Friday, January 25, 2008

New Leucadia Sidewalks!

This former pedestrian death trap gauntlet zone along La Especial and Leucadia Liquor is one of the biggest improvements to the L101 and is a welcome relief. I can now walk to my brother-in-law's house with the baby stroller. Good timing city of Encinitas, thanks!

I've been meaning to post photos of the new Leucadia sidewalks for some time. There are more to come. When I have time, I will do some before and after post (and I swear that I will soon finish the Leucadia coast photo tour I started a year ago).


  1. encinitas walkerJanuary 25, 2008 9:20 AM

    I love how they seperate the walkway with a landscape stip that the business owners landscaped themselves. That make for one cool and safe Leucadia sidewalk.

  2. Infinity better. Thanks city! Nice pics as usual J.P.

  3. Yo. Thanks city too.

  4. Leucadia first....January 25, 2008 6:32 PM

    Fred- normally I agree with you on most issues but this one you are totally wrong. The city should not be praised but asked why it took so long. As one of the longest living residents in Leucadia, you have had to walk on dirt and unsafe roads for decades. This is unacceptable!!

    The city was shamed into building these sidewalks by a community that is outraged at being ignored and the death of a healthy 14 year old on Santa Fe Dr.

    These sidewalks are long overdue.

    Now to another issue. People in this community listen to you, can you help ge the empty lot south of 934 H 101 cleaned up?? What an eyesore!!

    Leucadia first, last and always!!

  5. It is nice to see the positive coming out of city hall. It is tough to know if this is one of those positives. Sorry.

    Those are "temporary" sidewalks. This money was allocated hastily to wash away the bad redevelopment aftertaste.

  6. 101 with sidewalks AND trees is the destiny for those who stand up for Leucadia.

  7. Thanks Leucadia Town Council and Leucadia 101 for not taking "No" for an answer. But also thank you to the city for finally understanding that the sidewalks were important to the the community, businesses and visitors.

    I too enjoy the sidewalk along Especial Norte and the Pannikin.

  8. Re/ 6:32
    Granted, the sidewalks are long overdue, and there are still several areas on N. 101 lacking. But every little bit helps.

    WAY back, for some reason, the county ended the sidewalks in Old Encinitas at Athena St.; both on 101 and Neptune. It was always up to property owners North of Athena to make their own. (Early stages of ugly step-child syndrome).

    One good thing the county did do in the 30's was install 12 ornate cast iron streetlights in Leucadia on 101. 3 or 4 were at the Leucadia Roadside Park and the rest were spaced out for a few blocks North and South of the park. In the 70's they were still working. But after incorporation the city removed all of them. The only remnant is one base in front of that mysterious business next to American Quik Print. (I'll send J.P. a pic of the exact lamppost style)

    Most of the streetlamps were crumbling, but one of them still looks good in a front yard in Cardiff-by-the-sea. A little TLC goes far. I'd like to see the same style posts return for our StreetScape. It's a heritage thing.

  9. A little education for you out there that are not in the know. For years a few vocal citizens in Leucadia fought sidewalks everywhere even on 101. They didn't want anything to change, even for the better. Some people have problems with any change. If there was opposition to sidewalks the City would of course listen to the few citizens and not build them as it would change the look and feel of Leucadia. Why spend money on something people will fight when there are other things to spend on. After a few of those citizens moved away the obstacles were fewer. Some smart people in Leucadia got together and made sidewalks a priority and really showed the City that the opposition was no more. The City did a great job and so did the contractor. Even though they are considered temporary it was a smart investment. You will soon notice many of the businesses spending money to now make their stores look nicer and even add plants and flowers, etc.. You will see the same on Leucadia Blvd after the roundabout beautification project is finished. Change for the better I would say.

  10. I find it hard to believe that people were fighting having sidewalks along 101 in the commercial district given the traffic conditions -- it's not like 10 years ago we still had the horse and cart. Most people who live in old Encinitas, Leucadia and Cardiff, in the residential areas, do not want sidewalks. If we wanted to live in a cookie cutter suburbian development we would have not moved here. The problem, Jerome, is that you don't listen but simply react and villify opposing views, and then contort the facts to support your agenda. I say, Save Us Residential Frivolities. SURF on dudes.

  11. The Art Gallery sign is great. These types of signs, i.e., artistic, would add much character to Leucadia. Who made it? Do you think other businesses would post similar signs? I believe in a funky Leucadia -- albeit derided by some council members as "Junky." Some uniformity gives character to a commercial district and I think imaginative innovative and artistic business signs would serve that purpose without the razing and rebuilding ala Solana Beach, La Jolla, etc. Is there an arts committe in this town?

  12. To Anon 10:53 p.m. I almost peed in my pants when I read "If there was opposition to sidewalks the City would of course listen to the few citizens and not build them as it would change the look and feel of Leucadia." Have you been living under a rock for the past 10 years? A few nay-sayers and the City has rolled over - give me a break. The only reason no sidewalks in the commercial Leucadia district for decades is because the City treats this area like the ugly stepsister. It didn't take much money to put in sidewalks, have to throw the proverbial bone, but what about the other issues, sewer, train terrorism, environmental greening, traffic, street maintenance, beach access, etc. The only reason sidewalks were installed was to limit liability on the part of the city for potential injuries to pedestrians. Don't fool yourself. Until Leucadia has an elected official on the council, it can kiss its funky ass good bye.

  13. Name some names ANON.
    "For years a few vocal citizens in Leucadia fought sidewalks everywhere even on 101."
    We would like to believe you.

  14. Get out the kayaks. The sidewalks will be underwater by tomorrow. Nice sidewalks but perhaps they should have used the money on solving flooding.

  15. So why don't you all shut the F up and get someone from Leucadia on the Council? It's easy to talk, how about some real activism? At least Cardiff was able to put together a grssroots organization and get Teresa on. It is always easy to bitch and whine and that is what you all sound like. It is NOT all about Leucadia. There are 5 communities in this City. I give J.P. credit for his blog and i know it says Leucadia on it, but it seems as though you are getting a little carried away with yourselves and not giving credit to anyone who lives anywhere else. That sucks. If Fred is such a powerhouse of information, why doesn't he run? Get a grassroots effort out and put him in office. Then let's see ow much he can accomplish with the likes of Jerome and Dan.

  16. If I had more time I would run a full comprehensive website about all the issues and happenings in Encinitas and not just this funky little blog.

  17. That's Jerome again posting on Jan.25 at 10:53 pm. The city council has never listened to a small group of activists, unless they're sports activists with an agenda for a regional sport complex costing $60 million. That Jerome likes. Proper drainage in Leucadia? A safe railway crossing at Leucadia Blvd.? These Jerome doesn't like.

    Jerome is in a disagreeable mood because he is nervous about his reelection chances. And now the Sprinter is delayed again until March. Thanks a lot, Jerome, for another major screw up. Let's make his removal from office our goal in 2008.

    Jerome, please name the "few vocal citizens" who stopped the sidewalks along Highwasy 101. It is you who is "not in the know." You wear your arrogance like a badge of honor and insult people. Enough is enough.

  18. Every Encinitas council and staff person should know that the unwritten policy in our community is that want to keep a "rural", "unique" and safe feeling. Regarding sidewalks we should follow the following guiding principles for design.

    Sidewalks are generally not welcome or wanted on low traffic level residential streets with 25 mile per hour speed limits. There is nothing worse than the generic curb, gutter and attached sidewalk that lines so many cheaply built Carlsbad subdivisions. Avoid Generica at all costs.

    Sidewalks are needed and welcome along major transportation corridors like HW101, Leucadia Blvd, Vulcan, and La Costa Avenue and paths to schools. When you build these sidewalks/pathways along the corridor, build them like you did the sidewalk on the south side of Leucadia just east of Vulcan – Not like in Front of the Pannikan. A few minor points make all the difference in the world. The design points should include:

    1. Separate the sidewalk from the travel lane and place a landscape strip in between. Its much safer and much better looking.

    2. Make the sidewalks on the major pedestrian corridors 6 foot wide minimum. Six feet is needed for 2 people to pass each other without bumming eachother or walking side by side.

    3. Save mature trees and go around them like the City did on Leucadia Blvd and Vulcan. It makes it much better looking and unique. Plus Leucadia loves its trees.

    4. Construct some art or uniqueness into the walkway. They should not all look alike.... There are many things that can be done with texture, color and mixtures to concrete.

    5. Use radiuses and avoid angle points. The radiuses provide a much softer feel to the cold looking concrete verses sharp angle points.

    The City did an excellent job constructing the new sidewalks on Leucadia Blvd., and in front of Shatto, Mozy's and La Norte Especial. The result in front of the pannikan is an example of what to avoid. The walkway had room to be build back from the curb, but they put in the generica unsafe curb,gutter, sidewalk that we leucadians hate. A missed opportunity. Oh well, hopefully everyone will learn from this mistake and plan better future walkways.

    A good exercise for all city council members, planners and everyone involved with implementing walkways would be to walk along the newly constructed constructed walkways on the southside of Leucadia Blvd just east of Vulcan Avenue, than go walk on the one in front of the Pannikan. Your soul can feel the difference
    A nice wide separated walkway is desperately needed on strip of Leucadia Blvd. between HW101 and Beacons beach. That strip is a very heavily used vehicles, bikes and pedestrians to access to our most popular beach (Beacons). Currently it is very unsafe with speeding vehicles racing to go check the surf mixed with Mothers pushing strollers and kids walking to the beach. Many families want to walk to the beach. But its too dangerous with the current conditions. Walking to the beach is not worth injury or death. If a safe walkway was constructed, many more people would walk to the beach and get out of their car. Of course the more walking the better for the community, business, environment, and people's health.

    Maybe the Leucadia Town Council could submit a written policy including the above items for Staff to use as a guiding tool when conditioning future developments and planning future city built walkways in Leucadia.

    I say a build thank you the City fo r building the temporary sidewalks and huge aloha spirited thank you for building the permanent streetscape along HW101 as soon a possible.

    Let all get out and walk Leucadia!

  19. Leucadia first...January 26, 2008 1:55 PM

    Walk Leucadia- You must be some sort of civil engineer or traffic consultant to speak as you do. You should acknowledge your title.

    Today's LTC is much different from the "OLD" LTC of 7-8 years ago. They were evil!! They opposed any changes to Leucadia, even good changes such as drainage and sidewalks and flowers to the center median. I know this to be true for I was once a member of LTC. They were lead by an angry woman. If you ever had the displeasure of sitting next to this women at a council meeting you could not help but listen to her comments under her breath as she sliced and diced the council members and citizen speakers. I left the LTC because of her bitterness to the community and have never returned!! She is gone now and the new LTC is much more moderate and agreeable and understands the value of a nice looking Leucadia not a junky dump of a community with dirt and filth!!

    I think the city should be guiding the citizens groups not the reverse. I don't think that the city should be beholding to any group of citizens regarding what is correct or wrong for a community. Citizen groups can help lead the city by presenting the obvious but they should have no power over final decisions and no power requiring private individuals to come to them hat in hand requesting help or guidance, believing that an endorsement from XYZ group will help them in the planning department. Such is the case with the Royal Motel plans in which it is implied if the plans are approved by members of the community their plans will skip through the planning dept!!

    Various Leucadia Icons seem to hold unusual power over city govt. they are not good for Leucadia nor the city.

  20. We all owe a big thank to Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association and particularly president, Patricia Bell for making the sidewalks a reality. And, of course, the city.
    Thanks L-101 and Patricia.

  21. Leucadia First-

    What or Who is a Leucadian Icon?

    And I have no idea what you are talking about the "city should be guiding the Citizens groups". Who are you defining as the City.
    City Staff? Are you crazy? the City is our City- Council and staff should listen and follow directions for the citizens, not vis versa. You seems backwards to me

  22. AJ was one of many over the years. Don't worry there will be more like her to come, always is. May I suggest that when the next AJ type comes along, don't allow her/him to force their ideas down everyone's throats saying that they represent Leucadia and this is what we want. Very scary what power does to people.

  23. AJ had no decision making power. Use your brain. The council made the decisions.

    Can anyone confirm that AJ didn't want sidewalks on 101? All I hear is that she didn't want them in the back areas and that the City used that as an excuse to neglect the 101. They twisted her stance, which represents Leucadia well. That is what I heard. It wouldn't be the first time Jerome and his cronies twisted the situation.

  24. Re/ Leucadia First

    AJ helped pull weeds and plant poppies in the medians in Leucadia.

    AJ wanted sidewalks for 101 but none for her neighborhood.

    AJ was against developments that abused the Specific Plan with bulk, mass, no articulation and inadequate parking requirements. - be they residential or commercial. Only certain developers call that evil.

    AJ diligently helped us get the Mobile station we got. (Hooray!)

    AJ is a woman not afraid to speak her mind (and though I may not always agree) I like that about her.

    I think AJ would just as soon forbid all alcohol sales nation wide, but the board majority of LTC usually grinned about that issue.

    Years ago LTC had one man join the board who attended one or two meetings. The next thing we knew he actually publicly misspoke for our group regarding the library placement. You're probably not him, but I know no one can please all the people all the time.

    The merchants here on 101 have always wanted sidewalks. There were three seperate business surveys conducted (1 from the city and 2 from business groups) and a safe lagoon to lagoon sidewalk has always proved to be a priority. True, a few businesses in out-of-code areas that have encroach in the right of way were concerned about losing parking or seating, but I think most if not all of them are very happy with what they got.

    I too would like anyone not satisfied to identify themself and give a reason. I know several residential areas never wanted sidewalks and some people (for whatever reason) have blurred those facts with the business corridor's desires.

    Citizen Participation Program meetings are essential for developments, and we're glad the city has adopted them. They can prevent years of delays for developments by not having to go back to the drawing board so many times. It's a smart thing to seek out a communitie's opinion / approval for new ideas before they go to the planning commission. Endosements can help.

    The Royal Hotel plans are excellent according to neighbors and LTC board members who reviewed them. They do not insult the authors of the Specific Plan and have lots of parking and architectural variety. LTC has endorsed their plans to the city, but our opinion and 25 cents won't buy a cup of coffee this time when it comes to getting their plans approved.
    For example: currently, the Royal Motel property has FOUR driveways onto 101. Their new plans cut it down to TWO driveways with an island of commercial buildings in the center. But the Planning Commission wants them to redesign it down to ONE driveway with no island in the middle of their huge property. We think that condition congests the project and is cruel and unusual. Now their plans are set back till who knows when.

  25. Leucadia first....January 26, 2008 5:37 PM

    Let me give you an example: After the sidewalks were installed on 101 various businesses lost parking that had been used for years.(They never really had this parking to begin with, the city never enforced the red zones). So various Leucadia Icons whined to the city about the lost parking(which they never had to begin with...), and the city blinked!!! They let the red zones be removed and when there is an accident and someone is killed a sharp attorney is gonna have a field day suing for big $$$. So for now the Icons win. It's not good for Leucadia and not good for the city!!!

    L101 did have a big influence on the sidewalks, for the most part they are a good levelheaded organization(from what I can tell as an impartial observer, I will never again join a Leucadia group.) And so far their leadership seems without anger.

    Remember it's Leucadia first, last and always!!!

  26. Yes, long overdue, and although only temporary, I'm glad we finally got some sidewalks.

    No angular sidewalk was needed in front of the Pannikin, because one can walk, push a stroller over the grass? Perhaps none would have been better than an inappropriate "temporary" solution that will probably be in place at least ten years.

    Someone is posting who keeps blaming various "messengers" for the message that we all want and need a change. Sidewalks are a good start.

    City officers, Council, should be listening to the public, to the messengers.

    Do not continue to marginalize the messengers. Change is sometimes slow, but it is constant.

    Pay attention, be aware. We won't let clever spammers and anonymous hackers, continue to pull the wool over the smiling surfers' eyes, sometimes knocking off, wiping out the spray, or tears.

  27. Leucadia first....January 26, 2008 9:22 PM

    Fred- I'm glad your experiences with the ex leader of LTC are more positive than mine. I found her to be bitter and vindictive and angry. I thought her election to president of LTC was a railroading of the first order. And I was there to see first hand the deception and witnessed the anger.
    If you miss her, well I'm sorry for you. Me?? Not for a minute!!

    Leucadia first, last and always.

  28. AJ may have meant well for Leucadia, but her approach at times seemed to do more harm than good.

    I can say she was a loud advocate for the old growth in Leucadia and when she moved- Guess what? We lost 50% of our canopy in two years. Coincidence? I don't think so. If she was here she would have strapped herself to one of those giants that were being cut per the recommendations of the tree surgeons (arborists). L101 and Council just sat back and watch them fall.

    In her absence the trees are doomed.

    As always, the City puts Leucadia's needs and desires last

  29. To Leucadia First:

    Did you want to be LTC president? Did anyone you know wish to be nominated? I for one heard nothing about that either at that meeting, before or after. Even getting the public to come to meetings can be like pulling teeth. Finding someone willing to take on the voluntary, time consuming and daunting tasks of president is even more difficult. AJ's election to preside may have been unanimous, but hardly a railroading.

    P.S. I'll see what I can do about the lot south of 934. And I promise ours will look better when the hullabaloo is finised next door. They've pulled out our large bordering plants twice now.
    P.S. P.S. and has anyone noticed, every frickin tree and shrub at the 7-11 is gone now too?

  30. The "temporary" sidewalks on 101 are a small step toward a walkable Leucadia. Now if only the residents of Vulcan would be respected in the same way.

  31. Leucadia first....January 27, 2008 8:27 AM

    I'm sure something will be done now that you are on the job regarding the empty lot south of 934. I'd be worried if I were them.

    Bob, I have never seen you call for sidewalks, streetlights nor flowers in the center median of 101. Your advocacy of sidewalks for Vulcan is surprising, but appreciated. Perhaps you can call for the city to pave the unpaved streets of Leucadia. Of which there are many. Never too late to see the light!!

  32. Fred, the Planning Commission has not as yet heard the Royal Palms Hotel project. The changes you allude to may be the result of Planning Staff comments relative to the CPP meeting.

    Also, when thinking about future commercial projects in Leucadia, or Encinitas in general,as a measure of appropriateness, consider how we might feel about them in 50 or 75 years. Would we gladly tear them down for new replacements, or cherish them for their quality and character. Every community should strive to create worthy structures that enhance the community and enoble us as humans. If it doesn't give that gift to the community, then it's not worth the effort. We all own this community and should insist on high standards. Would you even consider razing the La Paloma as an example?

  33. 11:49 - Good points, and I stand corrected. Whoever the city planners were, they didn't like the two driveways.

    and as for Leucadia First, No, you wouldn't be worried if you were 934, but you would be if I were AJ.

  34. I have long called for a walkable leucadia. In fact as a 6 year member on the Parks and Recreation committee, two years as it's Chairman, I advocated for North-West Leucadia to be added to the Encinitas Rail Trail Master plan. I Am still calling for that.
    As for the center median, as well as all planting along the Coast Highway, I am long on record in support native landcaping for the entire 101 corridor.

    When you mention unpaved streets in Leucadia which do you mean? I am aware of the street behind Capri Elementary, the alley Behind Katrina"s and the barren lot beside it. There is also a small street, if you want to call it that, connecting Hillcrest and Ashbury. What else am I missing.

  35. Oh, and sorry about the typos.

  36. Talking to staff this morning I realize I misspoke it is the Sidewalk/Trails Master Plan being discussed in Encinitas.

    The rail trail is a regional thing, contingent on NCTD and SANDAG planning priorities and politics.

  37. No more native weedsJanuary 28, 2008 2:16 PM

    Calling for a walkable Leucadia means nothing!! Anyone can call for a walkable Leucadia!! What I have never seen you call for is SIDEWALKS in Leucadia on H101!!
    You are a master at double speak.

    Leucadia H101 is walkable as it is, but not very safe north of Caldwell Antiques. It's much safer now with sidewalks and yes those are quite walkable!!! We need more sidewalks on 101 not less!! And not the status quo of junky rundown center medians devoid of all flowers. Weeds are not acceptable, regardless if they are native species or not!!!

  38. We live in a semi-arid area. We don't get much rain. We need drought resistant plants.

    Stop attacking Bob and AJ and try addressing the issue. Sidewalks are nice, but LONG overdue.

    The City got them installed, finally, because they were shamed into it.

    Bob had done much to serve our City. "Folks" (Maggie Houlihan's and Dan Dalager's favorite word) don't get paid to be on the various commissions, or to serve on Leucadia Town Council. Stop attacking, marginalizing the messengers, powers that be; stop changing the subject.

    AJ did a lot for our community. Stop trying to hijack and spam the threads. We are grateful for the sidewalks. The one in front of the Pannikin is a disappointment, I agree.

  39. ANON- The sidewalk one in front of the Pannikin has made it safe to walk there, and La Especial Norte and the Sub Palace also. Any sidewalk is better than no sidewalk, that's what you had and peoples lives were endangered everyday!!! Now it is safer and yet somehow people in Leucadia find this discomforting!!!

    And if there is room for parking at Beacons then there is room for some friggin bathrooms!! Hell Larry Craig or George Micheals might show up and we can be on CNN!!!

  40. It seems the majority of people think sidewalks make it safer to walk along a busy street -- so why the hell don't we have a sidewalk under Highway 5 at Santa Fe where there has already been one pedestrian fatality? Did the City install sidewalks on 101 just to make the area look prettier? Leucadia isn't the only area in Encinitas getting the shaft.

  41. Don't forget Encinitas Blvd under the freeway, it has more people walking and more traffic with no sidewalk area at all. People use the bike lane to walk in. Birmingham over the I-5 bridge also needs sidewalks to get Cardiff pedestrians to the beach, schools, and downtown. This will require a wider bridge. Manchester under the I-5 bridge has absolutely no place for me to walk. Leucadia bridge is good. If you are making a priority list do Encinitas Blvd first please.

  42. Boycott walking until there are sidewalks!!! Protest at city hall tonight to boycott walking. Everyone show up in cars!!!

  43. I only met AJ a few times, but I understand why she was so angry. If an idea or concept isn't popular, the city says "Why don't you 'get involved'?" Then when people DO get invloved, they are treated with pathological indifference. All I know is, AJ inspired me to join LCT and they're A-OK.

  44. Mary, your're okay, too.

    You're great. Please think about running for Council.

  45. Thanks for the comment, Lynn, role is that of an guerilla provocature and art farmer for the LTC. I'd rather eat TWO bugs than run for council. Fred, you take the caterpillers and I'll stick with the beetles.

  46. Mmmmmm, warm and fuzzy!


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