Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you agree with your favorite candidate? Quiz

The following is an interesting exercise. You answer a few questions, then click the "find your candidate button" and the program selects the candidate whose position on the issues is most like your own. The questionnaire was developed by Minnesota Public Radio. You may be surprised at what you find.

Take the quiz, click here.


  1. I love Aunt Sam!

    Of course mine came out Ron Paul

    I think the iraq war and our national debt are our two biggest problems.

  2. As expected my candidate was revealed to be Dennis Kuchinch. Now if only he would register with the Green Party I would vote for him.

  3. How weird, mine came out Ross Perot. I'm still voting for Paul.

  4. I choose answers based on my beliefs and was expecting a
    "gotcha" with some Republican showing up as my candidate. If so, I was willing to look closer. My results led to Clinton. I don't care if she is white, has short hair, was married to an adulterer, etc. What matter is the issues and she is spot on. I was undecided until now, but given the position of the other candidates I am voting for the best choice for my views.

  5. Ron Paul got a 4 with me. Hilary and Barack were at the top.
    They are all slimebags any way you look at it.

  6. Boy- I never expected Bonddi to be a socialist. Hillary's whole platform is the government will take care of you through more entitlements. Plus- The democrats are a big part of the reason we have the huge debt and increased projected debt.

    The current financial crisis is the result of this huge debt and with no easy solution for the USA to get back in a good financial ground. We are in a classic stagflation mode. Bonddi you are going to see the value of your hard earned money drop like a rock in a void. Bonddi are you getting government perks beyond Social Security? That might explain you supporting big government democrats?

    I think most of you need to go take some free-enterprise and economics courses to see why our current debt is the biggest problem we face.

    For all you union lovers- how do you feel about Hillary being a corporate lawyer for wallmart all those years. I'd say she has NO integrity.

    The one with integrity is Ron Paul. Go back and watch that first video that JP posted. If you don't understand why to vote for Ron Paul- You are hopeless and so is our country’s future.

  7. Dennis K is at the top of my list, too. Next comes Obama.

    true american, you are posting anonymously. Stop calling out someone courageous enough to post his or her name.

    You are not the judge of who is true, that's for sure.

  8. Mine came out for Dan Dalager. His motto is a squirrel in every pot.

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