Don't stop on the tracks. Common sense.

    Now, the large trucks are a different story. The grade break can cause some very large trucks to bottom out. Must be why the warning signs are there.

  12. Tell that to all the people that get trapped on the tracks by the cars in front and back of them who freeze.

    Tell that to the mormon man's family that died there last year being pinned in. He didn't park there. He couldn't move.

    Tell that to the countless number of near misses that we all see who live in the community.

    Yeah- I call it EVIL!!!

    And the City has its UGLY ASS hanging out there. One thing we don't need is more ASS UGLY things in Leucadia. Its ASS UGLY EVIL!!!

  13. dr. lorri- the council recieved Emails about the tree cutting from NCTD at 4:19pm Monday. The council person who called me later that evening was as shocked and surpised as Maggie.

  14. Thanks Mary.I am still a bit confused, however. Perhaps I am just brain dead? Adam Kaye's article states and I quote" While Keller said Encinitas City Hall has been well aware of the planned tree work, Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan said Wednesday that community members received no such notification." The way I read this is that the City did know. It just was not passed to the public. Where is my thinking off? Please help me to understand, as I don't want to believe that the Council, except of course Jerome who sits on the NCTD,knew in advance. It does make a difference in my opinion.

  15. I think staff knew and kept Maggie and Teresa, at least, out of the loop.

    Just like the podium being moved. Maggie tried to speak up about it, as have all the public speakers, from the last webcast clip I watched from 1/9.

    What is most obvious to anyone who cares is that Jerome Stocks treats the public with disdain. The camera angle on the public speakers is now from the side, or the rear, showing people's, well, rears, bald spots, etc. No eye contact with the audience, or frontal contact with the cameras is possible for the public speakers, who feel intimidated by Council and Sabine, Cotton, sitting on high.

    People have complained to the City Manager, including publically at the 1/9 meeting, a week ago, about the twisted podium. Cotton said it was moved on advise of a "consultant."

    Cotton, Council, you've got the public, whom you are to SERVE, telling you don't cut the trees, don't mess with our podium, so that you can "posture," manipulate, and further intimidate those who take the trouble to attend Council Meetings, further discourage those with the courage to speak. You'd like LESS public participation, not more, that is OBVIOUS!

    Please begin to listen to your CONSTITUENTS; don't continue to use the lame "consultant" excuse.

    You are accountalbe, Stocks, Sabine, Cotton. Time will tell, come next November. Jerome, with his NCTD connections knew about this long ago. If trees are to be replaced, we want LARGE trees, not 15 gallon "midgets" (no offense intended, little people).

    Maggie and Teresa and the still forming environmental commission need to be immediately informed of any tree hacking plans. "Consult" a botanist, not an arborist.

    Save the trees, and listen to the public.

  16. Keep Leucadia Crusty.

  17. anon 12:03 you are out of order challenging the trees or position of podium. If this continues it may result in unpleasent results to you. The council has in place a decorum rhat is to be followed by the public. Thank you and hope a word to the wise is sufficient. Public embarrasment and being pointed out as a trouble maker is no fun.

  18. Anonymous at 12:50 pm:

    Jerome is back! Can't seem to keep his fingers off the keyboard.

  19. Anon 1/18 12:50 p.m. -- you are joking aren't you?

  20. After visiting the area and witnessing the damage once again I was disappointed with our city's quick release of the chain saw. With no plan to implement new growth or any public opinion our ELECTED representatives have aggressively changed our community. I would love to place a couple of those massive chunks in front of thier front doors.

    In addition, Aloe's come in many sizes and all do better with a little water than our annual rainfall. Rancho Soledad Nursery In Rancho Sante Fe has an extraordinary collection. In fact many of them are in bloom at this time because they come from the S. hemisphere


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