Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Town Uglification Committee Approves Pile Of Orange Bags

ENCINITAS, CA—As part of ongoing efforts to maintain the town's unplesasant appearance, members of the Encinitas Uglification Committee in conjunction with the NCTD unanimously approved a measure Tuesday to preserve the ugly orange sandbags and weeds in the middle of the Hwy101 intersection. "We're doing to do all we can to make sure these new piles of trash are in full view of anyone who comes to visit our little town, as well as those who call Encinitas home," said chairwoman Karen Spalding, who oversees all of the town's upkeep, including planting weeds in parks, spray-painting profanities on the walls of the public library, smearing dog feces at prominent intersections and chopping down all the old growth trees that line the historic coast highway. "It's important that our work properly reflects a white trash persona in hopes to someday attract a Wal*Mart. I think tearing down the La Paloma theater might help as well." Spalding added that she was confident this latest initiative would attract businesses interested in dumping their waste products directly into Cotton Wood Creek.


  1. The below is from Congressman Brian Bilbray's website - 2008 funding requests. Any thoughts? (He also requests $1M for Leucadia Flood Control Project Design)

    6: Leucadia Boulevard/Railroad Safety Improvements--$6.6 million

    The existing Leucadia Boulevard/railroad at-grade crossing contains a severe crest over the rail line that creates vehicle carriage clearance issues passing over the rail tracks. The project objective is implementation of a grade-separated solution for the rail/roadway crossing with the preferred solution depression of the rail line in a trench. The next required phase for the grade-separated solution is conducting preliminary engineering design and environment documentation and potential right of way, followed by construction.

  2. That's nice that he's doing that. $6.6 million? Thanks Bilbray!

  3. JP - that is one of the funniest posts ever. You are the master of irony.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sure enough...

    It saids grade seperated!

    That would be super sweet!

    Lets see if it comes through. Man would he be da man if he could fix that problem.

    Thanks Brian.

  6. You can thank Jerome for this funding request. He was the one that pushed for it. I wonder if he has second thoughts now after all the bashing?

  7. how do we know if we get it appropriated?

  8. Stocks pushed for this -- doubt it. He stated in a City Council meeting last month that we would never see any funding for the crossing because other areas in the State had much more need. So, don't be surprised if nothing comes of it. Is Bilbray up for re-election or something?

  9. The Bilbray press release is old news from June 2007.

  10. Sounds like Christy Guerin, and her daughter posting. Of course she is Bilbray's district manager, formerly out of Escondido, but now, Solana Beach.

    However it happens, if it does, will be Deeelightful.

    It could be spin for Jerome Stocks, put out by the Guerin camp.

  11. definatly spin......we aint getting shit from the feds or Encinitas.


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