Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Encinitas vs Carlsbad!

Are your children safe?

The streets will run red with the blood of the Carlsbad infidels.

Watch the video.

(Look for a special appearance by taxpayer tick, Debbie Fountain). Encinitas to sue over Ponto plan

My take, Carlsbad envisions people driving down from LA on the I-5, getting off at La Costa Ave, going west and then turning RIGHT (away from Leucadia and Encinitas business) and they want Encinitas taxpayers to have the burden of paying for most of the road work? Bah!

Burning Question: Which Encinitas/Leucadia property owners are going to lose property via eminent domain to widen La Costa Ave for Carslbad's benefit?


  1. Bigger question - why does the council want to widen La Costa.

  2. Maybe now some of you nay-sayers will get a chance to see Jerome not be pushed around and show true leadership. This may be his finest hour to fight the Northern Giant. I hope that he doesn't fall flat like he did giving in to the smoking ban.

  3. Hey I've got an idea,let cars on La Costa going west only go right heading them north on 101.

  4. As usual, both cities are grossly underestimating the cost of the needed road improvements. Carlsbad says 4 million. Encinitas says 7 to 9 million. I say more like $25 to $35 million.

    The roadway improvements need a new bridge ($10 million alone), new intersections with controls, new pavement throughout the stretch, new bike and pedestrian improvements, lights, landscaping, recycled irrigation, undergrounding, utilities.....

    Bring in an educated group of contractors like Tom Brown and Hubbard to better estimate the cost.

    Remember it was Staff that estimated the $10,000,000 library that is now $30,000,000.

    You heard it here first. The La Costa improvements price tag will be well above $30,000,000.

  5. Old School EncinitasJanuary 03, 2008 10:43 AM

    The funniest part of the new piece is the Statement. “Encinitas agrees that Encinitas residents will benefit from the Ponto development.”

    WHAT?!!!!! How do we benefit?!

    I like it the way it is. All the new development will do is increase traffic in our City and increase kooks at the beach, and make out beach parking problem even greater.

    This is the major gripe I have with Jerome. He thinks that all development is great-Especially this one. I think most of the crappy box development in Carlsbad over the last 20 years sucks and has made Carlsbad blight!

    Jerome has to go. Jerome- please move to Carlsbad. You’re more like them than us.

  6. I am not paying $30 million for the widening of La Costa Blvd. Not for Carlsbad!! Let's not forget they kept La Costa Blvd closed for months and months from I-5 to El Camino forcing 10,000 cars/daily onto Encinitas Blvd needlessly!!!
    Carlsbad is awash with money, make them pay!!! MAKE THEM PAY!!!

  7. This sure is funny.

    Question: Was it Jerome who initiated staff to look into this issue? Who gets that credit?

    How many times has Carlsbad screwed Encinitas in the past over lack of mitigation for their impacts over the years that Jerome has been on the Council?

  8. What zip code do people living on La Costa use,Encinitas or Carlsbad?Who is their water bill sent to? My guess it would be all ion Encinitas. Which city is inspecting the Chevron Gas station improvements on La Costa Ave? Probably Encinitas. If Carlsbad is going to allow a project that will cause a major impact on Encinitas then they should shoulder any cost of street improvements.....

  9. Jeepers. Just when you think people are finally getting it: that when you narrow roads less people can use them, Encinitas wants to widen La Costa avenue for Carlsbad commuters?

    Let them widen Poinsettia Ave. Problem solved.

    Roads are like pipes, and cars like water. Make a bigger pipe and more water fills it up.

    There shouldn't be one dime spent by us aiming MORE Carlsbad commuters through our 101 corridor. Additionally, property owners on La Costa Ave between 101 and 5 shouldn't lose ANY of their land because of that process.
    What we do need is to keep that stretch of La Costa Ave. ONE lane East and one lane West. We also need to narrow 101 to ONE lane South.

    The La Costa /101 intersection has been a financial disaster since incorporation. We businesses do like business here on 101, but the intersection provides no U-Turn capability, and as a result ANYONE who would want to make a U-Turn to patronize a business here cannot. Carlsbad knows this so they made it so a traveler has to go 4 miles North before a U-turn is even possible - sending C’bad all the business. 8 mile U-turns are cruel and unusual treatment to the businesses of Encinitas by Carlsbad. The sad part is that the La Costa / 101 intersection is OURS and has not been modified to correct this error.

    Another example is Palomar Airport Rd. In the old days it simply made a T shape to 101. A traveler could turn left to go to Leucadia or right for Carlsbad. But that wasn't good enough, so they built a huge loop. Now anyone driving West on Palomar Airport Rd has to make a 270 degree right turn to go anywhere South, (IF they’re quick enough to process the choice in time,) while their ingenious unaltered path aims all revenue to downtown Carlsbad.

    And don't get me started on the time they unnecessarily shut our bridge down for 6 months in 1994 robbing us of 8,000 cars per day. Offering us $20,000 to mitigate with an “event”, then not giving us a dime.

    Historically and currently, Carlsbad is not a friendly neighbor when it comes to traffic. But is concerns me that both Carlsbad and Encinitas “agree” that our La Costa Ave. needs to be widened. Sounds like the old “good cop bad cop” routine to achieve the same end.

    And I have to laugh along with 10:43, when the news reporter boldly claimed “Encinitas agrees that Encinitas residents will benefit from the Ponto development.”

    Guess it boils down to two separate interpretations of what “road improvements” are. Theirs, and everyone elses.

    I respectfully disagree with the "non-option" approach the news report presents to us.

  10. You tell 'em Fred!!!

  11. Eminent domain is a real scary thought,thankfully Jerome promised not to use it better than a year ago when it was a political hot potato. Please remind him of his previous stand,hopefully he has a good memory.

  12. Maybe 101 and La Costa would be the best place for a roundabout,at least folks won't have to go 2 miles north to turn around and it may slow traffic as well.

  13. Eminent domain for upstream developers is ok in Jerome's book. In his book you just can't give the land to the developer, it has to go to roads and stuff like that. He doesn't care if the roads are necessary because of private enterprise/profit.

  14. Fred,you need to consolidate your comments. You dribble on and people lose interest. Nothing personal. You're cool though.

  15. Yes, I'm missing the brevity chomosone. Guilty as charged.

  16. Wider roads mean more traffic. Carlsbad should use Poinsettia as an artery for its traffic, as Fred suggests.

    I was not in favor of the Contel development by Encinitas. The Coastal Commission said the development would provide more access and the public benefit mitigation would be more parking and that the Contel developers will maintain the (already existing) stairway.

    We know that parking will be taken up by the Condos/Hotel patrons and their guests. There will be less parking. The parking and stairway do NOT mitigate the environmental damage caused by increased traffic and destruction of coastal habitat.

    And the rooms made available are to be $400 per night. This won’t provide access for the general public. Christy Guerin and Patrick Murphy flew up on a junket to Monterey to lobby AGAINST the best interests of Encinitas.

    Jerome should know: we DON'T want La Costa Ave. widened. Widening a road does NOT mitigate for the environmental damage, including traffic. And this is to benefit developers and corporate owners, not you and me.

  17. People have things backwards. More high density development creates more people and thus more traffic. Those people in Ponto are going to drive through regardless of if it is one or two lanes.

  18. Fred, u DA MAN!!! Post all you want Fred!!!

  19. Fred for Mayor. (Although I don’t understand about the part about being sour about a closed bridge and reducing our cut through traffic by 8,000 cars per day? That sounds pretty good to me)

    Jerome is an embarrassment and should be run out of town by true Encinitains.

  20. Neck down HW101 at La Costa Avenue to one lane and put in a roundabout or an all-way stop. We can fix our U turn problem and limit the amount of cut through traffic. Both will be good for the businesses and residents in Encinitas.

    If the residents of new Ponto and the rest of Carlsbad want to head to San Diego, let them use I5 instead of wearing out our roads that I have to pay taxes to fix. Plus they speed like hell and it seems like they try and hit our kids going to school on Vulcan Avenue.

  21. Lets just make Leucadia an island. Close 101, vulcan, and Sheridan at La Costa. Close 101 and Vulcan at Encinitas. Leucadia Blvd can be used for two way traffic to get in and out by the locals only.

  22. Anon 9:04 for MayorJanuary 03, 2008 9:19 PM

    Anon 9:04- That Ingenious!

    You should be King or Queen of Leucadia. I love the idea and think most true leucadians would love the idea.

    JP- Start a new post. Leucadia Gets back to its roots- A Sheltered Paradise!!!!

    Perfect!!! The future looks as bright as it did in the 60s again!!!!

  23. Ok, granted, this has nothing to do with the original post, but as a lawyer would say at trial, "Your Honor, this goes to character." I was in BevMo on December 31st (a.k.a. New Year's Eve) stocking up on booze for a blowout party I was having that night with family and friends, and who was walking out of Beverages & More at the same time as I was? Mayor Jerome Stocks, and toting some brown bag full of somethin'. Not that buying booze is a crime - it's not. It just struck me as somehow amusing. I remarked to my friend from Arizona, "Ok, that's probably a good sign: the mayor is at BevMo at 10:00am also. I love this town!"

  24. Hey it was only chicklets. I promise.... I never had anything to do with that dude from Poway..... I promise.

  25. I personally support Anon 9:04 and would give $1,000 towards making that happen.

    Keep up the good work!

  26. Ok - This is goofy! This development is going to screw La Costa Avenue and everybody who travels on it between I-5 and the coast! I think Encinitas should put in traffic circles at Sheridan and Vulcan, just to piss off Carlsbad! It would at least slow traffic and perhaps divert the masses who will be coming from this Ponto development toward Poinsettia.

  27. I agree with Ben…..putting in roundabout at Sheridan, Vulcan and HW101.

    Let traffic flow, but at a beach style pace. Otherwise use Poinsettia.

  28. If Fred wants less traffic on 101 then why make the statement that in 1994 the bridge was closed for 6 months,robbing us of 8000 cars per day? Note his entry Jan. 3 2008 at 12:26 p.m. If memory serves me,the interruption was due to transferred mitigation from L.A. Port Dist. to rehabilitate lagoon for wildlife.

  29. Stocked and SabinedJanuary 04, 2008 11:46 AM

    Scene: Coastal scrub on undeveloped land next to Ponto.
    Stocked: I can jess see it now Glennboy, a purty vision it is, cars and roads and businesses and fumes and gangs and litter. Them poor yokels don't know how bad it is now and I gots to lead them to the promised land even if I has to build it myself.
    Sabined: Jerryboy you said it -- them yokels don't know whats gud for em. I don't know how you can sit in them council pow wows and listen to all that yammer.
    Stocked: Glennboy, it ain't easy. It surely is a most burdesome burden. But a man can't shirk his callin -- and my callin been callin me to do for the yokels whether they want me to or not. Ain't no worsen thing than a man ain't followin his callin.
    Sabined: Jerryboy, you surely is one of the most silver tongued varmits I ever knewed. Them yokels is damn lucky to have you ridin herd on em. Jerryboy -- my parts are gettin cold -- you seen enough yet?
    Stocked: (big sigh) Glennboy, I suppose. I jess likes to imagine what this very spot will be in future -- why it will have running water and some of dat paper stuff!
    Sabined: Damn Jerryboy -- you done fergit the paper agin!
    Two characters rise and zip up their pants as the camera pans out over a beautiful sun setting over the ocean. Fadeout.

  30. For 7:25 and 8:42 who have a good and similar questions:

    To clarify that point I made about missing thousands of cars per day on 101, I know that sounds inconsistent with wanting less traffic here, but there is an explanation. Here are a few examples.

    A former Mayor of Encinitas once said Leucadians were "schizophrenic" because "half wanted sidewalks and the other half did not." But it was her perception that was off. The businesses on 101 have always wanted a continuous sidewalk from lagoon to lagoon for safety and better commerce. But it's only certain residential neighborhoods that have spoken against them for their own streets - and that's fine. But the Mayor failed to make that distinction and mixed them all together in the same pot calling the positions contrary, flippant and waffling. Makes one wonder if that wasn't on purpose - so that no sidewalks at all would be poured. (And thanks to all the current council members 101 is starting to see some!!)

    By the same token, businesses want clients. i.e. business traffic on 101. Commuters on the other hand do nothing for local businesses when they pass though Leucadia/Encinitas/Cardiff without stopping on their way to work at all points south.

    Prior to 9-11, hwy 101 got a LOT of tourists from around the world. I inquired many times just HOW they found 101. Many said they were coming south on Fwy 5 and in Oceanside a sign read "COAST HWY" with an arrow. THAT encouraged them to explore 101 and patronize our shops and services – all the way south.
    But when Carlsbad closed the southbound lane across the Batiquitos lagoon bridge, in 1994, they instead left 2 lanes going NORTH ONLY. That diverted all tourism up Poinsettia to their businesses then back on fwy 5, bypassing Leucadia. For over 6 months we barely saw any new faces here and the effects were felt past Solana Beach because we were missing up to 8,000 southbound cars per day.

    So now that I've failed once again to keep this short and sweet, I guess I'm saying (once again) we're not skitzo wanting the right kind of traffic though 101. But we prefer customers to CIG-alert commuters. That's all.

    PS. 7:25
    You are correct about the Batiquitos lagoon mitigation that was a great project restoring it's tidal flow. (Notice the stench is gone and it dosen't dry up every year like it used to.) But that mitigation had nothing to do with the fact that the two lane bridge that remained open during construction WAS wide enough for two lane traffic in opposite directions. But Carlsbad refused to admit that, bypassed Leucadia AND allowed traffic to only go north during construction. Former Mayor Chuck DuVivier even asked them to give us a break to no avail.

  31. Fred, thank you for responding, the devil is in the details. You have thick skin and don't react on the defensive when challenged.

  32. Let return NCHW101 to 8,000 cars per day and everything would be hunky dory!

    Currently we have 8,000 local traffic cars and 20,000 cut through commutors.

    Its time to return HW101 to one lane in the south bound direction to return more local traffic to our roads.

  33. If everyone wants 101 to be 1 lane southbound lets test it out to see what happens. Cone off one lane for a few months and see how people like it. Just make it look like a construction zone and no one will know. If it works out go with 1 lane with roundabouts at some of the intersections. Put in angle parking and landscape the median to look like what everyone dreams of. Seems too simple.

  34. Sounds good to me! They already blocked off a southbound lane for many time over the last 4 months while they built the sidewalks. Traffic seemed to work fine to me. In fact, there was still to much cut through traffic .

    We need the room to replant all the trees and parking for the businesses.

    Any complaints received at City Hall from Carlsbad resident should be ignored. It’s our roadway not theirs. The commuters should be using I5.

  35. Why on earth would anyone coming from the north use La Costa to go to Ponto?

    Seems a bit odd. I would just use Poinsettia which leads right into it.

    It's sad that Ponto is being developed, but it's Carlsbad. We should file a lawsuit demanding more money for the traffic issues. How will we benefit?

  36. We will not benefit by widening La Costa. The developers will, and they support Jerome Stocks.

    City of Encinitas is deceptively demanding more money so that the developers can "mitigate" the environmental effects (damage) by claiming to have "calmed" traffic. What they want to do is to allow MORE traffic.

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