Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leucadia Coast Highway Artifact

What is the history behind this object located in the northeast corner of the Leucadia roadside park?


  1. Geesus JP! Not this crap again.

    What the Hell is this about? Does this have to do with "Lynn" again? I mean "Anon". I am mean "Syble".

    What the hell? Explain yourself. Are you trying to sabatoge your own blog?

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  4. Fred knows the meaning of that strange thing in the park. What say you FRED???

  5. Good post.
    I believe that is a monument of an acient battle over the removal of the sandbags accepts the street.

  6. That thing is begging for some art. My code word is uygfjrep.

  7. The strange artifact in the park is a sign post. There used to be another one in Glen Park. I spoke to a guy a couple of weeks ago who has lived in the area since the early 50's and has a picture of him and his brother standing next to the Roadside Park corner stone. He told me these sign posts were at several county parks and he's hoping to find the picture so the sign can be restored to its original state.

  8. It's called an obelisk and was the first public art piece installed in Leucadia. Rumor has it that it was not without controversy. Several conservative prominent early settlers felt the artist, who was from another settlement, to be spiteful designed a phallic symbol and they protested its installation by boycotting the ribbon cutting ceremony. Others were ok with the shape and design but felt it was too effeminate and needed to be bigger with more girth.

    As time went on the controversy faded. Almost 100 years after its installation, nobody would even know it was there, except for a blogger and a few loyal dogs.

  9. Did it get an Onion from a independent association?

    The cardiff kook did.

  10. Stop picking on Lynn, she is opinionated but that doesn't mean she welcomes the personal attacks, as no one does. Obviously, some anon out there can't deal with the issues so he/she feels emboldened to post anonymously to make personal jibes. Political figures are by law required to deal with personal attacks -- it's called freedom of speech. But concerned citizens who take the risk to voice their opinions should be respected on this blog.
    P.S. what the heck is the figure out the word game for?

  11. It might be a mini-monument made for the park. It also fits the profile of a mile-marker, being on California's longest highway. But there is another interesting possibility.

    Being that the park was an outdoor place of worship. And temples have Cornerstones. And those cornerstones are usually in the Northeast portion of a congregation. There might be a time capsule in our Roadside Park, inside or below this obelisk in a sealed copper box.

    There are people who believe there was a cornerstone of gold to be placed on the great pyramid but that it was rejected by the builders. A foreshadow of the Christ. And not to get too metaphysical, but the conerstone of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill has a detached conerstone with the eye of God in it.

    Maybe the city should permit someone to remove the paint, layer by layer to see if anything is painted underneath. I seem to remember the top pyramid portion being green and below that it was white on this one, but can't remember for sure. Maybe someone with a metal detector could check it out too.

    If nothing else, maybe we should paint the top pyramid portion gold, organize that late ribbon cutting ceremony and see what happens.

  12. I told you FRED would know what's going on with the "Thing in the Park".

  13. To Bonddi (Who is not Bob Bonde).

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    If you want to stop being the only one who gets flamed regularly on this blog, show some respect for all and edit your own blog comments.

    Peace out.

  14. Anon 10:48: Good advice for all. But I must ask, do you have Tourette's Syndrome?
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  15. Bonddi - Why do you think I may have Tourette's Syndrome?

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    For a while every time I saw the name, I thought Bonde was posting.

    Please clarify your accusation and I will answer appropriately.

  16. Anonymous at 10:48 pm seems to be getting obsessive about Lynn. She is hardly the only one who has gotten flamed on this blog. Any frequent reader will know that Bob N., Bob B., Dr. Lorri, Fred, Jerry S., Gil, and others have all been insulted and personally attacked. Anyone who has the courage to use their name becomes a victim of the cowards who hide behind the anonymous moniker.

    If any poster wants to use anonymous, at least attack the issues and not the messenger. Otherwise it only shows the weakness and poverty of your arguments.

  17. My word! I hadn't read the blog in a few days, and now it seems that things are becoming nasty. In any case, to whomever posted the initial question as to what that concrete thing is in the park - thanks. I've lived here my whole life and always wondered what it is. Hopefully somebody will come up with some answers. Maybe I'll do some archive research. And, to all who seem to be so flustered, to quote most of Leucadia for most of my life, "Dudes! Chill!".

  18. My guess is that the marker is exactly that, some kind of corner marker for some old land division. Maybe the extent of lands deeded to King Paul from Don Juan Carlos Eduardo Manuel Esteban Rodriguez Ortega from his Rancho Medula Oblongata.

  19. I had an idea.
    What if we could place rotating art on the park marker with the gold leaf
    cap?...or something.
    Art could be proposed on the four panels and stay there for 60 days. The
    art could be giclee prints on canvas or original paintings painted over the last. New art proposals could be replaced and removed by vote on the blog.
    Voting could determine which art work would be replaced, too.
    It could be an interesting evolving attention grabbing attraction
    acknowledging our local artistic character.
    Whacha think?

  20. sounds great!

  21. I am into that idea too.


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