Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beach Bluff Collapse in North Leucadia story with slideshow.


  1. I feel terrible for the multimillionaires that own that property. However, once that cliff finally does give way, I will have one hell of an ocean view.

  2. Enough with reinforcing these bluffs with hideous building materials – enough with reinforcing the bluff period. Let them erode naturally. I would love to see every one of these homes with ugly reinforcement systems installed by self centered fly in homeowners and speculators collapse to the sand below.

  3. I think the state or county should buy all the bluff top property and make the whole coastline a public park. Assess everyone in the county $5. We would all benefit. Otherwise every property owner has a right to protect their property.

  4. Question: suppose you live in a trailer park and you want to protect your home from a natural force (high wind). The fix actually makes your property look better, and it protects your property and your family, and is even safer for the community. Why would the community stop this kind of activity?

    The structures that protect homes on the bluff now look very good (much better than the old ones). The homes that have homemade systems are much worse than the modern engineered solutions.

    If current bluff top homeowners are not allowed to protect their property, will the houses across the street allowed to protect theirs? Will the City protect Neptune Avenue itself if things go that far? Will the state protect Highway 101? Will the NCTC protect the tracks? I think the answer is yes to all those questions. Why is this not allowed for the current set of homeowners?

  5. The answer is NO.

    Let nature take its course. No Seawalls. Period.

    Seawalls are bad for the public

    Seawalls are only good for the one person trying to stop mother nature.

  6. Hello, we are Mother Nature. Let the walls begin.

  7. JP:
    So why hasn't this blog posted the story about how the Leucadia crazies lost big time in both the District and California Court of Appeals on the Barratt issue? Cause maybe this blog is just for the crazies... Don't profess to be the blog of the people and claim to be transparent if all you do is slant the news no differently than a conservative radio hosts.

  8. Leucadia Crazies?

    Apparently someone doesn't know Leucadia.

    Barratt won because they had the City pay for the high priced attorneys with your tax dollars.

    The City violated its own grading ordinance. The Citizens lost this case and will lose in the future.

    It shows that deep pockets do prevail in court and our legal system is not perfect.

    In this case the gloves did fit and the case still went with the deep pockets. Too bad for Encinitas.

    The winners are Jerome Stock, Barratt and all the other developers salivating to turn Encinitas into Carlsbox.

  9. Oh please build concrete walls all along our coastline and remove any natural coastline!

    I love the look of ocean against walls and hate that nasty beach with sand that gets between my toes.

    A concrete wall looks much better than a natural slope and is sooooo much better for nature and the public. And screw all those wild critters that like sand and natural beaches like birds, smelt, seals, crabs and other creatures. They are not well off coastline property owners, so screws them….. if they were worth anything, they would make money and get a lobbyist to support their cause.

    I much rather stroll along our coast in the water pinned up again a wall when the waves come in. My kids will have a great time. Beaches are overrated anyway. Thanks!

  10. Anonymous 12:05 am, I'm stoked on the Barratt decision. When we build our new house in 2010 I'm importing 15 feet of fill dirt, grading it and then measuring the pad from the new grade. The neighbors may not like it but the courts and the city are on my side so F them.

  11. Hey that is great.

    I live on Hygiea and never thought I could have an oceanview, but after a little import say 6 to 10 feet, I will have a prime oceanview.

    Thanks Barratt and thanks City. We should just raise every lot in Encinitas 10 feet whenever anyone comes in for a remodel. Lets elevate our town!

    Great thinking!

  12. Don't get those hopes up to increase pad height if you're building one single famil home. The planning and grading departments have a double standard. Only subdivisions, with a map, can build up the pad height for the purpose of measuring building height. Unless you can subdivide your property, you're out of luck in increasing the building height by building up the pad.

  13. The NBC kooks need to check their sources more closely. Bob Trettin is not a City Planner. He is an advocate for folks wishing to build seawalls on bluffs and works for a company that designs, lobbies for and tries to get approval of seawalls and other Coastal Structures. From his CV at :

    "During the past 11 years, Mr. Trettin has often worked in partnership with Soil Engineering Construction, Inc., obtaining all required government agency permits necessary to facilitate construction of more than 40 coastal bluff protection projects in San Diego County. These projects have accounted for more than a mile
    of protected lower and upper coastal bluffs in the cities of Encinitas and Solana Beach."


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