Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fleener Tree Toon from 2002

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  1. long time LeucadianJanuary 31, 2008 8:05 PM

    How cool is that!.....

    Mary is classic Leucadian.

    Salute to all Leucadian Tree Huggers!

    We love you Mary!!!

  2. We all know the trolls are going to come out an call people names for wanting Leucadia to be cool and having trees and dirt, instead of just dirt.

    I have a question for the trolls. Why do you trolls think leucadians are so lame when THE ENTIRE COUNCIL also wants us to have trees? I think this is true. Who on the council thinks Leucadians are lame for liking the trees?

    Let the trolls tell us.

  3. Just redevelopment and all your gripes will go away. You will a vibrant modern community.

  4. The weird thing is, I did the inital sketches for this just before the wrong tree was chopped down by mistake in the Roadside Park. Cartoon magick?

    And BTW, I gotta get something off my chest...a bunch of us DID NOT have a "candle light vigil" for the two big cypress trees at Roadside Park. Yes, there were 4 or 5 candles there but they were an afterthought. Our gathering was about a half an hour and the aborist spoke as did Maggie Houlihan,(Teresa Barth and husband also attended), and Rodney M. who played a song his talented 11 year daughter wrote; then Scott Saw gave away some prints he made of the trees. Short and sweet, hardly the wacko event from The Land Of Fruits and Nuts that some people, (ie: trolls), who post here believe happened. No incense, no drumming, no drama.

  5. another opps...I thought that was the comic from our current LTC newsletter.

  6. I like Mary Fleener’s cartoon. She’s cool. I think she like trees and does not like it when they are killed and cut down.

    Oaky totaled me that even after all that rain, he is still in desperate need off water. The pavement prevented any of the water from entering his root system. He is dying.

    Maybe she could help me save my adopted trees in front of my school?

    Maybe I can show mommy that not all leucadians are apathetic?

  7. Ol' Troll here-
    Why do I feel dumber after coming to this blog?? You've got the whiner cry baby Keep Leucadia Junky crowd doing battle with the let's fix up Leucadia because it's a funking nightmare ugly eyesore crowd!! Just.... Bury the FUNKING train!!

  8. That person labeling everyone but himself a troll is Jerome Stocks, again.

    Good letter to the editor in today's Coast News from Rachelle Collier, "NCTD needs to include communities in its decisions.

    In part she says, "In addition to the removal of the trees in Leucadia, business owners in Oceanside feel NCTD is responsible for flooding businesses along the new Sprinter line. [Turko Files on Channel 9 did a story on this mess]. . . The NCTD board is made up of city and county leaders who are elected [Jerome Stocks] to represent their communities. We do not feel well-represented in Leucadia, and I'm sure other communities feel the same way."

    It is very obvious that ALL OF COUNCIL has not worked to protect the tree canopy. And it is obvious that the "troll caller" is none other than Jerome Stocks, himself, once again vainly trying to toot his own horn.

    The small ceremony the night before the 100+ year old Cypress trees were removed from Leucadia Roadside Park was NOT attended by any of the three man majority on Council. They tried to do a bit of political "damage control," at the tree planting ceremony, where too small trees were planted.

    People do care about the trees, and they do help buffer the noise and dust from the trains.

  9. Anon-

    I think you mean well. and I too love trees. But your fricken nuts.

    I wish Jerome was screaming "bury the trains"

    Are you kidding me? If he got our trains buried, I would vote for him.

    And so I can make this obvious for you. No I am not Jerome Stocks or his own of his dirty trickesters.

    Go ride your bike or take a walk on the beach. Clear your head and get some sleep. Please.

  10. It's not Jerome Stocks it's Steve Aceti.

  11. Read the comment.

    Attacking the messenger is only bringing more attention to the message.

    My message, here, said nothing about burying the train. Again, you are confusing yourself, in your attempt to confuse and defuse the issue of the unnecessary destruction of our trees.

    Jerome Stocks knew, or should have known about it. Jerome is our temp Mayor. He is serving out his one year term, which should have gone to Maggie Houlihan, who had more support from the public, more VOTES. And we all know Jerome is on the board of the NCTD.

    Again, please read the letter to the editor in this week's Coast News, if you want to inform yourself and not just react by twisting people's words, by trying to DISCOURAGE people from caring enough to act, to pay attention, to take a stand, to make a difference.

    Have courage. Change is in the air.


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