Thursday, January 17, 2008

L101 Tree Canopy Video & Issues

*We need to find out where the NCTD territory and city property line is on the 101 corridor. Any trees on city property should not be cut down unless absolutely necessary. Any dangerous limbs should be trimmed asap.

*The remaining big trees need to be trimmed, watered and maintained so they look nice and stay healthy.

*There are thousands and thousands of big eucalyptus trees in San Diego county. Take notice how most communities take care of them and that they look beautiful, not scraggly like ours.

*The gaps in the "tree tunnel" should be filled in with new moderate sized trees that look nice and don't need a lot of water and maintenance. Personally I like Torrey Pines. Torreys seem fairly idiot proof to take care of. They are all over Del Mar and grow straight out of dry sandy soil like our section of the 101 has.

*There are already many existing Torrey Pines along the L101 corridor and they appear to be thriving (you can check them out by pausing the video or better yet, talk a walk or drive through there). Torreys have a different look than the big eucs, but they aren't as messy and they don't drop car crushing limbs in high winds. More Torreys along the highway would look classy in my opinion.

*Planting aloe vera in the barren center medians would look nice. Aloes need no water or maintenance. Their unique red flowers bloom all winter.

*The city needs a tree policy not just for the 101 but for the entire town. For example, the trees in front of Paul Ecke Central school are going to die soon because when the parking lot was repaved, they paved all the way to the base of the trees. They did not leave enough dirt surrounding the tree trunks. Now the roots cannot collect water because it no longer soaks into the ground and instead runs off into the street.

*North Leucadia coast highway is cool! I've driven the entire coast of California and our little 1 mile stretch of it is unique and classic. We should replant, regrow and replenish our little slice of it. It's the tree canopy that puts the shelter into the name Leucadia.

Torrey Pines are unique to north San Diego county.

Aloe Vera would look nice in the center medians and don't grow tall enough to block the view of traffic.


  1. Long time LeucadianJanuary 17, 2008 11:42 PM


    JP- you will make a fine councilperson some day.

    You have my vote. Anyday!

  2. For those who could not make the L101 membership meeting last night, it was very encouraging to see the goals that L101 has put on it's plate.
    They are dealing with a good share of the issues that appear on this blog and are important for our community.
    I applaud their volenteerism and caring.
    They seem to be getting some things done for us.

  3. Our view: Solana Beach project exposes the false promises of smart growth Smart Growt

  4. Planting native species is the ecological and financially correct choice.

  5. I agree with Bob, planting native and diversity, diversity, diversity is the best. Across this country we have suffered from loss of diversity at every level of living.

    It is also worth taking the long view. The cooridor was planted 100 years ago, is that correct? I'd like to imagine that 100 years from now we will not be a car-centered community. The train may become more important and biking take on a whole new importance. The long view is unknown, but worth attempting to envision.

  6. 1. The car is not evil.
    2. You're on crack if you think everyone is going to bike around everywhere. It takes too long to get anywhere, and if you are like my mom, you can barely ride to the end of the block, even without a bag of groceries. Kate, you are young and healthy, have you sold your car yet?
    3. You're on crack if you think there are going to be more "trains" in our childrens’ lifetime. The Sprinter is it baby. No more. There is no more money. There has never been enough money to rail all of north county.

    Pull out a map and draw lines everywhere you think we would need a rail line and then add up all those miles. Then go and see how much it cost to build the sprinter. I think it was half a billion dollars and the rail line already existed for that train.

    You are so on crack if you think we will all become train based commuters.

    Why should we give up the car anyways?

  7. Reading comprehension is a real problem with the anon commenters I have noticed. The inability to envision change is a foregone conclusion.

    I didn't mention my age, say cars were evil, claim we'd bike everywhere, or propose more train routes.

    not car centered
    the train may become more important
    and biking take on a whole new importance
    the long view is unknown

    Take a deep breath and just imagine something different than what you already know. That's all.

  8. why does Anon 12:36 mention crack twice and rants about his mom not being a good bike rider?

  9. Because Jerome is back again!

  10. JP, right on:

    Torrey Pines
    Aloe Vera plants

  11. I would like to hear what Kate has in mind. I hope she will elaborate.

  12. Anyone care to invest in my new propulsion device that could eliminate railroads altogether?

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  14. Leucadians for KateJanuary 18, 2008 6:16 PM

    Nice words and good thoughts Katecontinues. I am with you and much rather see bikes on the mainstreet verses speeding cut through regional traffic. The bikes are more likely to notice the adjacent shops than the speeding commutors.

    Keep on posting kate and ignore the person with issues.

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  16. Jerome is on the Board of Directors of the NCTD.

    Jerome = accountable for tree massacre.

    Maggie and Teresa were kept out of the loop. Phil Cotton has said that now staff is to speak equally to EACH of the Council Members. Jerome knew, first, count on it. Cotton isn't being honest with the public and is most expert at deferring his responsibilities to outside consultants.

    JP, good questions and talking points. We do need to find out more about City property boundaries and the extent of the City/NCTD easements. Which supersedes which? Many times the City does not own a public easement, only has a right of way over privately held property, as on the city sidewalks.

    Yes, the remaining trees need to be maintained. I think aloe vera would be beautiful in the center divider, and would require little water.

    Please, everyone, help us to save the remaining trees. The City's answer, Jerome's answer, so far: give staff raises and hire more consultants to do the work, make staff recommendations. Jerome, Cotton and some staff are too busy living high on our taxpayer money, counting the days until their cushy retirements, to care about public opinion. November will be here sooner than we think, in the blink of an eye.

    Stocks has skewed the podium to show the public his disrespect and disdain. He calls this "decorum." He sits on high, like a fat cat, playing political games on our dime.

  17. I appreciate welcoming words and deleted trolls equally. This is a great place to share ideas - at least in theory. I am so glad J.P. brings it to us.

    There are so many cities across this country who are moving forward, often without waiting for political leaders, to offer alternatives to the corporate controlled agenda of progress (read: growth) at all costs.

    I'd be happy to link to some ideas now and again if there is interest. If there is a group focus on sustainable growth, green alternatives in the community, please pass along a number or name.

  18. Get this: I just took the train up to Anaheim and between the Irvine station and Santa Ana station are literally HUNDREDS of euk trees, closer to the tracks than the ones we have here. There is no irrigation, and the ground is bone dry, just like here.

    Some of our trees were dead, but the talk of potential hazards is being used to justify a decision that shows a strong disconnect between what the citizens want and what the NCTD feels they need to do. I no longer feel Mr. Stocks gives a rat's ass about our community.

    Not good.

  19. Stocks never did give a rat’s ass about this community. He just wants to be a politician at all costs. It’s some kind of mental illness. Probably the same one G.W. Bush is suffering from.

    I bet Jerome looks at a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger like Brad dreamt of Linda in the bathroom scene in the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

    Get real..... Has Jerome ever done one this good for Encinitas? If so, what?

  20. Mary, did you happen to touch the ground suurounding the trees while hanging out of a moving train? I'm sure you inspected the soil moisture content very closely while hanging out of the window.

    I'm awaiting your reply:
    "The train was moving slowly before and after each stop and I could ascertain from my vantage point (I had a window seat) that the soil had the same moisture and drainage qualities as my beloved Leucadia".

    Take a seat Mary.

  21. Jerome, one can see out the window, and the train does make numerous stops. One can see whether the ground is dry. And it is.

    Being facetious and condescending is just like you, Jerome.

    Thanks, Mary, for your observations. Your comments make sense.

    The more desperate Jerome gets, the more delusional he becomes. Keep on attacking the people who offer their understanding, trying to change the subject, Jerome. It won't work.

    Your reputation is catching up with you, at last, Jerome.

    "talk of potential hazards is being used to justify a decision that shows a strong disconnect between what the citizens want and what the NCTD feels they need to do. I no longer feel Mr. Stocks gives a rat's ass about our community."

    Right on, Mary. Thank you also, Kate. Good posts.

  22. I would like to donate a sapling,
    a seedling,
    or a sprout.

  23. Aloe vera would be excellent. It would be native, beautiful, and if absolutely needed, one could use it for a cut from falling off a board.Just kidding, I am sure no one does that. Would Gil grow some for us I wonder?

  24. How can growth be sustainable if we have too many people for our our infrastructure and natural resources? Are we at that point already? Is “smart growth” smart? Is "sustainable development” sustainable?

  25. To change the subject: Did anyone see the Coast News piece by Bill Arbillo re: the special session, called by Jerome, while Teresa was out of town for Christmas? Kind of interesting.She was not allowed to vote, as she was not there. She had told all Council and Phil Cotton that she would be with family in Tenesee.There were no Coucnnil meetings scheduled. I always thought that the Council controlled the City manager, not the other way around? What do others know or think?

  26. The present city council is actually a troika of Stocks, Dalager, and Bond.

  27. I read that article by Bill Arballo. "Eye on the Coast" is great.

    Stocks, Bonds and Dalager are punishing Teresa for her position re honoring the intent of the Brown Act, and for voting against the failed Police Intimidation Ordinance. Barth should have been allowed to participate, remotely, as Stocks, Bond and Houlihan have several times before.

    Teresa should speak out more against the three man majority. It isn't easy, but four years of pay raises amounting to a 14% pay raise with increased benefits is very unwise in times of predicted recession. Maggie and Teresa could have defeated that, if they had the courage, because Dalager was absent.

    Was Dalager too depressed to attend that Council Meeting? Is he worried because he has so many illegal units?

    Council can and should do another amnesty to allow more affordable units, already in existence, to be recorded "on the books." The powers that be know that there are many unreported affordable units in our fair city.

    Work with folks, not against them. Do the right thing, Dan, and maybe you won't be so depressed.

  28. I read Bill Arballo's column about how Jerome Stock shafted Teresa and excluded her form the closed door session. This is indeed punishment for her public stand on the city's violation of the Brown Act. How low will Jerome stoop in his vindictiveness?

    I believe Stocks committed an illegal act. I understand his despicable behavior is being investigated. Let's hope his gets his knuckles rapped really hard. And while we are at it, let's vote him out of office too.

  29. Degreed botanistJanuary 19, 2008 1:22 PM

    I don't intend to be critical, but only offer a few comments to clarify two points.

    1. The Aloes are not natives plants of the Americas. They come from Africa, especially South Africa, which has a similar climate. So they are very suitable for our area. Perhaps some are confusing them with Agaves, which are natives of the Americas, but are classified in a completely different family. Tequila and pulque are made from Agaves, sometimes called century plants, and not from Aloes. Plants from either family would do very well in the 101 corridor, whether native or non-native.

    2. The Torrey pine is native of Southern California, but not only the San Diego County coast at Del Mar. It also grows naturally on Santa Rosa, one of the Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara. There is no native tree better suited to our area. I wouldn't call it a medium-sized tree. It can grow very large. There is a planted speciman in Carpinteria that is called the world's largest Torrey pine. It is impressive in size.

    For the purist wanting only native plants, it would be Torrey pines and Agaves. I'll take anything that grows well here and doesn't require excessive water. I won't be checking their papers to see if they are illegal aliens.

  30. Please, everyone who cares about the canopy, sign up for the Environmental Commission being formed at City Hall.

    Cynthia, the receptionist, is nice.

  31. I think non-native, non-invasive, drought tolerant plants would be sustainable, and beautiful, as well.

    Aloe Vera does have medicinal qualities, too.

  32. Poppies are not only our state flower, they're native, awesome and cheap. They only bloom for a few months but reseed themselves if you let them. In the past Leucadia Town Council pulled weeds and planted several medians with Poppies that were packed with color when they were in bloom, but then, like clockwork, crews came by and completely poisoned them so they wouldn't spring back up.

    As for the Eucalyptus, in 15 years they get 50' tall even with very little water. Propery cared for and used in conjuction with two or three other tree varieties they would replenish and safely enhance the 101 nicely within a decade. I know they're not native, but neither are most of us.

    I encourage everyone interested in 101's future to attend the Leucadia StreetScape meetings/workshops beginning in February.

  33. You know, in a way, Jerome is doing Teresa a favor. She might as well learn about politics, right here and now. And you never really learn until it's served to you on a cold plate. A dirty cold plate.

    Take the high road, Tereas.

  34. Since the Leucadia/Encinitas community has such a large population of growers/garden enthusiasts, why don't we form a body of community activists to volunteer to plant whatever trees/plants?

    Or can we not plant on that land? I've thought about putting ground cover or something there, like nasturtiums.

  35. Good vision Leucadiateen. But...

    The city of Encinitas has forbode us from planting anything in the medians. The North Coast Transit District regularly poisons the ground so that all plants die within 50feet of the tracks. Clueless crews from Caltrans, the city, and bad boys and girls doing "public service" regularly chop down and extract any flower we plant along with the weeds that always crop up.

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel: The Leucadia 101StreetScape, that will organize vegetation hopefully on all sides of the Highway. Those meetings begin in February if any are interested in being part of the process that revives the North Coast Hwy 101 Leucadia / Encinitas corridor.

  36. Leucadiateen,
    Nasturtiums have been identified as invasive non-natives by the the City of Encinitas's invasive species committee and the California Invasive Plant Council and should not be planted. I do agree however, a Leucadian landscaping group would be an ideal way of ensuring the pride of Leucadia is not trampled by the blighting mentality of NCTD and Caltrans.


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