Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Quality of Life" Tax Looms

I blogged about the unfortunately named Quality of Life Tax back in December 2006. It is beginning to surface again and we need to keep our eyes on this beast before it mutates into something larger.

"Many elected officials...agreed that a new sales tax ranging from a quarter cent to a half cent on the dollar is needed,"

California sales tax is already a whopping 7.75% DOES THIS REALLY NEED TO BE RAISED???

Read the NCT's SANDAG sets stage for 'quality-of-life' tax

and, Getting creative with your money

Stay on top of these sneaky new taxes with the Encinitas Taxpayers Association.



  1. I have a bigger revenue source. Fire slacky government workers.

  2. It's time to abolish SANDAG.

  3. Bob, if you lead, we will follow!!! We believe!!!

  4. SANDAG was a major force in destroying our quality of life. Now they want to tax us to try to bring it back.

  5. They want to tax to continue to destroy quality of life.

  6. SANDAG is a major part of the problem. It seems thier main function is to promote overpopulation and over development and in the process undermines the quality of life we our economy depends on.

  7. bob is correct, there should be a reduction in population... bob first.

  8. Bob, I watched you on tv at the Council Meeting last night, speaking.

    Good job.

    Hey, the NCTD is messing up, too. Lots of flooding going on in Oceanside due to violations by NCTD caused by the Sprinter line. Read about it in last week's Reader. Also, Turko Files featured how businesses in Oceanside were being flooded.

    Jerome Stocks is partly responsible for this mess. He's on the board, as we know.

  9. Is this shades of things to come for Encinitas?

    Vallejo in danger of declaring bankruptcy



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