Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Switchfoot's Jon Foreman at Lou's

You may have noticed the big crowd gathered at Lou's Records in Leucadia last week. Encinitas local Jon Foreman from the high profile and popular band Switchfoot played an acoustic set to an enthusiastic crowd. There are a number of videos of the performance (of varying sound quality) posted on YouTube. The different angles recorded by amateurs of the same event are pretty interesting.

In this vid Jon tells a funny story about buying the Boilermaker album titled 'Leucadia' at Lou's.

Switchfoot electrified (and with professional lighting)

Switchfoot with animation and special effects,


  1. professor presleyFebruary 21, 2008 5:40 PM

    Jon is a real nice guy and a good surfer. I teach at a local school and he gave all the kids on the surf team t shirts back in the day when switchfoot was playing around town with there first album. Missed the lous deal but the youtube vids are kind of cool.
    Go Jon

  2. Off subject.

    Some of you missed a great workshop meeting.
    The presentation was inspiring and the community participation was ample, valuable and appreciated. Great power point presentation.
    If you missed the first workshop, and care about Leucadia, go to the Saturday walkabout.
    David Pultz and his team and the city want your opinions. He want to design what we want. We are very fortunate that his firm is helping us.
    The possible concepts are very intriguing.


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