Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love for Leucadia on Valentine's Day

Encinitas approves $457K for capital program

One of the six capital improvements approved at last night's city council meeting was a drainage channel within North County Transit District's railroad right of way just north of Leucadia Boulevard. During her presentation, Smith showed photographs of deep gullies near the boulevard and bright orange sandbags piled along the right of way. At recent meetings, residents have complained the sandbags are an eyesore. The project would tap $35,000 from the operating budget.

QUESTION: If the drainage channel is in North County Transit District's railroad right of way why don't they pay for it?

A special V-Day video for all the married couples out there:


  1. The city of encinitas loves to pay for nctd shit. Remember when we paid 50 frand to paint their bridge on encinitas blvd?

  2. JP, why doesn't NCTD pay for it because it's in their right of way? Logical question with a simple answer - it's a matter of priorities just like anything else.

    Why don't I fix that ding in my car? Because my fridge just broke and I decided that's more important.

    But probably because NCTD folks are a bunch of bastards. ;)

  3. From SD UT:
    "Last month, the transit district agreed to pay the
    San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board a $160,000 fine for failing to prevent storm runoff from fouling streams and for falsifying inspection reports. The violations occurred along the Sprinter line."

    I guess storm runoff that ends up in L101 and Vulcan travel lanes is not their concern either.

    They really ought to do something about their asthma promoting dust clouds as well.

  4. It's pouring. A bunch of flooding on Vulcan....what a joke.

    The weather people said no rain, yet it's been pouring all morning.

  5. There's also the push for the city to make the improvements to the NCTD gravel parking lot at E and Vulcan. Only 3 to 4 million dollars of taxpayers money.

  6. At least we're getting some local attention from the city to address this issue, and if the quality of the outcome is anything like the sidewalks we got, that crossing is going be great. Meanwhile, stay close to the candlesticks, the crossing can be treacherous)

    On a similar note, I called Brian Bilbray's office a month ago to find out the status of his $6.5 million request toward undergrounding the tracks at Leucadia Blvd. I never got a call back with an answer to that. But I have have received numerous recordings from him inviting participation in some kind of forum. Neat.

    A third person said we only got around 50 grand toward that request. Can anyone verify that?

  7. I called Bilbray's office a month ago as well (DC office during East Coast business hours). I was told that $0.5M was approved from the crossing, $0 for flooding for this fiscal year.

  8. The new blog set up doesn't help me, I have eye problems and the tan background creates a poor contrast and is more difficult for me to read.

  9. I like the new format. It looks more positive. Not dark and negative.

  10. I've noticed that the background color is not the same for everyone depending on your monitor. I just changed it to a light gray and enlarged the text font. Let me know how that looks.


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