Wednesday, February 06, 2008

L101 Jr.

I love the little mixed use area on south Vulcan Ave in Leucadia, so cool.


  1. Good thing you have a picture of that to remember because any new development coming in will not use that as a model.

  2. Isn't that on North Vulcan? The point you made is valid and still loud and clear. It almost feels like waiting for death.

  3. You guys have lost it. That is nasty ugly.

    Definitely not "cool"

    Let's tear it all down and start over. 3 Stories - Mixed Use - developers pay sewage and street upgrades -

    I understand "Funky" but you guys are Trashy and Low Class Here!

  4. Trashy? F-U JERK. The Orange hair salon house conversion to business is extremely cool. That is private property bub. You want it, you make an offer to the owner. Otherwise SPLIT.

  5. anon 12:07

    I am sure you are like most implant NIMBY's that I see around town. Living well outside of your means driving your expensive leased cars living pay check to paycheck.

    I have a few choice words... Welcome to my town... The Leuc. Locs arent standing for this shit anymore, you have been warned.

  6. I bet 1/2 the trash here don't even own in Leucadia. Either living w/ Mom or renting.

    Gentrification is deciding L's future. Not your silly threats.

  7. Jack on Sanford nowFebruary 06, 2008 2:01 PM

    "The Leuc. Locs arent standing for this shit anymore, you have been warned."

    TYPICAL Trash Comment here. If you don't agree with someone's opinion, you throw out a threat.

    You will go far in life.

  8. I personally like to see some of the old buildings around town and I don't see them as trashy. I see nicely painted businesses and the sleepy old town I moved to and bought in 33 years ago before all the yups came and started overcrowding.
    The simple answer is move if you don't like after all you don't sound friendly enough to live in paradise.

  9. I LOVE that Salon! The best haircut I've ever gotten!

    I love the bike shop, the best people ever.

    Oh and FUC* off Mr. Anonymous, you know what? You're trash!

  10. And...

    The Barringer Gallery, a worthy art gallery, did a excellent job of remodeling their space and exterior as well as the new location of Paper Rose. Both are very nice inside.

    Support our local businesses

  11. There are many intelligent comments and informative, thought provoking posts by JP, and I enjoy them. Thank you.

    That does not make up for the useless
    venomous negative belching and bitching. Attacking local art, civic leaders, hardworking volunteers, noble efforts, beauty, worthy endeavors and anything positive. I understand that it is probably just being ill informed and unhappiness that drives these negative commenteers. I am confident that these non-contents do nothing for their society. Their biggest achievement was to learn to type.

    It is not worth slopping through the aggressive drivel anymore.
    I will miss the good thoughts and comments.

    This is my last contribution.
    I will never again put my name to a comment on this post.

  12. Anon 6:47- what you are saying is just silly!! Don't leave, all comments are important. Some comment negatively to make a point, others are just stupid comments by morons trying to bait and goad posters into a verbal, written battle of wits. Or half wits if you will.

    Many people here post "feeling" based arguments. After all this is the land of freaks and all their miserable lives they've been told if it feels good it must be OK. Well it's NOT!! Their feelings have little to do with common sense and reason and more to do with their delusional thinking!!!

    Ex: A local Icon says he wants a walkable community, well it's walkable now, just not safe!! He speaks like a politician, but can't get elected dog catcher. His "feelings" based argument makes no sense to the new mother pushing a pram nor the disabled in a wheelchair. They just want a safe way to get from A to B.

    So don't leave, stay and fight the good fight. Your comments may not be agreed upon by all, but all comments are welcome. Even those posted by the idiots and morons that want to keep Leucadia ugly and junky and unsafe, yet walkable.

  13. please leave. Your a dip shit.

  14. Th Beringer art gallery and Orange hair salon are both excellent examples of private enterprise working. The city should support their efforts with a sidewalk.

  15. I like this type of architecture. It looks like it could have been there since the 1880's. Classic simple lines and kept up well. Put that photo in black and white and it would really highlight the integrity of the building -- which is timeless. Today, we get faux French, faux Spanish and faux Mr. Potatohead mish-mash, all built with the ubiquitous Home Depot materials. Frank Lloyd Wright must be spinning in his grave.

  16. The old growth trees surrounding the Orange salon are beautiful. The salon is very nice and the ladies working there are very friendly and professional. I don't understand what the fuss is about.

  17. And Fred's bike shop has always been a good neighbor.

  18. I strongly support any preservation of older significant buildings. These examples do have character, an attribute that much of what we are building today does not have.

    A good measure of the success of what we build today is how we treat these structures 30-40-50 years from now. Are they worthy of preservation, or would anyone care if we tore them down. If we can build with respect and appropriateness we will maintain a unique community with character and distinction. Build carelessly, and no one will care.

    Good architecture in the fabric of our community is ennobleing, it brings out the very best in human achievement.

  19. For Valentines Day shopping shop Leucadia. I'm planning to get my cards and gifts at the Paper Rose.

    See ya there!

  20. Does Paper Rose still have those great tasting chocolates??

  21. PAPER ROSE ROCKS! I have gotten those great chocolates for so many special gifts for folks! Sooo glad they are in Leucadia and out of the Lumberyard. Support our local businesssssss!

  22. Yea Paper Rose is so cool now they're at Leucadia, especially with that garden area! They even have a dessert cafe where you can take the dog!Free tea & coffee & the treats for dogs are amazing!They still have the chocolates but have you tried the California Cupcakes? AWSOME!!

  23. Paper rose is cool. 7/11 is cooler.

    Have you ever seen a business hire such a diverse crowd. Screw skin color. I am talking pure diversity.

    That place is full on Leucadian. Almost good enough for their own blog post.

    My favorite is the dude with the full tat on his head.

    Or the young bra that smoked alittle to much and forgets some things some times.

    How about the grandma that has a hard time walking around.

    Or the young chicky with the attitude.

    then again, there is the other young chicky without the attitude but she is hispanic so its all good. She is another own of my favorites.

    Either way, that place is great. Full on Leucadia.

  24. yea, i agree, Leucadia has some really great characters, like the crowd that hangs out at Mozys. Love that place too, but comparing 711 to Paper Rose is like comparing apples to oranges. 711 might have interesting people working there but Paper Rose has all the really unique stuff to buy & their cards are the best. You can buy really great stuff there from a couple of dollars up to a couple of hundred. It's the best gift store in North County, i say.

    calling all those who love this place, hot foot it over there & start buying! Word is they will have to close down in a couple of months if people don't start buying. I for one would be devastated to see this place go especially now they have this cool new location in Luecadia!


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