Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kegger at Jerome's

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The notice appears to be sent at the expense of taxpayer’s of the 74th Assembly District. I can only assume this meeting is open to anyone who RSVP’s.

It would be a great chance to ask Martin about the BIA’s effort to take local zoning control away form local governments. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Mayor Stocks and Assemblyman Martin’s opinion on that subject?


Video from Jerome's last party,


  1. This “Community Meeting” isn’t well publicized. I don’t see it on Garrick’s website (www.assembly.ca.gov/garrick) or on the City’s website.

    I guess Jerome and Garrick forgot to publicize it beyond those they personally selected and notified with the publicly funded mailer. It makes me wonder what they were planning.

  2. J.P. Did you post that girly photo just because someone shared it with you and you liked it or is it one of your own private favorites? WHY post it?? Ewww- college stupidness- grow up!!

  3. I like peder norby, but I have to say I like the picture of the two chickies on the kegs much better.

    The whole post made me bust up.... I think I peed alittle.

    Great stuff JP. Keep it up and See you at Jeromes. Advertising for a community event at the public expense with party favors. I bet RSPB will show.

  4. I like the photo of the two girls discovering forbidden love. Maybe someday they can get legally married. Homophobes be damned.

  5. If that mailer wasn't sent to all the constituents in the 74th then it could be a violation of the Fair Political Practices Act -- can't use public funds to pay for private interests, such as re-electing Stocks. This really smells -- just as bad as the day after a kegger. Why don't you do a FOIA request to see who it was mailed to? I bet it was sent to a hand-picked bunch of Red County boys.

  6. Thanks for the laugh, JP, and for the info about taxpayers illegally financing Jerome's PR re-election campaign.

    Jerome Stocks is also using Encinitas First, put out by the Chamber of Commerce, highly subsidized by City of Encinitas, to promote himself.

    That also should be a violation of Conflict of Interest laws.


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