Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Rains Tough on Leucadia Small Business

Posted in the comments section:

I spent $100 yesterday at Paper Rose for my Mom's birthday & they were soooo happy! Apparently their sales are so low they will have to close down in a couple of months if they don't improve. SO SAD!!! LOVE this place! The owner told me they have had crowds of people looking & loving it but nobody buys anything. Can't believe it! They have such cool stuff & all these new cute things.

The Paper Rose is in one of the old houses converted into retail on Vulcan Ave, south of Leucadia Blvd. I call this little strip of small business and art galleries "L101 Jr".

The back area is unique and fun.

Directions to Paper Rose via Google maps.

705 North Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024

Insider Pages Dot Com review.


  1. Good idea. Thanks for the post. I have some gifts to buy this weekend.


  2. The cupcakes are delicious and store is lovely. I agree we don't want to lose it. Kathleen

  3. Hey JP-

    Don’t you live like within a few blocks of that place. Did you walk there or drive? I bet drive.

    That stretch of road is just as bad if not worse than HW101. The businesses are screwed until the whole area becomes walkable.

    I hope paper rose survives but the odds are against them just like the Wade Koniakowsky Gallery that recently packed out of Leucadia. they moved out of Leucadia because the current business environment sucks.

    Until we make this a walkable community, the odds are against any business besides gas stations being successful.

    Go to the streetscape workshops and learn what changes are needed to make our businesses survive.

    I will go throw down $100 bills on the nice things at paper rose, but they better rethink their business plan.

    That stretch of road is not currently fun to visit. In fact it’s flat out deadly. Too bad for the school kids that also have to use that road to get to school at Paul Ecke Central.

  4. I don't even recognize where the Paper Rose is, it must be between Leucadia Blvd. and RCP? If so, I must have driven past that area 1,000 times and never noticed a business. They need more signs. I love Paper Rose and noticed it was gone from the Lumberyard. I will make it a point to visit and buy something. They always have great unique cards for birthdays, etc., and seasonal decorations.

  5. Thanks, JP, for letting us know. I hadn't noticed the Paper Rose there, either, but remember it fondly from the Lumberyard.

  6. The Paper Rose and all the businesses along that stretch would be more successful if Vulcan Avenue had a walkable environment similar to Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.

    Think about it. The same road dynamics. Both are just east of the railroad tracks. The difference is Encinitas main object seems to be backwards. They seem focused on pumping as many cars through Vulcan Avenue as possible without any safe place to walk. On the flip side, Solana Beach created something cool with their similar road. The improved the walkability, put in some traffic calming and boom- they have a prosperous business district.

    We could have something as cool as Cedros Avenue. Instead, we have built something like the toll road in TJ. Speeding cars and poor hispanics taking their life walking along that gauntlet of a road.

    Slow both HW101 and Vulcan down to 25 and 30 mph with streetscape and walkable traffic calming and Encinitas will have a prosperous business district that is a big revenue maker for the City. Not to mention a great place to hang out for all Encinitas residents.

    It doesn’t seem like rock science to me. The more regional commuter cars slamming through town, the lower the revenue for the City and quality of life for all its Citizens. Its been proven time and time again, just drive up to any of the Orange County Cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange and you will see the true costs of improper traffic management. They let regional traffic destroy their community. Are we going to do the same thing?

    I think the city needs to change its focus from trying to accommodate the commuter needs more than the local community needs. Lets change the focus and we will become a much healthier community.

  7. Not true about Wade. He had planned to stay at that location very briefly.
    He stayed longer that he had originally planned and did well. He is opening a gallery on Cedros.
    Our economy is not strong and it is important to support ALL of our local businesses.
    Shop Leucadia.

  8. Go to the workshops today.
    Be involved with the planning of the future Leucadia.

    8:30, City Hall.

  9. The paper rose's advertising has been poor. They should have invested in a sign perp to Vulcan and sent out post cards to all of Leucadia.

  10. Did you say cupcakes Mary? I'll be there.Perhaps everyone could spend something there and we could have a contest to see how much money we could genreate for them in a month?

  11. Whats not true about Wade. Why does he want a shop in Cedros and not in Leucadia? One is walkable, the other is not.

  12. As far as Paper Rose is concerned; having tea with your dog is prescibed for locals by five out of six local Veterinarians?

    What could be more kick-back? Reading 'Me and Marley'. listening to Bob Marley, eating butter thick tea cakes and tripping down on the red brick road in the back yard under the trees.

    Man, all the pretty lights!

    This isn't just a store, its a holiday.

    Or go without your dog, drop in and check out the three 'showroom' in the back!

    The owner Kerrie, she does wild custom painted handmade ceramic drinking bowls for your dog!

    Or favorite guy. Depending on their manners.

    Paper Rose, a longtime mainstay from downtown moves to Leucadia, admittedly, not on 101, but with some extraordinary stuff,

    Did I mention the tea cakes?

    More tea, please...

  13. Does the Paper Rose still have all those great truffles? Perfect gift ideas! Guess I will stop by and check it out!
    -Long time Paper Rose fan

  14. I spent $33 dollars today at paper rose, bought some chocolates and a book and a cupcake. The girl behind the counter was really nice. I'll go back.

  15. Hey J.P. Could we have a blogger telethon for Paper Rose the month of March? Bloggers could post how much money they spent at the Paper Rose thruout March 2008. I think it would be kind of fun to see how much Paper Rosd would make in a month from this blog. I am sure everyone would be honest about how much they actually did spend. It doesn't have to be a lot. If it worked, then we could have a blogging telethon for another Leucadia business in April etc. This blog could really make a difference in keeping businessnes in Leucadia. What do people think?

  16. I was there yesterday and spent 82.00, lots of great stuff.

  17. So far bloggers who have posted have spent $232.00 at Paper Rose since J.P posted their situation. Not bad, but we can do better. I plan on going there tomorrow and have tea and cake.I can use a few cards as well. J.P., can you keep a talley for us, like you do the survey questions you sometimes have on the sidebar? That we we could see how well we walk the walk so to speak. Also, I DO NOT have any stake in the outcome, as I have no ownership in Paper Rose and no friends, that I know of, that own or run the shop.

  18. This shows that Leucadia has a greater need for some kind of outlet to promote local small business, it's a bigger task than I can keep up with on this blog by myself. I'd like to see the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Assoc website have a database of all the small business and for the Coast News to profile one small business a week.

    Does anyone know how many business there are between La Costa Ave to Encinitas Blvd in the coastal zone?

  19. I spent $170 there yesterday. Nice selection of eclectic stuff - perfect for Leucadia.

    I do think they need to do some advertising or other methods of gettng the word out. If JP had not mentioned this store on the blog, I would not have known that they moved from the Lumberyard.

    Also, if I was the proprietor, I would take down the unfriendly "if you break it you buy it" sign. That is old fashioned and not the most welcoming sign to see when you arrive. I just can't imagine that there is a HUGE problem with breakage.

  20. If my math is right, we are up to $402.00 for Paper Rose. Nice going. I will probably spend about $60.00 today so let's make it $462.00

  21. I got a distinctly different purse there on Sunday and a purse notebook. My friend got one of the cupcakes. I didn't see the truffles but hope they will be there the next time I go.

  22. Bring back the truffles!!

  23. Christ, when I wads there on Saturday they had so many truffles You couldn't escape them, how could you miss them?? Open your eyes the Truffs are next to the cookies!!

  24. Hi There everyone,
    i am Kerrie the owner of Paper Rose. Yes Paper Rose is skating on thin ice since our move & i have a comments box at the store asking our customers why they think our sales are so low in the new location. One of the replies simply said "check out JP's comments on Leucadia Blog". Being a babyboomer ( & spending all my time on paper Rose) this is my first look at a blog & comments! :- ) I just wanted to say how touched i am by all the support & postiveness on the blog! Thank you so much! Not only do i appreciate your business (which i desperately need) i really appreciate the suggestions. Please continue to add them as i will take each one seriously. Re the advertsing. I am surprised at those comments as we did a huge flyer drop in the surrounding area in Encintas First, as well as ads in both the Trib & North County Times. We also plastered the windows at the Lumberyard with our new address & a map when we left & sent over 150 "Here's our new address" flyers to customers who gave us their contact info in our guest book we started in early December. We have had crowds of people at the new store but nobody wanting to buy anything so please, if you have any comments as to why that may be so, please post them.We did however just get a new lot of Spring merchandise in. Thanks so much to all who responded to this blog & came in to support us as customers!I have taken note about the sign & will endeavour to improve that. Another suggestion is we have live music on Saturdays or doggy parties where we would give prizes to the cutest dog, best dressed dog etc. I would also like to host your dog's party there where you & your friends can get together with your dogs & have afternoon coffee or tea.Sadly the condition of road & the parking i can't do much about. The building is great,heaps of potential, close to the old store & affordable & the best choice given the short amount of time we had to move. We were always aware it wasn't "walk by" friendly but just did the best we could with a bad situation & hoped our loyal customers would continue to support us.We have some advertising in 101 Things to Do In San Diego & on the Tourist Maps which we hope will get us some of our tourist traffic we had at the old store.I feel i may have blogged on too long so i will close by sending my heartfelt thanks again! :- ) Oh & yes we do still have the Joseph Schmidt truffles & will soon also have Moonstruck chocolates!

  25. i stopped at the paper rose a few days ago and i was quite surprised! they have a done a very nice job! the parking is a HUGE issue. while i was there, i saw two elderly women run right into the wall and another elderly woman fall trying to get to her car. i wish i had some solutions on how to improve the issue but it just doesn't work.
    i saw many cute things in the store. but most of it i have already seen at the other store. i specifically went in to buy cards and the card selection was wonderful! i ended up buying 7 different cards!!!
    i was a little disappointed not to see the beautiful single sheet stationary at the new location, but i understand that it's probably not a huge money maker.
    overall, it was a wonderful experience. the people were very friendly and the location was very charming.
    i will continue to support you, paper rose! i do not want to see anymore hallmarks in our area. KEEP LEUCADIA FUNKY by supporting local businesses.


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