Friday, March 07, 2008


The new DEMA website is pretty good. They have a good local business directory, some cool historic photos and other stuff to click around.

Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association website.


  1. Cool. Who worked on that?

  2. Fred- I just drove the Cedros district they have a nice sign, how 'bout creating a nice sign for Leucadia for the north end of town. More than a surf board, a sign that goes form east to west across the 101. What say you???

    I want something that really stands out and lets people KNOW they are in Leucadia!!! A sign with pizzaz!!! A sign that is not subtle, a sign that gets IN YOUR FACE!!! It's lit at night and has multiple messages!!!

    I want Vegas baby, VEGAS. Siegfried and Roy flamboyance!!

    Do it FRED, do it!!! Do it for me FRED!!!

  3. DEMA will always be ahead of L101...

    Let council prove otherwise.

    Spend the 10 million on Leucadia Streetscape instead of firestation remodels.

    Spend another $20 million on Leucadia instead of building a regional sports park that no boy wants.

    Leucadia has been waiting for 20 years. Its time to start putting some money into leucadia.

  4. Yes, the new DEMA site looks swell.

    Re/ 9:49

    I was thinking more of a Gidget Goes Leucadian venue, but we could throw in a tiger I guess. Or Maybe an arch with a tie-dye banner.

    But yes you are right. The new arched banner on Cedros is great.

    I submitted my King Neptune fountain/clock sculpture as an entryway monument for the last contest and it was dissed by a cruel, unusual and art challenged committee. But I'm still up for carving the Easter Island Tikis in the La Costa/101 roundabout!!! Maybe the KSL Resort could then put a Polynesian spin on their Arts & Crafts design.

    But mark my words. The entryway will be nothing next to what comes after our "temporary sidewalks".

  5. The DEMA website is great because of Peder Norby.
    He is nurturing the L101 web site and it is getting better and better.

    Thanks, yet again, Peder.

  6. Fred- no surfing crap, no Gidget crap either, think Hollywood baby!! Disco balls and bright lights!! Totally over the top and a sign that people come all walks to view and admire.

    Do it FRED, do it!!!

  7. Oh and I forgot, no hippie tie-dye either!!!

    Bigger, Brighter, Louder!!!

  8. I heard another human got smeared again in on our favorite death machine called the railroad in front of the Riviera trailer park. How many is that this year in Leucadia alone 3 or 4?

  9. Anyone still believe Jerome Stocks. He says NCTD will not be fencing .

  10. A woman was putting a memorial on the tracks to her father who committed suicide exactly a year earlier, when a train hit her a few days ago. I believe her husband was present when she was hit.

  11. this is a new one this afternoon south of Vulcan. Two in one week! Wow! The body was lying out under a blanket for awhile I heard from eye witnesses.

  12. This one happened shortly before 11:00 a.m. today. - NCT has article.

  13. Woman killed by train in Leucadia
    By: North County Times | Saturday, March 8, 2008 2:45 PM PST ∞

    Post your Comments Increase Font Decrease Font email this story print this story LEUCADIA----A woman died after she was hit by a train this morning, authorities said.

    Shortly before 11 a.m., a woman stepped in front of a southbound Amtrak train near Leucadia Boulevard and Highway 101, Sheriff's Department Lt. Bill Donahue said. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff's railroad enforcement team is investigating the case as a suicide, Donahue said.

  14. Just so there is no false credit taken.
    I am helping with the Leucadia 101 website and did build the original DEMA website ten years ago.

    The recent upgrades to the DEMA website however are because of Dody Tucker the Executive Director of DEMA, and having the nessecary financial resources to hire a terrific web designer.

    It's a great effort. Far beyond my abilities.


  15. Fred- where is the sign of Leucadia that I commissioned?? You've had several days now. I'm still waiting!!! Let's get on the ball!! Here and now, not manana!!!


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