Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Over 300 Have Voted

Visitors to this blog have probably noticed that on the righthand sidebar there are several polls you can vote on. One poll asks, Should Encinitas Ban Smoking from Beaches and Streets?

So far 208 people voted have YES (69%) and 93 people voted NO (30%)

Total votes so far: 301 (You can still vote. You can only vote once).

I bring this up because last year the city of Encinitas paid a firm $10,000 to poll 300 residents. Some people suggested that the smoking ban question be included in the poll but mayor Jerome Stocks rejected this idea saying it would cost too much.

I had the idea that the city of Encinitas should post the survey on the official city website so people could vote online.

Phone survey: $10,000
Blogger poll: FREE

The Encinitas Taxpayer's Association website has several in depth blog post about the $10,000 survey,

Survey Says Residents Satisfied: Taxpayer Not Satisfied with Survey

We Can’t Have the Data

and from this blog,

Comments from the community

Killing 2 birds with 3 stones

Burning Questions about the Beach Smoking Ban

The Surveys Usefulness is Dubious

$10,000 Warm & Fuzzy waste of funds.

local media,

NCT.com, Encinitas survey criticized; results show most respondents satisfied with services

Coast News story


  1. the blog result can be stacked easily using any mobile web access phone or computor. The URLs are different each time and therefore one person can stack the votes. I know I have voted several times on the smoking issue.

  2. Why the hell would you vote more than once???

  3. Because you can?

  4. Illigales Aliens I amJanuary 29, 2008 9:51 PM

    I boted 300 times!! And you don' hab to be a citizen!!
    What a countries!! I lobes dis America!!!

  5. 300... that right it is the top 300 encinitians that will conquer the engrained slobs who support Government waste.

  6. I voted more than once only because after about 3 weeks from my first vote the tallies didn't appear when I logged on, so I voted again to see what the talies were at that point. But I only voted from my computer, don't know if that makes a difference. If there was an admonition to vote only once, then I would have not voted again. So, short story long, did I do something naughty?

  7. Get real people. This a good way to gauge concerns from people that read this blog. It doesn't represent all of encinitas because all of encinitas doesn't read this blog. JP good point that the city could vote on their web site and save 10,000 dollars. It would be as good of a gauge as their phony surveys.

  8. 300 trees have fallen in Leucadia in the last year. Its time for the City to plant 300 trees to replace them.

  9. The blog survey has problems just like the survey that Jerome did with Rich Shea. Don't forget that Jerome did a terrible survey after he said he would never poll people on an issue like a smoking ban, but that is exactly what he did! His survey methodology sucked and he used it to develop policy decisions. He might as well have used JP's biased and corruptible blog poll.

  10. JP-

    Please do a story or at least open up a blog topic on why Paul Ecke School rates below 300 and is santioned.


  11. to not 300,

    Why don't you write something up and send it to JP and he will post it?

  12. The $10k phone survey was flawed just like the blog poll is flawed that is why there is always a percentage margin of error. The city council and staff should walk the town on weekends with clipboards and talk to people one on one and survey the town themselves.

  13. Good idea Grandview Loc. The council should hold town hall meetings too.

    The margin of error that is generally reported DOES NOT include sampling bias error. I don't know if that was the case in this survey but it would be unusual.

  14. Recommendations
    My recommendations are simple:

    1. Avoid vaguely motivated climate surveys.
    2. City contracting policy should include oversight and competition.
    3. Do not rehire Moore Information.

    Closing Notes
    I will finish with another curious statement made by Councilmember Dalager. He admonished the pollsters for annoying people at their homes with unsolicited phone calls. Dalager was sharp with the pollster and made it clear that he would not have appreciated getting one of the survey phone calls. Dalager seemed to have forgotten that he had just voted to commission the survey and pay the pollster to call his own constituents at home.

    Most people understand that surveys can be useful tools to answer certain questions. Encinitas residents should be annoyed that their tax dollars were used to interrupt their evenings with phone calls for a useless survey.

  15. I voted a couple of more times, I like to vote.

  16. A lady at Keno's last night said "You got to the bank and you put a dollar in, you get a receipt for it. But you cast your vote for president and you get nothing".

    She's right. There needs to be valid accountability for voters. A check and balance system. Otherwise, private interests could easily hide the marble. All I get for voting is a patriotic sticker. No telling where my vote went.

    If JP's voting system was more like Paypal, there wouldn't be smoke jonesin' feinds repeatedly clickin NO on his survey.

    There ya go JP. Charge a buck per vote with Paypal. That would weed out the shillers.


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