Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leucadia Streetscape News Roundup

photo from Planning begins for Leucadia beautification

Coast News City asks for ideas in Leucadia highway improvements Leucadia plans streetscape workshops

Leucadia streetscape workshops

Thursday: 6 to 8 p.m., Oak Crest Middle School, 675 Balour Drive, Encinitas

Feb. 23: 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., City Hall, 505 S. Vulcan Ave. Workshop includes walking or shuttle tours of North Coast Highway 101.


  1. Check it out. I5 running through Encinitas is the second most congested area IN THE USA. Front banner signinsandiego.

    the location says Lomas Sante Fe, but when you read the description it clearly states the backup begins at Manchester Avenue. We all know thats were the back up begins and then its just a matter of how far back north it goes... many days all the way up to Oceanside.

    No wonder we get all the cut through traffic.

    I bet Encinitas has the highest percentage of cut through traffic in all the country. NOT COUNTY. COUNTRY. The whole USA.

    The streetscape plan needs to address the cut through traffic.

  2. Great Now Encinitas has it worse that OC and LA. No wonder everyone is stressed out around this place.

  3. below is the full story

  4. From The North 101 Corridor Specific Plan:

    The primary purpose of the specific plan is to address the unique aspects, problems,
    and opportunities of the North 101 Corridor, and to maintain its identity, community
    character, and scale, while fostering the revitalization of the North Highway 101
    commercial corridor.

  5. Why didn't they interview someone from Leucadia 101?

  6. They did.
    Rachelle, Fred and Morgan.

  7. Screw the specific plan!!! Just because you were going to buy a new car 17 years ago, doesn't mean that you go ahead with the purchase today of a 17 year old car!!

    The streetscape workshop is the NEW specific plan!!

  8. The idea of tying specific plan amendments to the streetscape is a very interesting idea.

  9. Dear "Screw the specific plan"

    There would be no workshops without the specific plan.

  10. less talk, more actionFebruary 17, 2008 8:36 PM

    We don't need more ideas, we need more action!!!! We need people that understand that talk is cheap and that's all the streetscape workshops are... talk!!!

    The city hasn't said they will fund any of this project. Why do I smell a RAT with the city council. Why do I smell a lot of promises from those up for re-election. Why has Houlihan said she wants an area where people can "sit and relax", that's code for more bums in Leucadia.

    Barth wants one specific request, restore the tree canopy. "We just have to put the canopy back". What kind of numb nut is this women, is that all she sees wrong with Leucadia?? Has she fallen under the spell of the keep it junky crowd?? Will everything be just peachy if we restore the tree canopy?? I didn't vote for her and now my suspicions are confirmed. She is bad for Leucadia!!! And the fact that she posts on this blog tells me she is even more. Will she be at the streetscapes workshops?? Will she be walking?? Will Houlihan for that matter?? Bonds and Stocks are too lacking in any understanding of the problems of Leucadia to give a damn, they should be dragged kicking and screaming to these workshops, but I doubt their intelligence.. No, no "they" will be at the library opening!! Getting fat on free food and drink!!! Hey Jerry, it doesn't take 4 hours to cut a ribbon, cut the fucking ribbon and get your lazy ass to the workshop!!! Do something for your community!!! Spending $30 million on an $8 million library isn't helping your community!!!

    The photo says it all, flooding and sidewalks and some decent landscape. That's what Leucadia needs, what they will get is a $230,000 STUDY of the problems, that everyone already understands. The city will place this study on a shelf to gather dust. But it won't be lonely, dozens of other STUDIES are on those shelves gathering dust also.

    Remember it's an election year and politicians love to talk. But we don't need more talk we need action!!!

  11. Many of the issues that were addressed in the specific plan are the same issues that should be addressed in the workshops.
    Traffic, canopy tree maintenance, more parking, pedestrian friendly streets and pedestrian rail and street crossings, lowering the train crossing, lighting, bike lanes, sidewalk designs, walking rail trail, building setbacks, design guidelines were issues then and now.
    How these issues will be addressed is not known, yet.
    Those that care need to get involved.

    Don’t want to leave it to the 'screw the specific plan !!!' guy or the above angry guy.

  12. Sorry Mr. Angy, but there is no plan for HW101 on any shelf. Plus the City has about 5 million earmarked for the first phase of Streetscape. Thats on 1/6 of the library or 1/12 of the Hall park budget, but its a start.


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