Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Leucadia Lava People

What is the story behind the Leucadia Lava Men? Anyone?


  1. And did the people that erected them disappear like the Easter Island inhabitants?

  2. No. The person that built them is at large. His name is Super Dave. He's done much in landscaping 101 all on his own with absolutely no help from anyone or any group. He's maintained Banana trees, potted plants, grass, lava men, and just a few years ago took it upon himself to enhance the medians (near that block pictured) just before L-101 took it over. One unsung hero of 101. How do I know? I walk by night.

  3. Heck, I thought those were life like reproductions of prominent Leucadians.

  4. Dave is our version of Wild Man Fisher. The guys at the tool business seem to be protective of him and when I wanted to interveiw him for a story, I must've gone to the place 4 times before they realized I was on the level. One morning at 5:45am, the phone rang and what I heard on the message machine went a little something like this:

    "Uh hi there. This is Dave. I heard you wanna put me inna magazine, and uh, that's OK, I like magazines, Uh, I hope I'm not calling too early...see I work real early and I talk good in the morning. OK, bye!!! OH yeah, I'm an early riser. Ok, well if there's anything you wanna know, I'll tell you everything, but not everything..ha ha..anyway, uh...I'm here now. Ok bye...OK?, well, that's right. Goodbye. I'm sorry if I called too early...sorry...won't do it again. Uh, I really do like magazines! Bye!!!"

    He called two more times at some ungodly hour and his words came out as a rush, like someone who had way too much caffeine in their DNA.

    I decided maybe it would be better to simply enjoy the tikis and the landscaping at leave it at that.

  5. Great story, Mary.

  6. Those statues don't actually exist. They are actually mythical, just like the lawnmower shop in the background.

    Everyone knows the Easter Bunny isn't real and everyone knows a successful lawnmower shop in Encinitas isn't possible.

    They don't exist. Ignore what you see.

  7. Is this the same person who puts the rocks in such beautiful formations on 101 near the Cardiff restaurants? They are always so interesting. I always wonder what meaning they have. Is Dave Native American per chance? Reminds me of some of things my part Cherokee grandmother used to do in her garden.

  8. Leucadia first....January 21, 2008 9:02 PM

    While this posting by J.P. may be about lava people, a better comment might be about the new sidewalk at or near the lawnmower people/grateful dog. And yes I know grateful dog has lost some parking, the improvement in safety through this area can not be diminished by the loss of a couple of parking spots.

    These sidewalks and safety improvements are the result of hard work by the L101 main street association and concerned citizens of Leucadia.

    Keep up the good work L101 and let's see some more flowers in the medians for the spring!!!

    Leucadia first, last and always!!

  9. Stocked and SabinedJanuary 21, 2008 10:56 PM

    Scene: Grimy office at Encintias City Hall with conference call on-going.
    Stocked: Ya here JP's been callin our statues Lava Men?
    Sabined: Yeah, ain't that just like a 'Cadien, no appreciashun for that thar stoney art stuff.
    Stocked: Glennboy, ya so right. Anybodys with an eyeball can sees thats the Encinitas City Council.
    Sabined: Wull, ain't jess the City Council seein I'se got the biggest blockhead there.:(
    Stocked: I'se give that one Glennboy. Hee, hee, hee.
    Guerlinda: Hey boys, ya furgettin I was on the council when that there blockhead tributary was dun erected and I'se lay claim to the hairest blockhead seein I'se was the Mayor so natural like I'se gets the first pickins on my likeliness.
    Sabined: What a heapin' hoppin' hive of bees up yur bums! Ain't no complainin frum me. I'se concede youse are the two biggest and hairest blockheads erected, and I'se number 3.

  10. Thanks, keep up the Stocked and Sabined, hilarious.



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