Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Larry Himmel Visits Leucadia

Himmel prepares to get funkified.

KFMB Ch 8's Larry Himmel did a pretty good human interest piece about Leucadia tonight, Still Funky After All These Years

Watch Video

Stray Observations:

-The piece begins with a first person view point of driving north bound on the L101, a perspective pioneered by my car cam right here on this blog, heh.

-Barb knows Leucadia well (so intriqued!)

-Are you Biff or Skippy had me lmao. I confess that I loved Larry Himmel's old half hour variety show as a kid.

-Watch for the north bound lycra 10 speed biker spinning out in the dirt due to the total lack of a bike lane.

-"The last of the laid back beach towns." So true. All the other beach towns have been infected with a strange competitive aggressive vibe. What gives?

-"Leucadians say they are from Leucadia, never Encinitas." Hell yeah, I don't even write Encinitas on my return address on my mail. I write Leucadia.

-Final shot includes those pesky orange sandbags, curse them!

Nice story Larry, thanks man!


  1. Killer news piece. Great Job Larry.

    I love all the funky hats

  2. Himmel use to live in Leucadia. He hung out in the Leucadia Roadside Park with his dog. The dog would drink from the water fountain and then he married that woman and she made him move inland.

    He was Biff and Skippy still lives in Encinitas. Skippy was the first millionaire on 'Who wants to marry a millionaire?' The best part of the old Himmel show was Andrea!! What happened to Andrea??

  3. I used to see Andrea driving her Beemer through Rancho all the time. Andrea was hot.

  4. Is Larry Himmel responsible for the clean up of the lot north of Karinas or do we have Fred to thank for that??
    Thanks FRED!!!
    Now if you can get them to remodel the front of that building, what a disgrace!!!


    Down south on the west coast
    lived a town on the sand
    a lone outpost to corporate demand
    Its people were varied, not too many of one kind
    they gathered and tarried, talking one at a time
    bicycled their way from here and to there
    walked little doggies with not so much hair

    They shopped and they surfed and they ate on the streets
    they grew pretty poppies and seldom did weep
    Leucadia of smiles, of sun and of trees
    a bastion of whimsical bonhomie

    Until the Schmucks came with their Zumps and their Glumps
    to make all the streets look like dog pile stumps
    the Schmucks said “No Funk”
    “No funk is allowed”
    and they razed and leveled that quaint little town

    The Hooters and Bleepers were brought in to fell
    the giant old friends, the trees in the dell
    The Cloppers and Schnappers were then put in line
    and those dastardly machines shred all of the pine

    The Gravelers and Snarkers were not far behind
    they chewed up the houses, one at a time
    The Schmucks would not stop
    No they didn’t like funk
    All they could say is “this is junk, junk, junk, junk!”

    Then the rabid Corpmantlers got in the stew
    and they built up McMansions, not one and not two
    But acres and acres of identical crap
    with matching Corpmantler welcoming mats

    And that is the tale of this sad little town
    where funk was outlawed
    by the corporate clowns

    (With apologies to Dr. Suess!)

  6. All I can say is, WOW! Theodore would be proud.

  7. Excellent.... that should be read at every redevelopment district meeting!

  8. Bob- I did not know you were a poet. The many talents of our locals continue to astound me. Wonderful! The next reading should be at the new library opening as a tribute to one of our own.

  9. I heard an ad on the radio this morning for the Barratt American condo development in La Mesa. It was Roger Hedgecock touting the benefits of living there. He actually used the work "funky" to describe the attraction.

    Rejoice, fellow Leucadians. Michael Pattinson supports funkiness!!

  10. Barrat American also used the word funky in their tv commercial for their Aragon development. ha.


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