Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goals 2008

From the Encinitas Taxpayers Association Blog:

New Goals Discussed

On March 5th the Encinitas City Council held a goal setting meeting to discuss new goals for 2008. Capital improvement projects are dealt with on a two year cycle and this might explain why the budget was approved before the goal setting took place. (Although, that didn't stop staff from proposing several isolated and unprioritized capital projects when the new budget was recently approved). The goal setting is a place for the community to inventory needs and hopes so they can be assessed and prioritized.

See the goals set by the individual council members click here.

One of the goals discussed is to do something about the stellar orange sandbags at Leucadia Blvd and Hwy101.

Leucadia Blog: Beautifying North Coast Highway 101 top the City Council's priority list for 2007


  1. Wow. the City moves really fast.

    Let see. The orange sand bags have been there for two years plus. they haven't done anything to prevent erossion, they remain there throughout our summer even though sand bags are supposed to be used for emergency measures, AND THE CITY IS JUST NOW MAKING IT A GOAL TO GET RID OF THEM.

    ALL TALK NO WORK-That your City. I bet it another 6 months before they are gone. Maybe we should just plan on talking about them at next years goal setting. Maybe we could set a goal to talk about setting a goal for disucssing with NCTD a meeting to talk about not putting any ORANGE sandbags in Encinitas. Yes.... lets talk about it some more!

    Great Job!

    Can't anyone just go out there and remove the F'n sandbags without getting arrested?

  2. The orange sandbags seem less offensive during the Leucadia Blvd roundabout construction because there are orange signs, fences and vest everywhere. But, if those things are still there when the road improvements are finished we may have to march on city hall and the NCTD with pitchforks and fiery torches.

  3. If NCTD wanted to prevent erosion, they would hydroseed the bare scorched earth. Instead they tear out any plant in the right-of-way each year, disturb the dirt and increase the erosion process.

    Their policies and actions are making things much worse.

  4. If NCTD wanted to prevent erosion, they would hydroseed the bare scorched earth. Instead they tear out any plant in the right-of-way each year, disturb the dirt and increase the erosion process.

    Their policies and actions are making things much worse.

  5. Interesting link about Calif. fugitive dust law:


    "When Are Dusty Conditions a Violation*?"


    "When Airborne PM Crosses the Property Line and enough neighbors complain, the owner is subject to H&SC Section 41700 (the Nuisance Law)."

  6. The three councilmen and the one council woman who constantly votes with them could be classified under the nuisance law.

  7. /fugitivedust_large.pdf

  8. The only goal that this stupid city should have is to BURY THE FUCKING TRAIN!!!!!

  9. One thing I found disturbing at the goal setting meeting was when Patrick Murphy mentioned that the sole laundromat would be eventually removed from downtown Encinitas. Jerome asked him if he meant SURF CLEANERS,and Murphy said, no, just the laundromat. The reason? The "walkability" was an issue, said Murphy.

    I fail to see how that would affect the foot traffic between "D" and "E" streets. What I DO sense is an elitist stance that is troubling. Oh, so people who want to dry clean their clothes are a cut above those who wash with soap and water? None of the council members challenged this announcement. Maybe they were just as stupified as I was. I hope so!

    What's next? Those "funky" taco shops? Queen Eileen's has some racy greeting cards in there. Maybe we oughta monitor that, too. And how about "The Saloon"...maybe the city should make them change their name to "Le Salon".

  10. Gotta love the headline quoting a Fire captain in El Cajon.

    New fire station 'like the Hilton'

    I am sure ours will get the headline

    New Fire station "like the Ritz"

    Why does City Council let the Staff spend all of our hard earned money on facilities that benefit our employees and not the majority of business and residents in town? Is it because council gets all cozy with staff and staff convinces them that fancy new digs will make them happier and so on and so forth.... could it have something to do with campaign contributions? Nawww- that wouldn't be ethical. And politicians always do the ethically right thing don't they?

    As the employees get happier, our town goes broke and people keep getting creamed at the death trap rail road crossing. I am sure losing respect for our firefighters since apparently they supporting spending $15 million plus on renovating stations before the number hazard since incorporation remains untouched.

    Council - Your number one goal expressed to all at City hall should be Forget about the other two new Ritz stations and the Regional Park, sell quall gardens property and bury the F'ng track, before you make any other grand dream goals.

  11. Stocked and SabinedMarch 13, 2008 11:55 PM

    Stocked and Sabined

    Leadership In Action - Deciding Priorities
    Scene: Beacon’s bluff basking under a fingernail moon, two seated figures lean against wooden post supporting cliff.
    Stocked: Uh...her... (coughs and offers lit rolled object)
    Sabined: Dude, where’s the clip?
    Stocked: Uh...her...(offers bobbypin and exhales)
    Sabined: Dude, I’se dun tole ya, runnin that head shop outta town weren’t the best ideal
    Stocked: Uh..heh..heh..heh...youse so right...Glennbobbitt
    Sabined: Uh..heh..heh..heh..
    Stocked: Heh..heh..heh...heh
    (dialogue continues monotonously for 2 hours of heh..heh..hehs until bluff gives way underneath and our heroes plummet 60 feet to the beach)
    Sabined: (Srapes dirt out of eyeballs and pulls bobbypin off a nostril) Holy Jesus! Uh, seriously, Dude, youse better vote for that there smokin ban.
    Stocked: Heh..heh..heh
    Our heroes dig out and sneak away....Fadeout

  12. 'What was the most common phrase of the 70s'?"

    (hold your breath and say) "..."'ere".

  13. The bags are not NCTD's fault.
    The color of the bags are their fault. The reason the bags are there are to protect from erosion from water from our city's drainage. Hopefully the city will solve the reason for the bags and NCTD and the city will work together to create a more thought out landscape plan than sandbags and dirt and a safer ped. crossing.
    It could happen.

  14. The orange bags have been there for two years.

    Go look at Cardiff Crossing it looks beautiful. Trees, flowers and plants all over the place.


    Why does the Leucadia Crossing have to be so F'd up and ugly?

    It’s only been 20 years. Come on City Council, you can move faster than that.

    How many more will die before the Leucadia Crossing gets fixed?

  15. What the F has Jerome Stocks done for the NCTD problems while he has been our representative?

    That guy most be paid by BIA because he surely does not represent Encinitas.

  16. Anon 7:39 please, do us a favor and stop kissing ass to the NCTD. I know you think you're a mover and shaker, but trust me, you are just a blip on their radar, idiot.

  17. Dear Anon. 11:53am,
    It doesn't sound to me like the person who posted the facts about the sandbag color is kissing the transit district's ass. It sounds more like he/she is shedding light on where the blame/fault lies, namely, the City (and/or Council). So, before you hide behind anonymous posts and call people idiots and 'blips on radar', you might want to read and consider the merit of each post. And find a good anger-management therapist while you're at it. Have you nothing else to do besides rattle off simple-minded and vitriolic posts? (look it up) People would take you more seriously if you added some substance and removed a little of the raving. As it stands you give off the air of an curmudgeonly and ignorant crab-ass. Just my opinion. Still, I know that crab-asses have feelings and opinions too, and you're entitled to yours.

  18. I resemble that remark.

  19. LOL! Ok - if you have a sense of humor then you're ok. :-)

  20. OK, you win. Stop kissing the ass of the NCTD...please.


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