Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Full Agenda for the Encinitas city council meeting this Wednesday. Feb 13th 6 pm

If you like to keep track of current events in Encinitas this week's city council meeting will have something for you:

Mid-year review of Fiscal Year 2007-08 Operating Budgets and Update on the City's Financial Condition (Sales Tax revenue is down, development fees are down, property taxes are stable....for now.)

Capital Improvement Program status report and recommended mid-year program funding adjustments. For my friends in Cardiff, this also includes a request for $100,000 to provide matching funds to FINALLY fix the seeping alley behind VG donuts.

Applicants for various commission appointments will speak to the council, including the applicants for the newly formed Environmental Advisory Commission. There are 17 applying but only 7 seats. It also includes the Planning Commission seats for New Encinitas, Leucadia and Olivenhain. All the incumbents have re-applied but there are also new applicants for the Leucadia and Olivenhain seats.

*Leucadia overwhelming supports keeping Gene Chapo and a big NO to the return of Alice Jacobson.

Alice Jacobson seeks return to Encinitas Planning Commission

If you support Gene Chapo send a polite but firm e-mail to the city council requesting his reappointment: council@ci.encinitas.ca.us

Informational Kick-Off presentation for the North Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape Project....at long last!

Plans advance for Leucadia highway improvements

Discussion on proposed amendments to the Regional Transportation Improvement Program and expenditures of TRANSNET funds for a number of roadway projects.

First review of the No Smoking ordinance.

Here it the agenda for the meeting online.


***Attention married guys, a reminder that Thursday is Valentine's Day. (Valentine's Day is a fake holiday invented by the greeting card companies but try telling that to your wife. Visit the new Paper Rose location on Vulcan Ave in Leucadia if you know what is good for you.


  1. Alice Jacobson is an extremist who worked for one of the biggest developers in North County.

  2. My dog has 2 balls!!

  3. JP, You saved my marriage again! I'm going straight to the Paper Rose.

  4. where is that beautiful mural located?

  5. The new retro style Mobil gas station on the north L101.

  6. Leucadia has a chance to retain its uniqueness. To me, and I am unanimous in this, that means creativity. Old growth trees, old buildings, young trees, young buildings. The vision must incorporate the past and translate the future without being garish. Look at that building on Vulcan next to the Jack in the Box -- a ghastly vision of modern cheap Home Depot materials. It is ugly and cheap looking. Don't pay to tramble the vine for cheap wine.

  7. this just in: Alice Jacobson has removed her name from the list

  8. Mary is this true about Alice? How did you find out? This is GREAT news. Hopefully it is true.

  9. I was sent a copy of am Email sent to city council written by Debroah Cervone, city clerk.

  10. I support Alice Jacobsen for planning commission!! Oh wait too late....shit!!!

  11. Wait just a minute!
    If Gene Chapo has done so much for Leucadia, why do all of you malcontents keep complaining about things. As a Leucadian, I really can't think of one bloody thing he or any of the other Planning Commissioners has done for us. How about JP for PC? Can we do a write in for him???

  12. hopefully Jerome does the same in November. We are tired of the building industry of america taking all of our water and quality of life from existing residents for pure profit.

  13. Gene Chapo is the BEST EVERYTHING for Encinitas, and if you can't see it, move to Oceanside or something. My dad rocks!!!!


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