Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where? What?

In light of the fact that an anonymous commenter is going to stalk me every time I use the term L101 to describe the Leucadia's section of the 101 coast highway, I was wondering how I should refer to it?

Downtown Leucadia?


Leucadia Mainstreet?

Leucadia Mainstreet 101?


Leucadia Hwy 101?

Pacific Coast Highway in Leucadia?

PCH Leucadia?

Leucadia Coast Highway?



  1. I like L101 and think the City should rename that section of Roadway L101. L101 Mainstreet also includes Vulcan Avenue which is cool. I personally don't care and will always use L101 because its short and to the point. Screw the anon poster that has a problem with it.

  2. I've always been partial to Qauludeia.

  3. Call it what it is, H101!! WE all know you are talking about the road in Leucadia.

    Solving your hard problems with simple solutions!!!

  4. The historically correct would be Merle101

  5. JP, Fred.
    You two are 'L101' board members.
    Who first came up with the term L101?
    We trust you.

  6. I agree with 'Simple Solutions"
    It is what it is.

  7. TUPO101 = the ugly part of hwy 101

  8. Well, it is confussing.
    When I read the comment, "L101 is disfunctional", I was not immediately sure if it was refering to our mainstreet group or hwy 101.

  9. Merleville, it is!

  10. Camino Leucadia
    L101 is fine. It distinguishes our couple of miles of roadway from what most of the state calls PCH.

  11. I always call it the "Coast Highway" or 101 for short.
    Leucadia Mainstreet sounds good.

  12. I like Leucadia Hwy 101. It leaves no doubt what or where this is. L101 and Leucadia Main Street can mean to some an abbreviation for Leucadia 101 Main Street Association, and this can be confusing.

  13. Hey JP! You look a little like Ron Mael, the keyboard player in the band, SPARKS!

  14. I know Ron Mael, JP you are no Ron Mael!!

  15. "...I love technology..."

  16. I believe it was at the Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association's first meeting where we decided the name for our group. One former board member didn't want the name "Leucadia" in it (!) But the short form of what was chosen was agreed to be "L-101". LEMA was suggested but it was probably too close to the other biz group LMA - Leucadia Merchants Association which began in 1993.

    And yes, Leucadia was Merle for a while, but the earliest map at city hall from the 1880's has it Leucadia. A postcard at the museum is stamped from "Merle" at around 1908. As Leucadia was the first coastal community settled within what is now Encinitas, and they named all the streets after Greek and Roman gods, that explains why streets like Neptune trail through Old Encinitas, and Vulcan Ave still goes all the way to Cardiff. Preeminence.

    No idea what Hwy 101 was named before the 20's though, but I would guess Zeus. From what old timers told my dad when he moved them from North Vulcan Ave in the early 60's, the Butterfield Stagecoach stop was at their house in the 1870's. But that house is long gone now. That was before the train came through in 1881. At that time I believe Vulcan was the more traveled road as 101 didn't cross the lagoon and access to the coast came from La Costa Ave. Very slow access. Kind of like today at times.

    I'm happy with L-101 as the name for the biz group and North Coast Hwy 101 referring to the business district itself. Kinda long though. How about Z-101?

  17. Z-101?? What are you nutts??? That sound like some Fm radio station from the 80's!!

    And the hit's just keep ooooon coming on the Z101 morning zoo!! Here Ooingo Boingo by request!!!


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