Monday, February 04, 2008

Local Pride Postcards for Electronic Mail

Encinitas Live Dot Com and our Arts Director Jim Gilliam has these cool local pride postcards online created by artist, historian and keeper of strange things, Fred Caldwell.

You can e-mail them to friends.

(scroll down to bottom of website).


  1. Fred has a unique talent and is very good at what he does. He makes my business cards and they work!!

    And most of what he says on this blog is right on the money.

    I am a Fred fan!!

  2. And Leucadia Art Gallery has Leucadia postage stamps for these cards.

  3. What a cheap tout!!!
    Advertise on the blog if you want to promote your business!!

  4. The Leucadia Stamps are being offer at cost. The intent was to promote Leucadia.

  5. any one can print up a leucadia stamp, they don't need to go to the leucadia art gallery/corner frame shop to purchase these stamps.

    Cheap tout!! Cheap tout!!

  6. I like Fred and admire his talents.
    He offers a positive and knowledgeable influence.

  7. To Cheap tout,

    Those Leucadia stamps Morgan has are cool. I bought some and post cards.
    He has some of Encinitas with Swami's and Del Mar too.
    Where are the Leucadia stamps you are talking about?

    I thought so.

  8. anon-Take a photo of Leucadia and create your own stamp using the same software that Morgan uses, then place it on an envelope and mail it to yourself. Are you happy now??? Morgan does not have a monopoly of Leucadia stamps. It was a cheap tout to promote Leucadia Art Gallery!!

    And the cards are electronic... NO STAMP NEEDED!!! That's why it's such a CHEAP TOUT TO PROMOTE LAG!!!


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