Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Congressman Brian Bilbray submits funding request for Leucadia improvements

From the website of our congressman Brian Bilbray:

Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

6: Leucadia Boulevard/Railroad Safety Improvements--$6.6 million

The existing Leucadia Boulevard/railroad at-grade crossing contains a severe crest over the rail line that creates vehicle carriage clearance issues passing over the rail tracks. The project objective is implementation of a grade-separated solution for the rail/roadway crossing with the preferred solution depression of the rail line in a trench. The next required phase for the grade-separated solution is conducting preliminary engineering design and environment documentation and potential right of way, followed by construction.

Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

1: Leucadia Flood Control Project Design in the City of Encinitas, Highway 101 from Athena Street north to La Costa Avenue--$1 million

The funding will be used to design an underground storm drain system with the capacity to convey the peak flow rate from a 100-year frequency storm event. This large storm drain system is required to convey the runoff from the Leucadia watershed. Preliminary results show that for the 100-year storm a 5-foot diameter pipe is required at the upstream end of the watershed, eventually transitioning to a 9-foot diameter pipe at the outlet into the lagoon. This includes utilization of the existing 24’’ storm drain as a low flow system discharging to the detention basins north of La Costa Avenue to preserve water quality benefits. This storm drain system would remove the floodplain for up to a 100-year storm from the study area.

Also for Encinitas:

4: Encinitas Boulevard/Interstate 5 Interchange Project Study Report, Project Report, and Environmental Review--$800,000

Encinitas Boulevard must be widened as part of the North Coast Interstate 5 Corridor (widening) Project or the City will suffer extreme traffic congestion at this location by 2030 and probably much sooner. If the City is to have any hope of later integrating its alternative, we need to keep pace with the Caltrans Interstate 5 widening project.

I'll believe it when I see it.


  1. All great. how do we know if and when it will get appropriated?

  2. I would rather sleep with the devil himself than to trust Brian Bilbray to do anything for us. This is bullshit with a capital B. He is pandering and he is up for reelction.

  3. Someone please tell us when the appropriation are final. The only chance in hell that Bilbray has of getting Encinitains to vote for him is if he brings home the bacon.

    Otherwise its sinanora.

  4. Someone is pushing this old news. The press release was posted in June 2007.

  5. I heard Jerome Stocks say in a council meeting that we have no chance for federal funding as the need is so much greater in other areas of the nation for traffic mitigation with Amtrack. He also said that to put a bridge over the crossing area would take up too much space and intrude into the privately owned property on the east and west sides. So, Bilbray is up for re-election, and asking for something that is a lost cause. Why doesn't he stick to trying to push through appropriations that have a chance of being approved instead of grandstanding just to get votes. Waste of our taxpayer money.

  6. Anonymous 8:37- I was at the samw Council meeting and I also heard Jerome say this. So, Bilbray is full of B.S. and I hope the NCTimes reads this blog and follows up.

  7. No offense, J.P. , but why wold you give this guy any press, especially since it is outdated. Not trying to cause trouble man but this is seriously not funny. People might actually belive him. He has done jack shit for the area and now he is trying to win votes. My god is there no end.

  8. Like I said, unless he can say when we get the quan-That south county turd wrangler can suck Fairy Mary's tiny balls.

  9. Look at that look on his face. it screams.....

    I'm dumber than hell, and not even from North County; and you all are going to pay my 100% federal pension for the rest of my life!

    Ah Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaa!

  10. I posted it up because it was getting a lot of attention in the comments section and I just had to use that Bilbray photo, it's awesome.

    Does anyone know the status of the money request?

  11. Stocked and SabinedJanuary 16, 2008 10:47 PM

    Scene: Starbucks at the Lumberyard on Monday, January 16, 2008.
    Stocked: Glennboy, ya seen the post on that thar Blog of Leucadians bout BrianBob. Them yokels ain't got no respect for us elected leaders of power.
    Sabined: Jerryboy, you so right. BrianBob dun somethin gud but alls them yokels do is question his motives.
    Stocked: Ain’t that the truth. I’se feels that way all the times. (Huge sigh.)
    Sabined: Now don’t be gittin desperate. Ya’s still the Mayor and ya gots all them Red County boys supportin yur behind.
    Stocked: Seein I’m up for electrocution...I mean Re-Election, I’se got to do somethin to pacify those tree huggin hordes. As they say, got’s to hedge my bets. (Smirk.)
    Sabined: Hee, hee, hee. Yeah, you don’t want no Chainsaw Massacre at ‘lection time.
    Stocked: That ain’t funny Glennboy. (Throws tater tot at Sabined.)
    Sabined retaliates with plastic stir stick from Grande Latte decaf double froth.
    Meanwhile, old growth trees along 101 are unceremoniously sliced and diced and fed into a chipper.

  12. Where is Christi Guerin in all this? Does she still work for Bilbray? If she does that would explain the Stocks/Bilbray re-election connection.

  13. man- that stocked and sabine is some funny shit....

    great writing. I can see it all playing out like a bad but funny dream.

    Thanks for the great work and keep it up! love dem tadder tots

  14. >Does anyone know the status of the money request?

    I called Mr. Bilbray's office in Washington just now. I was told that the Leucadia Boulevard/Railroad Safety Improvements intuitive received $0.5M for 2008 while the Flood Control Project Design got no funding.

  15. Stocked and Sabined is hilarious, I agree. Those politicos are cloying clowns who get big bucks to make the taxpayers look and feel foolish.

    Christy and her daughter both were working for Bilbray, last I heard. Guerin family is supporting Stocks, of course. Public "tit" is supporting Guerin family including generous workman's comp settlement for Lieutenant (or whatever his rank) Al, and $2000 per month "retirement disability" due to "stress injuries" for Ms. Christy, who is still feeding off the government trough, big time.

    But top on Stocks' endorsement list from his last campaign flier, Randy Duke Cunningham.

    Thank God Bond is stepping down. Stocks and Bond will be no more, that's our gift for 2008: the election.

    If only we could vote out Bilbray, also. This nation, this neighborhood, our community needs a change. Citizens do not want development as usual.

    We do not want to widen the roads, increase traffic. Save the trees.

    All politics is local.

  16. Let me get this straight: Our congressman puts Leucadia on the radar for attention for two multi-million dollar issues (unlike the efforts of many years with either Kaloogian or Randy Randy Randy), specifically:

    #1. a reasonably priced ($1 million) permanent fix for the 100 year storm drainage. ($39 million less than Rick Engineering quoted, but not unlike what other cities pay) ; AND

    #2. A $6.6 million request for lowering the railroad tracks at Leucadia Blvd. (WOW)

    And those items are not good enough or in bad faith? This is not old news but funding initiatives current for 2008. I'm pretty stoked JP posted them as I don't follow Bilbray closely.

    Acting on the best question posed so far on this subject “What is the status?”, I just called Billbray’s office to get the current status of the funding for item #6. Expecting a return call soon as I did speak with a human. I’ll let the blogheads in on the newsflash when I get it.

  17. BrianBob doin his durn best for ya yokels. Ya thinks its easy lookin like that and bein in the public eyeball? Y'all shud be asshamed of yurselves.

  18. People have been promised safe railroad crossings as every election approaches. We were promised by Stocks, Guerin and crew that the City would fight the double tracking in Cardiff.

    The City crumbled in Court. Read two posts back, Fred. Ribeye2K already posted:

    "I called Mr. Bilbray's office in Washington just now. I was told that the Leucadia Boulevard/Railroad Safety Improvements intuitive received $0.5M for 2008 while the Flood Control Project Design got no funding."

    I can't trust Bilbray when he supports offshore oil drilling, off the coast of California, as you must know.


  19. I agree with Jerome. He spoke the god's snake honest truth.

    the feds aint giving Leucadia shit. Just like Encinitas aint giving Leucadia shit.

    If the feds were giving Leucadia anything, Christy would let us know. She reads the blog daily.

    Secondly, .5 million will barely clean up king kong's crap after he failed to apply for a grading permit.

  20. Who gets to spend the money, if any of this taxpayer money is approved? The Federal Committees? City of Encinitas? North County Transit District? Where does it go?


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