Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doggie Parking Only

Grateful Dog. 943-WOOF


  1. That previous parking was way dangerous anyway. The new is much better than the old. The owner of the property should do some landscaping like La Especial Norte did.

  2. Why didn't this shop get a driveway into the parking area? At least the patrons were provided with a toilet area. Guess canines can't have it all.

  3. I like sidewalks along busy commercial streets and think these had been long overdue for Leucadia, however, why do they look like they have been beamed down from Wisteria Lane? It's so easy to throw some color into concrete now. Although I like the idea of the sidewalks, these look like nobody took any time to consider the aesthetic value -- maybe becuase they are just "temporary." Doubt it, what you see is what you get for the next thirty years. I like the Solana Beach approach along 101, landscaped and hardscaped to look inviting and natural. Sorry City, can't say much for you finally taking care of the issue when all that has been done is put in a big ugly bandaid. Those who are grateful for getting at least that should get off their collective behinds and insist on better when the "permanent" hardscape is put in.

  4. Speaking of dogs.

    Paper Rose has moved across the tracks from Mozy's Cafe and Especiale on north Vulcan, south of the bike shop.

    It has three cottages in the back yard for tea parties with your dogs and friends.

    Too cool. An Earl Grey and two liver biscuits, please.

  5. And...
    101 Banners will be unveiled today at 2pm at the Pacific Station location.
    These fine art banners, created by local artists, will hang along Hwy 101 from north Leucadia to Cardiff.
    These fine art works can be purchased through bids today or while they are on display. This is a great opportunity to purchase original art usually well below fair market prices. The art is on canvas and can be hung as such of framed like any canvas work.
    Support the arts and your community.

    Thank you

    More details:


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