Sunday, January 27, 2008

Moonlight Beach facilities are old and crappy

When is the city going to do something about the giant seagull attacks on our children?

Story in Saturday's North County Times about the crumbling infrastructure at the heart of Encinitas, Moonlight Beach.

Moonlight Beach facilities deteriorating

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer
Some fixes done, the most expensive ones remain

ENCINITAS ---- At one of North County's busiest beaches, the lifeguard station is falling apart and the restrooms are grungy, officials say.

Moonlight Beach, at the foot of B and C streets, attracts thousands of visitors on an average summer weekend, attendance that exceeds that of all other Encinitas beaches combined.

In a report this month to the City Council, the city's Parks and Recreation Commission chairman highlighted the deteriorating condition of the beach structures, which are nearly 45 years old.

City officials say improvements are part of a long-term plan for the beach, but that there's no money in the budget to make the fixes now ---- even if they're badly needed.

"It's no surprise to any of you that the bathroom is really (nasty)," Deputy Mayor Maggie Houlihan said later. She said the stalls always seem to have water puddled on the floor. "You should never go barefoot in there."

The lifeguard station also needs attention, she said. "Deferred maintenance isn't working anymore, because it's just falling apart."

No money in the budget to keep up the most popular tourist destination in Encinitas eh? But, we've been told time and time again that the city of Encinitas is flush with cash.

Maybe somebody should have considered Moonlight Beach during the "shoot for the moon" capital improvement projects at those backroom planning sessions?

Staff Pay Raises: 15% Over 4 Years

If there is no money to improve Moonlight Beach than I assume my wish list for Leucadia will go unfulfilled.


  1. beach enthusiastJanuary 27, 2008 9:52 AM

    When the library opens no one will go to the beach anymore.

  2. I am so glad our City Manager and Council gave themselves and Staff such huge raises and benefits increases (15%+ benefit increases). They are doing a heck of a job.

    At least at maximizing their tapping the government tit (our tax money), and putting our City in debt for trophy regional sports complexes ($60,000,000), and trophy sleeping quarters for our firefighters ($15,000,000).

  3. No wonder we don't have any money for any of the really needed projects. Council and the City Manager are clueless.

  4. And...
    101 Banners will be unveiled today at 2pm at the Pacific Station location.
    These fine art banners, created by local artists, will hang along Hwy 101 from north Leucadia to Cardiff.
    These fine art works can be purchased through bids today or while they are on display. This is a great opportunity to purchase original art usually well below fair market prices. The art is on canvas and can be hung as such of framed like any canvas work.
    Support the arts and your community.

    Thank you

    More details:

  5. Houlihan is clueless too. She complains about the beach infrastructure and then ignores the fact that her library is a giant budget sucking vacuum.

    The library did not have to be a trophy project to be wonderful.

  6. 15% over 4 years?? To earn another 15% over 4 years I will have to increase revenues, reduce expenses and work longer hours!! Will any city workers be doing those things to receive this glorious pay raise?? Doubtful.

    I suggest the city cut salaries, benefits and go back to a 5 day work week. Any city employee that leaves(quits)his/her job won't be missed!! But not one employee will leave their job, not one!! Sucking a the govt tit is too easy. The city could cut salaries by 50%, increase the work load and reduce benefits and not ONE not ONE employee will quit!! Working for the City of Encinitas is too easy of a job. Way too easy!!

    Imagine paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid health care, life insurance, every other Friday off. Car allowance, air conditioned/heated offices. Gigantic salaries!! Plus collecting 85% of your final salary as your retirements payment along with COLA's and free health care for life!!! Makes my head spin. Plus as a city employee you get to bust the balls of those that come to you asking for help.

    Come to think of it, where can I sigh up?? Oh yeah I keep forgetting these morons are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Well let's hope the people have egg on their faces soon. The city will soon face bankruptcy and all Hell will break loose!!!

  7. Next to the city of San Diego, the Encinitas city government is a powerhouse in letting structures deteriorate, then crying old and crappy, tear down, rebuild. In ten years the library will be old and crappy.

  8. 11:59
    Naw, the library will still look swell in 10 years. But Vulcan Square will be falling down. (i.e. City Hall). Now is the time to make that trophy project pay for itself. How?
    Currently, that whole lot is a waste of space architecturally. One corner has a neglected gas station and is growing conex boxes for storage (since the musuem relocated). The rest of the block is a concrete wall with a needless driveway robbing all the frontage. On top of the wall is a large parking lot - where the building should have been placed all along. The ocean is best view from a parked car.

    #1. the parking lot and the entire frontage needs to be excavated.
    #2. 2 level underground parking installed.
    #3. Interesting commercial buildings (complementing the La Paloma) could face the entire block.
    #4. Leasing the commercial section would bring the city and state revenue from the leases and tax revenue from sales in perpetuity.
    #5. Create diagonal parking the lenght of the block for the merchants. (That part of Vulcan is even wider than 101)
    #6. The new City Hall goes above and behind the stores, with outdoor patios etc.
    #7. An escalator and/or elavator goes all the way to the library from Vulcan Ave and the parking garage.
    #8. Only permit it to be built whenever Encinitas is out of debt.

    So there! That oughta cure those two people who want me to run for city council.

  9. Moonlight Beach is a toilet.

    Hey Encinitas, next time you put in a playground, try not putting it next to an open drain.

  10. But back to the subject, yes, the Moonlight Beach latrine has seen better days, but I'd take it over the toilet at Beacon's. There used to be two porta potties there (at least) but that was when there was still some cliff to support them. Beacon's needs more attention than Moonlight. In 1962 there was a road vehicles could take to the beach. Now, even the parking lot's days are numbered if nothing is done. The last thing we need is Beacon's with no parking, No Tresspassing signs and razor wire.

  11. Moonlight is like the Ritz compared to Beacons. Beacons is a shithole without a shitter. The sidewalks about to fall in and the north side looks worse than TJ. What the hell? why are they talking about moonlight. They better do something about Beacons first.

  12. They are doing something about Beacons...soon. Shrinking the parking lot and constructng a sea wall is the basic plan.

  13. Leucadia first....January 27, 2008 5:23 PM

    But that plan BOB speaks of does NOT include toilets of any type, sex or size. It is a travesty that the city gets away with this again and again. Cottonwood Creek park has bathroom facilities. Moonlight has bathroom facilities. Swamis has bathroom facilities. Even the golf course has porta potties for the players, somewhere on the back nine I believe. That the city of Encinitas does not provide toilet facilities for the beaches of Leucadia is criminal!!!

  14. I think it is time to invite Jerome to be a guest blogger for a day. Just like in the Cafe San Diego at the Voice of San Diego.

    JP can turn off anon blogging so that everyone has to be out. Only fair.

    We can talk about L101, flooding, the rail road and his vision for high density Leucadia.

  15. i am not sure of the current beacon's plan. i think we may have missed the state parks $$$ deal. the last solution had soil removed from the bluff, the road overview, and parking reconfigured, the bluff refilled and compacted behind a seawall. repelling hooks set into the top of the seawall so that when the beach is scoured to the base of the wall and it is a ten foot wall to navigate with a surfboard or kids there is a place to hook the repelling lines to help people get up from the shoreline. know some staffer was working on this but think it got moved to the back burner so that the bluff and street has time to collapse so that it can be declared an emergency and the city can do what it wants.

  16. Actually Gil, the states park deal was a matching grant sort of thing, that money went into the planning of the beach access infrastructure.

    I'll inquire with staff and report back on the status the Beacons "renovation"

  17. concerned taxpayerJanuary 28, 2008 12:00 AM

    I saw that Teresa Barth has suggested that the budget be revisted, and the goals. I wish she would have formed an alliance with Maggie Houlihan. They both should have had the vision and good judgment to vote against this unwise raise in today's uncertain times. Had they formed an alliance, as they have with the Brown Act violations of the City, and the Police Intimidation Ordinance, then the motion for a raise would have FAILED, because Dalager was absent, and the arrogant, self-centered majority was not sitting oh high.

    Maggie Houlihan has worked as a librarian, and retired as one. I also support unions in that they have helped the working man and woman, our laborers, my grandfather, a lather, to achieve a reasonable standard of living. But the disparity between public and private employee unions has grown too great.

    I am astounded that the NCT reports that Moonlight Beach is not to be maintained, because we have no money in our City budget! I distinctly recall that there was $500,000 allocated under Christy Guerin. That could have remodeled the bathrooms, at least!

    We are filling out our form provided by the Hometown Alliance, and turning in our protest about the planned water rate increase this coming week. Thank you ETA and Hometown Alliance. Thank you for standing up for the citizens of our fair community, trying to do our best in dealing with our unfair City government.

    Good work! Change is in the air; word of mouth does help. We need open, honest and accountable government employees, public servants. Please put the serve back in public servant, and the civil (kindness) back in civil service.

  18. fred,

    Great ideas on city hall. I think you need to go further. Move city hall to the area behind the sheriff's station. The area where they want to put low cost housing. Then you would have police fire and city in the same block. Sell the city hall property to s developer for mixed use. Makes to much sense so it won't be done. The city employees enjoy the view. Part of their job benefits.

  19. notaxlady,

    The location behind the sheriff station is a Brown field site, that's the reason it has yet to be developed. The County put the Sheriff Station there long before regulations were put in place to prevent such risks to public health.
    Moving city hall there would require a huge environmental clean-up the city is unwilling to pay. Hence the Public works yard was not sited there, nor a park built.

    Besides it is still technically owned by the County.

  20. Hey Bob-

    Besides gaining points for being honest about the whole Stocks thing, you will get major brown points if you can help push through some improvements at Beacons considering you were appointed to the parks commission by Stocks.

    Besides the Leucadia’s gross and hazardous intersection, lack of trees and flooding- Beacons is an embracement.

    Just look at every other beach access spot along our coast line and you won't see one that looks as JUNKY as Beacons. Rusted sharp guardrail, no walkway, all parkinglot, no plants, no bathrooms, no seating. Once again-

    Leucadia pays the most in property tax and has seen the least amount of return from City Hall. I am glad to see this is slowing changing. If you can do something to get improvements at Beacons, you will gain more respect

    Gil- I like your idea about the hooks. They could be for the rest of the public. The surfers will always find a way down the collapsed cliff. The City nor any bluff can not stop surfers.

  21. The half-a$$ed temporary fence Beacon's, that has been that way for over a year, in an embarrassment. Think of the taxes paid by nearby multi-million $ homes, then have to look at that every day.

    Cardiff State Beach
    (actually operated by state)


    Leucadia State Beach aka Beacon's
    (operated ((neglected)) by the City of Encinitas)

    Night and Day...

  22. Beacons update:

    In 2000 Encinitas Parks and Recreation staff applied for two state grants, one for Moonlight Beach improvements another for Beacons, only Beacons was awarded grant money. That 2.758 million was granted for the restabilization and shoreline protection of what is recognized as a active landslide area.

    Shortly after as part of the planning process a community workshop was held where Leucadia residents demanded that the City maintain trail access to the beach at Beacons. Those residents were adamant that the project not include lights, restrooms, and stairwells.

    Currently public comments to the Environmental Impact report for the Beacons restabilzation and shoreline protection project are being reviewed as responses generated with completion slated for the begining of April. The main issues being addressed are Traffic, sand and recreation as well as social and aesthetics impacts.

    As of now the estimated price tag for completion of the beacons project(using 2005 figures) is 4.5 million.

    As the grant is scheduled to expire in 2009, staff will ask the Council to request a grant extension as soon as the EIR report is complete. Without such an extention the grant funds will be forfeited.

  23. Make Beacons SafeJanuary 28, 2008 1:03 PM

    I was at all the citizen meetings regarding Beacons access and stabilization and I NEVER HEARD WHAT YOU ARE INVENTING AS FACT!!! In fact many residents called for safe access to Beacons AND BATHROOMS!! I know I did and I spoke with the designers personally!!!

  24. I dunno which bathrooms are worse...Swamis or Moonlight Beach.

  25. Make Beacons SafeJanuary 28, 2008 3:41 PM

    A dirty bathroom can be cleaned and made nice, no bathroom is just that.... no bathroom!!

  26. I was at the Planning Commission meeting where Beacons Access was discussed.

    The consensus of the community was that we do not want a seawall. Also, the consensus was that because the bluff is so unstable, and parking is so limited, construction of bathrooms and showers is not possible, or desirable.

    Charles Marvin, sometimes seen at the top of the bluff at Beacons, and a nearby owner of a hotel and other residential and commercial properties, was at the Planning Commission meeting. Marvin did want a seawall and bathrooms. Gil didn't. Marvin does not go down to the water's edge, that I've ever seen.

    Mr. Marvin and friends, Beacons is more of a locals only beach. The bluffs will not support a hardscape bathroom. Portapotties might be feasible. That is what could be pushed for, again, and replacing the fence, of course, keeping the switchback pathway safe, stabilizing the bluff.

    Bathrooms would NOT add to bluff stabilization, and that is what the grant is for. A seawall would make erosion WORSE at either end of the wall, as Charles Marvin's former boss, another lawyer, pointed out.

    Regardless of the City not getting a grant for Moonlight, Council had allocated $500,000 for repairs and maintenance under Christy Guerin. What happened to that money? Could we have had one less roundabout?

    I feel that the topic here is Moonlight Beach. Bob was quite honest about the Planning Commission Meeting. Mr. Marvin and one other person, only, supported the idea of a seawall. Again, Charles Marvin's former boss, another lawyer, and property owner on Neptune was and is adamantly against the Seawall as is the SurfRider organization, and other Neptune residents/owners. Parking would become MORE of a problem with the wrong kind of improvements. Staff, including engineering, seemed unprepared at this meeting and could answer very few of the Planning Commission's excellent and pointed questions.

    Seems like one person is directing this thread away from Moonlight and onto his own financial profit and personal preferences.

    Beacons will never have handicap access. Moonlight Beach does have this access, and has much more parking, a snackbar, tot lot, and is visited by far more out-of-towners.

  27. I get the sense that anon 4:23 would just as soon close Beacons to the public altogether. That certainly would make it nicer for some neighbors - not having to view and deal with the public everyday as they do.

    I was at the Beacons meeting too. But I agree with Mr. Marvin (who happens to live on the bluff). Beacons does need restoration/improvements. In the 70's, Swami's put rip-rap and filled it in with dirt. What was a jagged, failing bluff is now an even, planted slope. That stopped their erosion problems it it's tracks for over 30 years now. A seawall is by far better and does not need to be very high. I did hear the other lawyer at the meeting claim that a seawall would damage neighboring bluffs. If that's true, there still might be a solution with engineering.

    I disagree that restrooms are not possible at Beacons. I would hope Surfrider would welcome a restroom instead of people continuing to piss and shit on the beach, trail and ocean. Can you imagine the increase of cooties at Moonlight beach's without a toilet? But that's OK in Leucadia? But maybe Surfrider would like to see Beacons close to the public as well.

    The alternative to protecting/restoring/enancing the bluff at Beacons is that the parking lot will soon fall and there will be a new seawall of cyclone fence and barbed-wire at the TOP of the bluff. That will prevent parking and anyone tresspassing from there to the beach. The added caveat is that eyesore will destroy the ocean view that numerous residents now enjoy from the east side of Neptune.

    How many people want Beacon's to be fenced off to everyone? I suppose if the fence looked nice, some neighbors and locals would.

    Maybe the next chapter of this saga will be arguing about the design for the pretty fence that will close Beacons.

  28. Folks, I was only reporting back information I received at City Hall this morning from John Frankin and Mike Stauffer as I said I would.

    And I am sure everyone on this blog and in Leucadia wants to keep Beacons safe for residents and visitors, regardless of thier economic status or financial holdings

  29. You are losing your edge Bob, losing your edge!!

  30. First off- John Frankin is a fucking idiot. He is lucky to have any job. No wonder he works for a government. Too bad it’s ours. I hope he gets fired soon. Yesterday isn’t soon enough. He is the jackass responsible for cutting down all the wrong trees.

    Secondly - Lynn- Why the hell do you post under "Anon"? We all know it’s you. We figured that out long ago –remember? Just post Anonymous without signing in. what are you trying to say by signing in as Anon? You are dumber than you look if you think the earth where the parking lot is cannot support bathrooms….. there are houses all up and down the coast on each side of Beacons- Lynn ….. duhhhh! And Lynn - guess what - I heard the City is planning a roundabout right in front of your street. You better learn how to drive them.

    Thirdly- We could use some bathrooms at Beacons so people don't shit all over the path. I can't tell you how many times I have seen turds with paper on top on the first switchback in the early morning- fucking pigs. I could give a shit whether we lose a few parking spots for Johnny San Elijo Hells to roll up in his yellow hummer with Deaf Leopard blaring. I hope SE Hells clan starts going to Carlsbad beaches. But than again- bathrooms may encourage the SE Hells clan to come to Beacons because we all know by listening to their loud BS they are full of shit!

  31. I make no excuses for attempting to elevate the discouse on this blog with clarity and composure. Nor will I take the bait of an obviously unhinged individual with a fetish for public restrooms.

  32. Someone is stuck in the anal stage of emotional development.

  33. Beavis and ButtheadJanuary 29, 2008 7:03 AM

    Butthead said-"Bob said fetish, anonymous said anal!!"

    Beavis said- "Yeah,yeah, one of those guys is gonna score!!!"

  34. Jerome is back.

    Anonymous on 1/28 @ 9:56 is him. He loves to call people out, thinking he knows who is who, but posting anonymously, himself. Jerome, you show a lack of courage, honor and respect. And we all already know your current opinion about Bob or me, and "AJ," (Annabel Jansen) as well. Your smear campaign is only hurting YOU in the eyes of anyone who is aware, who is and has been paying attention to your dirty tricks.

    I didn't get that blue anon previous to Fred's last comment wanted no restrooms. And I don't see that this is an "either-or, black or white choice." Many people who oppose a heavy hardscape at the top, or base, of Beacon's would be happy with porta-potties, and apparently we have had them before.

    No one is suggesting that the only alternative to a seawall and a full on hardscape bathroom is to close off the beach, except, and only now, Fred.

    In my opinion, and in the opinion of everyone I have spoken to, there is not room for a bathroom without eliminating some of the very limited parking. Beacons is a small beach access, not designed for big crowds, like at Moonlight.

    Showers at Beacons are not necessary and would accelerate erosion. Maggie Houlihan has brought that up, herself, and agreed.

    I was also at that Planning Commission meeting where Beacons Beach access was discussed. Fred Caldwell and Charles Marvin were the only two speakers who supported the idea of a seawall. Most people who walk the beach, and actually go down to fish, surf, or play along the shore do NOT WANT A SEAWALL.

    I'm glad Bob is not willing to rise to the bait of Jerome Stocks or any of the "dirty tricksters" posting here. The subject, this post by JP, is not roundabouts or Beacons, by the way, but the fact that the City, ONCE AGAIN, has not followed through. The City has FAILED to keep its promises about maintaining and improving the restroom facilities at Moonlight.

    Jerome, especially, likes to shift the blame by anonymous character assassination and marginalizing the messengers, as others have pointed out, time and again.

    Yes, and someone sure likes to say sh~t a lot. I've NEVER seen any at Beacon's, have you Fred? I don't see people "p~ssing," either.

    Please, if you do want to keep the community clean, you can sure start by cleaning up your own language, guys.

    We know your intention is to distract by attacking and offending, but that is backfiring on you, Jerome. We know your habits. You have been exposed.

  35. Re/
    "No one is suggesting that the only alternative to a seawall and a full on hardscape bathroom is to close off the beach, except, and only now, Fred."

    I LOVE Beacons. In the 47 years I've lived here I've seen up to 30' of the bluff at Beacons erode away. With every rain and every gust of wind there are grains of sand leaving the bluff. A causual oberver takes the parking lot for granted and eternal. Any long time observer sees a migrating decay in progress and knows that direction is eastward.
    The choices are simple:
    A: Ignore the decay & lose Beacons.
    B: Save and enhance Beacons.

    It baffles me how TWO well used portapotties that used to be at Beacons 15 years ago one day suddenly they vanished. Did some genius decided the public no longer needed to relief themselves at Beacons? If we get rid of Scripps hosipital will there be no more sick people in Encinitas?

    " there is not room for a bathroom without eliminating some of the very limited parking......Yes, and someone sure likes to say sh~t a lot. I've NEVER seen any at Beacon's, have you Fred? I don't see people "p~ssing," either.
    Please, if you do want to keep the community clean, you can sure start by cleaning up your own language, guys."

    As for the word "piss" it's biblical: 2 Kings 18:27 for starters.
    As for the word "shit" I don't know where it came from, but why the word itself would be more vile to anyone than having to track the real thing home to your family from the sand at Beacons is beyond me.
    If either of those words offend you I'm sorry. But if those words were ever appropriate to wake people to the offensiveness of a filthy beach and ocean, I think they fit the context of this thread.

    On the lighter side, there will probably be less p-ss at Beacons now that the alc-h-l ban is in place.

  36. Right on Fred, as usual Fred is right on!!!

  37. I wasn't talking about your language, Fred. It is not you who offends me. I just said it isn't either/or, or black and white. I have appreciated your informative posts, and don't mind that they are a bit longer, as are some of mine.

    I think we could and should have porta-potties back at Beacons again. And we can eliminate some of the parking to install them. I don't park there, anyway. It's just a smaller access beach, and the subject WAS MOONLIGHT BEACH's problems caused by Council's failures.

    I'm all for bluff stabilization. Some people would have you think that we don't support sidewalks or making the pathway more stable, fixing the fence. That's misleading, and not true. It's not a wall and a bathroom or NOTHING.

    On a lighter note, I also think stocked and sabined is hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh, again and again.

    I've been here almost 30 years; Fred, you've got me beat. I’ve always appreciated your shop. Didn’t you used to do some repairs to musical instruments? Like to a flute, perhaps?

  38. Just so it's clear, I don't write Stocked and Sabined. And the only musical instruments I repair are jukeboxes.

    But to end on a relevent note, no matter how nice the facilities at Moonlight Beach become, the floors will always be wet being in the needed proximity to the showers and the ocean.

  39. I was also at EIR meeting for Beacons. I believe this would be our second extension request in a
    time of increasingly tight budget constraints for the State.

    There were two plans under discussion. The big difference was the access route down the bluff.

    One: had a zig-zag concrete path going to the beach which would require the soil face of the
    bluff being removed and re-compacted then planted “to hold the bluff face.” The cement path
    had a couple of catch your breath areas at the switch-backs.

    Two: had a stairway with support posts set into the bluff. It had one switchback/landing in the

    #2 was the least damaging from an environmental standpoint.

    On the Seawall: There were those on both sides of this item. A few residents and the City staff
    supported the seawall. Some residents, neighbors and myself were not in support of the seawall.
    The staff believes(ed) that the grant $$ would not be given without a seawall as that was included
    in the original grant request.

    I did not support the seawall because historically, scouring of the sand occurs at the base of a
    seawall and like a fungus, would slowly creep southward from the tail of the wall. This would
    require more and more walls. In addition, the size/mass of the wall is such that during periods
    of scouring there could be a drop of ten feet or more from the top of the wall to the sand. Also,
    our GP does not permit a seawall except in an “emergency situation.” As I said in previous
    posts, I believe staff would like a total bluff failure so that an “emergency situation” exists.

    On restrooms: Anywhere below street level and “we have a problem houston”. There is no way
    to get the “oh henery” bars to a sewer from sand level. There is no way to service porta-potties at
    sand level. Any restroom facilities need to be up top. I am a known supporter of restrooms for
    Beacons and I find a lack of them offensive. I checked on cost and portables for the short term
    are doable and reasonable. I have told everyone that would listen that the expense is so small and
    the need so great that I would venture to say that donation cans at every surf shop, every store
    that sells wax, every eatery that sell breakfast burritos or donuts ( Not just in Leucadia, all
    Encinitas) would cover the cost easily with something left over. Looking for the best waves and
    the smallest crowds is a “local” city-wide avocation. I have seen “oh henery bars” at Beacons
    and I am never surprised to see someone pissing against the bluff face. The pissing is probably
    less harmful than the illegal storm drain running down the Beacons bluff but the “oh henry” bars
    are not OK.

    What do you want Gil? I want the parking lot and street saved. I want the top 30' of the bluff
    soil pinned, filled, and compacted like the bank face of the condos on Vulcan with the new fake
    rock look. I want a stairway to the sand with only supports set into the bluff face. A switchback
    cement path is a lesson in folly. People take the shortest path to the beach and the cement path is
    not it. A cement path does not percolate and erosion follows. If it is an elevated stairway, with
    only one switchback folks will use that. It would allow the vegetation to attempt to hold the bluff
    face. (When the tomatoes were growing in the bluff face the bluff was somewhat secure because
    of tomatoes deeeep root system. Only after they were removed because they were not native did
    the erosion start to escalate.) I want permanent bathroom facilities and an outdoor shower at the top since they could then be plumbed into the sewer system. Long winded as usual and not complete, oh well or “oh henry.”

  40. I like the natural erosion.

    Staff is full of sh&t. The grant dollars are not contingent upon a seawall. Just some lame head put something about protection in the application. The grant is for improving coastal access. Use the money for improving access. No need for a wall. Walls are not natural and make the project too expensive to build. Bluff erosions is natural and adds sand to the beach.

    Beacons is the beach below, not the pavement. It will never by lost. If we build nice access improvements, we can have them for 20 to 40 years without a wall. Great. If we loose some of the parking, Oh well. I am not going to cry over pavement at the beach. We already paved over much of paradise.

    If the City builds a wall in front of their beach, they are taking the position that armoring all bluffs in Enicinitas is OK. It is not.

    An unprotected beach bluff is by far nicer for the environment and the whole beach community that an armored coastline. Walls are never acceptable. And I am embarrassed that our staff and anyone else that doesn't live on the bluff supports a wall. If you want to see the difference…. Go walk along sunset cliffs or The Trails up by san onofre nuke plant…. Then go walk along the crappy walls built along Encinitas and Solana Beach coastline. You will see the difference and nothing more needs to be said. You are either for nature or against it.

    Lynn- seawalls are that black and white. You don’t see the east coast screwing up their coastline….. they don’t allow them period. If you build by the ocean and mother earth takes out your building, your are allowed to bebuild your building by not allowed to alter the natural coastline. That’s what the west coast should be doing….. the California Coastal Commission is failing miserably. Bought and paid for by the developers as usual.

    Usually Fred I like your ideas. But I think armoring the coastline is as bad as it gets. Are you going to support oil rigs as well?

  41. PS- I have seen plenty of stinky Sh&t with paper on it from gross retarded people at Beacons. The one thing I haven't seen at Beacons is Lynn. Hmmm?

  42. Jerome is back, last anonymous.

    If you've been there, post your name, coward.

  43. Sorry, you can post anonymously, of course, if you want to.

    I reacted too quickly to your post. I walk the beaches, and more recently, I ride my bike up and down Neptune.

    You make some good points. It makes me edgy when people call out my name, but don't give theirs. But that is the nature of a political blog, which this is.

    I appreciate your opinion, and your candor. And also, I appreciate people showing one another a bit of compassion and respect. No one can make anyone be kind except himself, or herself.

  44. there you go Lynn. Much better.

    PS- You get set off pretty easy. I am not sure if blogging on this site is good for your health. It can take its toll.

    At least your getting out and enjoying Leucadia. Enjoy the Beach and bike riding!

  45. Naw, beach lover. THEM sending my nephew to Iraq or my sister to prison for a crime she did not do is closer to as bad as it gets. Sorry to be selfish.

    But don't worry. There's nothing warm, fuzzy or nostalgic to me about oil rigs.

  46. In Defense of FredJanuary 30, 2008 1:09 AM

    Stocked and Sabined is authored by a really pissed off Encinitan who has appeared before the City Council and been treated with contempt by both Stocks and Sabine, and in her day, Guerin. And, I am not Fred and have never posted under that pseudonym. Nor, am I Lynn, or Dr. Lorri, or any of the other usual suspects. I do post under other another nickname and occasionally as an ANON, as the topic and discussion warrants. I find this blog both entertaining and informative, and by appearing as the SS team try to add a bit of levity while pointing out real issues. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. My goal is to get attention first through a chuckle and hopefully spark thoughts and ideas in others which they will then share on the blog. With all that said, I can truly say I really despise Jerome Stocks and I think Sabine is his right and wrong hand back scratcher. Oh, I feel another SS moment coming on...

  47. To poop or not to poop
    that is the question
    whether tis nobler to suffer
    a spastic colon
    or to endure the arrows
    of public acrimony for
    answering nature's call

    Is this really a debate - what is the big deal about a couple of port-a-potties?

  48. stocked and sabined, I'm ready for another "cliffhanger," episode, whenever you are.

    I didn't mean to suggest that Fred was you; I was just trying to change the subject a bit, there, and give you some acknowledgement, too.

    Thanks, all. I'm glad people care, one way or another.

    Moonlight could use some improvements. This was promised. Beacons could use some porta-potties. Gil has asked for them, and he has been "pooh-poohed."

    From what Gil has written, and from what I saw at the Planning Commission meeting, the bluff could be stabalized. Some residents did ask that the tomato plants be re-established. Crazy to remove plants that are serving a purpose, preventing erosion, because they are non-native.

    I agree, it appears that the City WOULD LIKE a bluff failure so they could call this an emergency situation, and allow a seawall, which the people, overall, do NOT SUPPORT. For good reason.


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