Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bamboo 2u and Tikis Too

One of the more funky/cool downtown Leucadia business is Bamboo 2u and Tikis Too. They just redid the front of the store, adding some landscaping to the front planter. Looks swell.

1240 N Coast Hwy
Leucadia, CA 92024
(760) 943-6284

I couldn't find a website.


  1. I love that store. I confess I only go in there before christmas and my brother's birthday.

  2. Most of the flowers at the park in Caridff are the same type of flowers that are being removed via the DUI probation people in Leucadia. Why are those flowers good enough for Cardiff but not for Leucadia??

  3. What can be done to save shops with such character? I am sure right now the rent for Tikis is cheaper than it will be once that part of 101 is more functional and more commercialized. When the streetscape goes in and attracts way more customers are rents going to go way up and drive out these gems?

  4. Rents are too low on 101. After the streetscape goes in( if it really does, I'm not holding my breath) rents can and should go up. If this area of town is going to be the all to end all, then rents need to rise.

    No store needs to go under, most businesses go under due to bad management not rents that are too high. Cheap rents allow for bad management, and gives the appearance that a business is successful when it is not.

    The small mom and pop stores on 101 would do themselves proud by taking as many business courses as possible to be prepared for the future of higher rents. Don't forget higher rents will draw better businesses and better customers with more income etc,etc,etc.

    Ultimately the market will decide what stays and goes, what survives and perishes, what thrives and what perishes.

  5. carlsbadcrawl.comMarch 26, 2008 10:53 AM

    Tikis are always a nice treat! Occasionally there is a good display on Tamarack, between El Camino and Lancer Way, in Carlsbad.

  6. Laguna Beach - HERE WE COME...

  7. What happened to the idea of "adopting a Leucadia business for the month" thingy?? I vote for supporting the Tiki store for April! How's Paper Rose going? Love this idea! What business shall we adopt for May?! Support Leucadia shops!

  8. We will be much better than Laguna Beach!

    You can take the Junky out of Leucadia, but never the Funky.

  9. "adam smith"...get thee behind me, Satan!


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