Friday, March 28, 2008


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The Leucadia 101 Post Office. Puppet and suck.


  1. The best thing that you can do is photograph the tag, call graffiti hot line at 633-2751 and paint it over IMMEDIATELY.
    The taggers are going to come by to see their handiwork. If they know it won't be seen, what's the point.
    Fix it Quickly.
    Every time the taggers drive by and tell their friends, they are emboldened.
    What was that? White, blue and white?

  2. This crap happens every time there is a school holiday. These idiots visit from Arizona, Las Vegas, Kansas, etc. and leave their tags behind.

    A pox on their homes!

  3. Lets bust those little faggots and tattoo their punk as tag names on there forehead in green!

  4. Go back to Compton and take your crime with you.

  5. Nice to see the taggers are on the Green bandwagon.

  6. I painted over the tag at the post office and on my business. I took a photo and called grafitti hotline.
    The paint on the post office is not a perfect match, but it will show the taggers this is our turf.

    Thanks for the post. It did some good.

  7. It's everyone's turf. And it all should be respected.

  8. A couple of the worst taggers in Leucadia are living in a nice Habitat for Humanity home provided to their parents with our cities help. If you see ENC T/F and so forth in the area it could be these guys. There has been some effort to get the family to control their boys or they could lose the house, we shall see, it seems the city doesn't want to deal with the issue.

  9. Habitat for humanity is a joke.

    Humans already have taken to much habitat.

    There should be a group.

    "Humanity for Habitat for god's other creatures".

  10. the Leucadia Blog: Habitat for Hilarity

  11. Tagging is for sissy bitches. Beating the crap out of taggers should be legal and give you a tax bonus for the year. Every tagger you beat up should be an exyta $50 back at you.


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