Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tues, Jan 22: Deadline to register Republican to vote for Ron Paul

January 19, 2008

You must register as Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Feb. 5 California primary. Independents and declined-to-states will not be given a Republican ballot. You only have a couple more days left to register.

If you or someone you know who is a Ron Paul supporter and is not registered as Republican, it is imperative that you change your party registration immediately if not sooner. The deadline for party changes is postmarked by Tuesday, Jan. 22.

I don't recommend registering to vote online. After you fill in your data, the registrar's office will mail you a hard copy for your signature which must be mailed back. This could result in a missed deadline!

Instead, go to your nearest post office and complete a readily available Voter Registration Form and mail it right there - postage paid. That alone is a 41 cent savings!

To double-check that you are registered Republican. Call your local registrar's office. See the list on our website of their numbers:

Then, get all your family and friends that are Ron Paul supporters to register as Republican. Bring them voter registration forms to fill out and mail it for them!

In liberty,

Holly Clearman
California State Coordinator
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee


  1. Interesting videos.

    Those who are interested in the issues of tree canopy, environmental sustainability, quality of life, could sign up for the new Environmental Commission being formed.

    I'm sure we could apply with the City Clerk, through the nice receptionist, Cynthia.

    All politics is local.

  2. He does not have a chance. He would be better than a preachers who doesn't believe in science.

    Any one Is better than bush, who will be known as the worst president ever. even Filmore. The damage he has caused will last decades.
    We need real change.

  3. Vote us back to a democracy.

  4. J.P. I thought you were not political activist. This post wold not seem to be the case. Jerome's a Republican, so is Danny and Jim. Ron Paul may be a great guy, however, he is a liberatarian. The party name sounds good. However, if you are not rich you will get screwed. Liberatarians belive that less government is better. So far so good. Translated, that means no social security, no national medical plan of any kind, no infrastucture except what states might want to do, possible retrictions on civil rights, such as helping out poor income neighborhoods with schoools, no low cost public educaiton. I could go on. No problem for me. I have enough money and don't need these things. However, a lot of people don't. At least Vote Green if you don't want a republican or democrat in office.

  5. Actually Ron Paul IS a Republican. That is why you have to change your party affiliation to vote for him. Personally, after what I have seen of Bush, and the 3 men on our Council, all Republicans, I think I will stick with the Democrats. They may not be great, but anything is better than another 8 years of what we have had. No matter what you think of Clinton, he left the office with a surplus in the budget. Now, we are going into a recession. Who is in power? A Republican. And I was always lead to belive that the Democrats were the ones to spend all of our money. Even in California, our governator is a Republican. And he ran on a platform of reform and getting the budget down. We sure have not seen that, as evidenced by his State of the State speech. Thanks, but no thanks. Ron Paul may have some good ideas, however he is only a pawn in the game. He hasn't got a chance in hell of winning. In fact, I would bet he won't even get on the Novemebr ballot. He doesn't even have the backing of his own party. And, anyone who has an inkling of partisian politics,knows that without that backing, you ain't got a chance.

  6. Help Dr. Lori. J.P's gone to the "dark side".

  7. No he hasn't.

    Thanks for having the courage to state your clear opinion, JP.

  8. Just hoping your readers have high-speed internet or they won't be able to appreciate your candidate's video clips. No wonder he's garnered the most amount of money in a 24 hr. period for his campaign than any candidate ever. So far I'm really impressed. Twice I voted my conscience (Libertarian) instead of the "lesser of two evils", but afterward had that "wasted vote" feeling. Judging from Ron Paul's demeanor, philosophies, ethics and debate scores however, it would take a lot to have me not vote for him at this point in time.

  9. Vote Green, Vote Democrat, Vote Libertarian in Republican clothing, just vote.

  10. A. Ron Paul is the ONLY Dem/Repub candidate with a clear set of principles that will bring the troops home fast. That is actually a problem for me, but it should be reason for most democrats to switch parties for this election. This is why the corpo-military-media -complex is against Ron Paul.

    B. "They may not be great, but anything is better than another 8 years of what we have had." Ron Paul is better than Bush.

    C. "No matter what you think of Clinton, he left the office with a surplus in the budget. Now, we are going into a recession. Who is in power? A Republican."

    Sounds like you should vote for Ron Paul. Actually, both the Clinton and Bush era were rosy because of the unsustainable economic bubbles. The tech bubble, the housing bubble and the dollar bubble. The last two are coming home to roost now. We have been living on borrowed time.

    The dems have had congressional power and the power to speak out about the economy but they haven't. Hillary Clinton has been a cheerleader for the disastrously economic policy.

    Only Ron Paul has spoken out and told America the truth. Because we buy so much imported goods, including oil, every time the dollar's value drops your paycheck gets smaller, because of inflation. Under Clinton and Bush the economy was set up for the dollar to eventually crash.

    Check out what Ron Paul says about the Federal Reserve system. It is important because it may define the future of the USA What does Hillary say? Nothing! It is the biggest issue of our lifetime. Everything else depends on the economy not collapsing.

    D. "And I was always lead to belive that the Democrats were the ones to spend all of our money. Even in California, our governator is a Republican. And he ran on a platform of reform and getting the budget down. We sure have not seen that, as evidenced by his State of the State speech"

    You are on target. The Republicans in Sacramento and Washington have gone on a spending spree.

    This is another reason Ron Paul is attacked by the REPUBLICANS.

    Ron Paul has seen the same irony that you have identified.

    He is THE ONLY DEM or REPUB candidate for responsible spending. That is why a lot of influential people are scared of him.

    E. "He hasn't got a chance in hell of winning."
    Only if you give up. Switch parities for this one election and vote for someone who has stood up for America on the issues that matter the most.

  11. They are all a bunch of crooks. Why else would you spend millions to get a job that pays 100K?

  12. Ron Paul wants to shut down our military bases around the world that cost us trillions. The South Koreans are perfectly capable of defending their border from the north. Why do we still have bases in Japan? The savings from closing these bases would be a big boost to the domestic economy.

  13. *sob*

    Apologists for racism. One good idea - anti-military, anti-war - though good, isn't enough.

  14. JP...Walk down to #28...we gotta talk. UR breaking my heart here!

  15. The surf statue never looked so good.

  16. Ron Paul is too extreme for some people, but remember we have a system of checks and balances. We are not electing a King here, just a president.

    Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. I've had it with these two weird families controlling my life.

  17. Ron Paul is a racist?

    More than Hillary Clinton? The Clintons feed the festering base of racism by continuing to validate the racialization of America. Race matters or it doesn't. the clintons must decide. You can't say race matters when convenient and not when it isn't.

    If the color of your skin gives someone their self=identity then why can't others judge people based on their skin color?

    It doesn't make sense. End racism by rooting it out and not allowing it to be socially acceptable to divide people by their skin color. The Clintons endorse that sort of cultural value. I judge that socially divisive.

    And who are we to say racism is bad? Racism is part of southern culture and is part of the diversity of cultures in America. Doesn't diversity make us stronger? Who are we to judge other's cultural values? Shouldn't we be tolerant of others?

  18. Ron Paul is extreme because he ACTUALLY wants CHANGE? Ron Paul has stood up to Bush more than Clinton and Clinton is in the other party!

  19. ???
    "And who are we to say racism is bad?"
    Who is the cracker who shared this opinion?

  20. Racism is evidence of a weak mind and low self esteem.

  21. Fox news, CNN and MSNBC refuses to utter Ron Paul's name but Ron Paul has been beating the over hyped Giuliani and Thompson every single time. If the mainstream press would give Ron Paul half the coverage they give that un-electable fascist Giuliani that big phony Mitt Romney might not where he is now.

  22. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can help America by paying down the debt quickly. Without his we are toast. I already voted for him by my absentee ballot.


  24. Bob,
    Who says racism is for weak minds? Racism is a CULTURAL phenomenon. There are plenty of racist peps with big egos.

    Divide people by race and they will be divided by race. Validate the meaningfulness of racial self identification and don't be surprised that people judge others based on skin color. Liberals who validate racial division promote this.

    Poverty and lack of sophisticated thought harm MLK's dream. People are being killed in Southern California because of the color of their skin. Did you know that? Liberals won't talk about that because in their play book dark skinned people can't be "racist".

  25. Very Nice already sent in my absentee vote With RON PAUL selected. Best post yet!

  26. Great Job JP. There is nothing written thats better than the American constition. Long live Liberty. Vote for Ron Paul

  27. If anyone can watch that first video and can still vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, they are either stupid or do not care about the future of America. All they want is to sell out our future, so the big government can take "care" or them.

    Vote Ron Paul or your voting against your country.


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