Tuesday, February 12, 2008

L101 Streetlamps

From the files of Fred Caldwell

Click for large view


  1. we could get those cheap replicas that Costco sells that are made in China. I think we can do better then China pop outs.

    We better install quality and something uniquely classy. Those look boring. Thats all I have to say.

  2. Those are cool.
    Thanks Fred,JP.

  3. I like the old style lamp posts but wouldn't it be more interesting to paint them with stripes or funky colors and shapes, kinda like Dr. Seuss. We already have the Seuss like trees. Bring more art into Leucadia.

  4. Those are cool. Thanks Fred.

    I think we should return some nastalga to the Coast. Lets make those our Leucadia streetlight

  5. The streetlamps in downtown Encinitas don't provide enough light to see people crossing the street.

  6. who cares about light. Make them look cool.

  7. Fred is it possible to recreate the vintage style of the original Leucadia street lights, complete with posts?

    Those would be very cool.

  8. JP
    It looks great.
    Change can be a good thing.

  9. I don't like the changes to the blog and what is this OPEN ID?? Too much for me this early in the morning, I'm going back to bed.

  10. I like the new look on the blog, but also wonder what is OpenID. An explanation for us denser folks?

  11. There is half a streetlamp at 934 H101, what an ugly building. Can't the facade grant committee do something about this location??

  12. I don't like open ID, it scares me!!!

  13. Open ID is for teenagers who like instant message each other.

    I chose this blog template because it's easier to work with and I think it looks kind of rustic like Leucadia. Let me know what you don't like about it and I will fiddle with it.

  14. Hey Bob,

    I'd like to see those lampposts as an option too, in our upcoming StreetScape. I think they'd great and add authenticity being the same design as before.
    A few years back when Peder Norby was in the midwest, he by chance stumbled across the very place that put the Streetlamps in Encinitas in the 20's, and they still make the same design. I'll be hunting around to see if I can find the maker of this model.

  15. I was sad because the light post in front of the house next to us was cut down, with a cement saw, by the developer, who went bankrupt before he could get the two houses sold. He demolished one, and built on a garden lot, for the other.

    The lady who had owned the original house, with two lots, had let English Ivy cover the lamppost. It looked like a giant mushroom, and folks on the street called it the mushroom tree. The plant was not invasive, because it was separated from any dirt by the sidewalk.

    Originally an "arborist" had scheduled the supposed "dead tree" to be cut down. I called the City and told them it was not a tree, but a cement light fixture, vintage.

    The light post could have been preserved, in my opinion. I drove to City Hall, the day it was removed, in 2004, and was directed to the Public Works Yard, still near the library, where Leroy Bodas informed me he had told the developer, he could remove the light standard.

    Signature Series, now bankrupt, through Richard Larsen, was not required to get a permit for cutting it down, on the public right of way, or for blocking the sidewalk most of the day.

    All the neighbors who remain miss the Mushroom Tree, a local landmark, and the home of many birds that nested there, singing loudly every morning and afternoon. If we had to lose the "tree," which was really a giant topiary, it’s certainly too bad that no one at the City had the vision and foresight to care about preserving the lamppost.

  16. Lynn- Lies, lies and more lies!!! I was there the day the "bird sanctuary" as Russell called it, came down and it wasn't anything but an eyesore. The sidewalk was not blocked most of the day, it was blocked for about 20 minutes!! 20 minutes is not most of the day!!! Lies, lies and more lies!! Also English Ivy is not native species of plant.

    As for the garden lot, it was his property!!! He bought it and paid for it and YOU were trespassing with your stupid garden. Also I won't mention all the trash you threw into this yard daily.

    Lynn you are pathetic and a bore, not too mention a liar!! Everything bad that happens to you is YOUR fault. Stop blaming others for your bad karma!!
    PS- I am posting under anonymous, because you post under your blogger name- ANON

  17. I commented to speak to the unnecessary destruction of a lamppost. It took a long time to cut it down, with a special, LOUD saw, as it was a cement standard. It was NOT removed in twenty minutes.

    During its demolition, I went to the City, to the former public works yard, and then came back. The cement pieces were left there until the next day. It took most of the day, and numerous cuts to remove it, along with the English Ivy, which formed the Mushroom Tree. I never said English Ivy was native; I know it is not. But it was not invasive, as it was surrounded by cement, in this case.

    The lamppost was on the City right of way.

  18. Now, the garden lot was "bought" by Richard A. Larsen through an illegal "pocket deal" with the original owner's brother (who lived in Fresno). The brother got $50,000 down payment for a race horse, from the deal. The crooked realtor, Harold O. Bream, who did NOT go through his broker, as was his duty, got $18,000.00. The property was never listed and Amelia Biscoe did NOT want to sell it. The house "changed hands, from Amelia, (who was in the hospital, on pain medication, and who had given her power of attorney to her brother) to Richard Larsen/Signature Series.

    Signature Series took "investment" money from many members of our community, and hid the money, also not paying laborers and suppliers, in the end. Signature Series is now and has been in Federal Bankruptcy Court. Southwest Builders is now "System One Acquisition Company," and is now the owner of the remaining home, on my street, which home was only recently completed and inspected, and is now for sale, after System One foreclosed on Richard Larsen.

    The original house, now demolished, which had two lots, was "purchased" for $300,000, partly because the first developer, Larsen, knew of the claims of prescriptive easement on it. Larsen and his workers threw trash into the yard, dumping out the contents of the house in plastic trash bags, or just throwing trash directly into the garden, using Mexican workers.

    More than forty people were eventually cheated out of their money. Larsen is still living in his house in Olivenhain, which System One now also owns.

    Previous anonymous, you have never revealed your name whether or not I post under Lynn. That's just a cowardly excuse, and a part of your cover-up, dishonesty, and lack of accountability. Further, the original owner, Amelia Biscoe, did not, ever in her lifetime, get a single cent of the $250,000 that was remaining in debt on the purchase.

    I did try to warn the City, and some of the investors about the dubious dealings of Richard Larsen, Signature Series. He already had significant financial problems in 2003, which a trip to the County Recorder could have verified.

    The City turned a deaf ear, refusing to look at my evidence on appeal, because I had turned it in at 5:30, a week before the appeal was heard. I was told it should have been turned in by 5:00 p.m., at the night of the appeal of the Coastal Development Permit, before Council.

    Many citizens have suffered because of the trickery and deceit. We are now trusted friends of the new owner of the house built where our garden was, and have maintained good relations in our neighborhood, with all of our neighbors.

    Simply put, the City took sides with a liar, cheat and a thief.

    If you have a problem with me, give me your name, and don't hide behind your twisted comments and your cowardice.

  19. Lynn, maybe you and Mary Fleener can have a candle light vigil in memory of the topiary!!


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