Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Speed Limits

Does anyone else think it's odd that the speed limit on El Camino Real is lower than the L101?


  1. N.Coast Highway 101 should be posted 30mph like S. Coast Hwy 101. Whats good for Down town Encinitas is good for downtown Leucadia.

  2. 30 mph is too fast. N. Coast Hwy 101 should be posted at 20 mph. If we post it at this speed and have the police write tickets, cars will stay on the freeway.

  3. Posting speed is a joke without enforcement. We need something to deter speed. Traffic circles, a lot of them, stop signs, speed humps, etc. Nothing short of changing the long straight stretch of roadway will work.

    You could cobble the entire stretch so that it is very rough to drive on. Many city's have done that to slow traffic. In Europe they are trying to slow traffic by taking out all traffic controls.

  4. Waiting to Turn Right in the MorningFebruary 07, 2008 7:57 AM

    Oh my God, are you serious! I've lived here almost my whole life, and it was traumatic enough when they changed the east side of 101 to 40 MPH down from 45. Considering that Neptune is one-way and the RR tracks separate us from Vulcan, a 30 MPH limit will turn the highway into a parking lot all day long (as opposed to just the rush hours). It's bad enough as it is. Sure, if you slow everybody to a standstill they WILL be more apt to look at shops and such along the way, but for those of us who actually LIVE here and need to move around with some kind of efficiency it will be ridiculous. I love our merchants and want them to do well. As such, I never get anything framed by anybody but Morgan, don't buy sangria from anybody but Papagayo and Calypso, get subs at Sub Palace, and probably spend about 89% of my income at the Pannikin. And if I ever become an antiques enthusiast I'll have all kinds of options within walking distance. But we can't wreck the traffic flow by assuming that slower is better. I think the ideal would be to pay the Sheriff's Dept. to just station more traffic/radar units along 101 on a regular basis. Locals will keep to the limit for the most part, and the out-of-Leucadia-ers will be on warning: keep the speed reasonable or get a ticket. But we can't just cry "safety issue" and "bad for business" all the time and slow down thousands of cars a day.
    PS - On a good note, the toll road was defeated, and while that doesn't really bear upon the traffic in Leucadia, it's still a good decision/outcome.

  5. Most people couldn't even tell you what the speed limit is posted on streets. People only seem to note what the posted speed is if they regularly see police writing tickets. The speed is generally regulated by the driver in front of you and the one in front of him, etc.. Not sure changing a sign will really do anything. It might make some people feel good.

  6. I agree. Change the character of the road.

    Stop signs, roundabouts, cobble speed tables. 25 to 30mph is perfect for a downtown area, just look at downtown Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla, San Diego, Coronado, any downtown area. Leucadia deserves the same consideration. Leucadia deserves 25 or 30 mph.

    If you want to drive faster use the freeway not our downtown. The business will do much better with slower traffic speeds.

  7. It's slow, anyway, during rush hour. Another stop sign would be good on Grandview, perhaps?

    Cobblestones are hard on cars. More stop signs if necessary. No roundabouts on 101.


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