Monday, January 28, 2008


North L101 has the cool tree tunnel effect in many sections (try to ignore the NCT wasteland on the right).

South L101 doesn't have many big old growth trees but it does have some nice Torrey Pines in the center medians (and the NCT railway is slightly less of an eyesore on SL101).


  1. Leucadia first....January 28, 2008 8:23 PM

    No,no J.P. you got it right the first time.... NCT railway IS an eyesore!!!

    Bury the train!!!!

  2. NCTD is not only an eyesore, its a polluting machine and death rail.

    I can see any canopy affect anymore. We better just put up streetsigns with pictures of the way it used to look before Carlsbad and the Building Industry got some of our City Council members like Jerome Stocks elected.

  3. Get over it already! It's just a road. There are other more important things in the world to focus all your energy on. When we run out of oil it won't matter anyway.

  4. The NCTD is Satan with a chainsaw. There is no negotiation with them, period. What about giving the remaining trees an identity -- have school kids name them and write about their importance to the community and our heritage -- so when the hard headed storm troopers march in again with their scorched earth policy they will look really evil by chopping down "Barney" and "Scooby Doo" etc. Some of those trees are great grandparents -- they deserve more respect and care than what the NCTD is doing.

  5. Good idea Bonddi. One friend of mine wants to put white crosses where they executed the recent ones. I thought a good old fashioned curse might suffice for the rest.

  6. Adopting / naming a tree is a great idea for kids! Think I'll pass that idea on to teachers at PEC School!

  7. Bonddi is brilliantJanuary 29, 2008 6:45 AM

    Tell the parents at Paul Ecke School that their principal is currently killing about 10 old growth trees in front of their own school along Vulcan Avenue. What kind of lesson are we trying to teach are kids, how to be arborists and kill all living trees?

    There are nice Eucs, Jacaranda, and others that are mature and now dying do to recent action by the school itself.

    Just a few months ago, the school paved right over their root systems up to the trunk. I bet even a tree surgeon (arborist) will tell you, that’s a sure way to kill a tree.

    If you want to see the difference its made-looks at the leaves and health of the trees that were recently paved over along in the "new" parking lot. Then look at the health of the trees along the playground. They all used to look the same. Of course, now the ones with pavement area their trunks are dying a slow and painful death.

    I hope some parents read this blog and have their kids go adopt one of the old mature trees along Vulcan street and have them ask their principal- "Ms. Principal - why are you slowly killing my tree?"

    "Oaky's root like water and breathing, and you are killing Oaky by placing pavement over Oaky's roots and suffocating poor Oaky"

    "Will you help me save poor Oaky and his friends?"

  8. Get over it already! It's just a road.

    That is a funny thing to say on a website dedicated to the Leucadia portion of the coast hwy.

  9. I walked the 101 yesterday and could not even tell the difference.

  10. Mommy - why are they killing the trees at Paul Ecke Central? Are trees Bad?

  11. The school principal at Paul Ecke Central has any say in the demise of a tree along Vulcan?!? Get educated, my friend! cc: "Cindy said"

  12. Its on the school parking area. Who paved over the trees. Our kids are driving me crazy asking who is killing their trees?

  13. My freind -

    Please educate us. Who is responsible for paving over the tree roots?

  14. Why does the school want to kill my tree and all my freinds trees?

    I thought tree were good and help clean the air.

    Why mommy? Are the trees bad?

  15. I was told the City required Paul Ecke to close off the existing egress onto Vulcan from the south side entrance. Ipso Facto, asphalted area with new parking. Which, if you drive your kids to school there, which we do given the fact the bus has been discontinued from about 2 years ago and I would never allow my children to ride their bikes along the death trap called the "safe route to school" area, sorry I digress, it is a real pain in the ass now with backed up traffic. Therefore, I am assuming, without personal knowledge but based on deduction, that there was an edict issued from some City staffer to Paul Ecke to eliminate the functioning exit area, which led to the paving of the entire area in black tar so as to create more parking. As to why the area was paved up to the trunks of the trees, I don't know. What I do know is that given the exit being closed off, parents are forced to wait in a ridiculous line of cars, spewing carbon dioxide as they idle waiting to drop off their little spawn, and increasing their collective blood pressure from cursing the City morons who required this "improvement." Whew, just had to get that off my chest.

  16. Too bad more people aren't concerned that Paul Ecke Central school ranked amongst the WORST elementary schools in North County. Out of 240+ elementary schools, Paul Ecke Central placed in the bottom 38, right alongside schools in Oceanside, Vista and Escondido. But, hey, the tile murals rule and lets have the kids adopt and name trees - brilliant. The story was published in the North County Times - you can find it in their archives. Read it and weep.

  17. I am concerned about both. Why are the test scores and the trees dying? Who the hell is running that school?

    Someone at the school better make good, go talk to a tree bonanist and remove some asphalt around the trees and implement a deep root watering program. If they want to kill trees, just think of the way they treat our kids. I don't want no tree killers teaching my kids anything. I think our kids could teach them a thing our two.

    why are the test scores dying? Are we getting more non-english speakers than before, crappier teachers, dummer students? Is it because the fear of being killed on their way to school shuts down their learning ability?

    Just cause the city made them close an access or something, doesn't mean they need to kill the trees, does it?

  18. Another fine product of the CA educational systemJanuary 30, 2008 6:35 AM

    Below is the web address.

    "Along the coast south of Oceanside, only one school is on the sanctions list this year, Paul Ecke-Central School in Encinitas. Students at the school reached the federal benchmarks this year, which means the school could be taken off of the list next year if scores remain high enough.

    "It is very, very good news," said Deborah Blow, Encinitas Union School District's assistant superintendent of educational services. "We're hopeful that next year they will meet their (goals) again."

    My guess its from all the focus goes on the non-english speaking students and the ADHD students from the parents “with problems” in the area. The non-special student hasn't a chance.

    The public school system is obviously broken. And Paul Ecke Central sounds like its broken as well

  19. add on

  20. School teachers unionJanuary 30, 2008 7:12 AM

    It's not us!!! Don't blame us!!! We need more money for the children and then the scores will go higher!! Just give the school and teachers more money.

  21. Support our Farmers Market.
    33% of proceed go directly to Paul Ecke Centeral PTA to help fund programs that are not funded elsewhere.
    Support other programs that help our schools.

  22. PAUL ECKE SUCKS!@!January 30, 2008 9:00 AM

    I send my kids to Paul Ecke. I am selling my house and moving to Carmel Valley because the school is so bad. Some teachers are good.


    A lot of the parents are weird or "Funky" as you would say here. Tatooed and pierced and poor.

    Good Bye Paul Ecke!!!!

  23. school teachers unionJanuary 30, 2008 12:00 PM

    just don't blame the teachers, we are union and that is why the kids don't learn!!

  24. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  25. Cheer up. Pacific View had to rate lower.

  26. apparently bad DNAJanuary 30, 2008 6:55 PM

    wow. Two dumb ass schools. Cardiffians must be smarter from better DNA or something. Or does Paul Ecke Central just get all the crappy teachers?

    If I had kids, I would make sure they didn't do to Paul Ecke Central. It sounds like they have major problems. Can someone please explain whats happening?

  27. yeah Fred- I'd be cheersing too if I didn't have kids.... to bad they have to go to the crappiest school in encinitas if I stay in Leucadia. I guess its time to move out of Leucadia. The local school sucks. Why are the test scores so low?

  28. My kids go to Paul Ecke and for the most part I have been happy with the teachers. There are some outstanding teachers on staff. The school's "test scores" aren't the problem. With a large non-english speaking student population, those kids score low on tests given in english -- they aren't stupid, just not familiar with the language. However, all the childrens' scores are put together to get a rating for the school. Those schools that have "excellent test scores" are teaching your children how to pass that particular test -- not necessarily teaching the basic information and teaching analytical thinking skills. Unfortunately, in the "no student left behind" mantra, our kids are really being shafted by spending too much time on test prep instead of real learning. Tests are not the whole story. I know my children are learning what they are supposed to be for their age and appreciate the hard work the teachers put in. We are lucky in having teachers at Paul Ecke that are not just civil servants, but who really care about your kids. Compassion and social intelligence are more important to learn when you are young than simply being able to name the capitals of all fifty states.

  29. Spend more moneyJanuary 30, 2008 8:49 PM

    How can test scores be so low?? They spent big money on the new administration building just a few years ago!!! Everyone knows that new building mean higher test scores!! Let's keep building more classrooms for the teachers and admin and I'm sure test scores will rise. We just need to spend more money!!

  30. If you have complaints about the school, vent at the school board meetings. The meetings are usually a love fest of compliments.


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