Saturday, March 29, 2008

Leucadia 1972

click image for large view


  1. Nice postcard JP. Click and zooming in, there's a lotta vacant lots and maybe just twice as many trees. Beacon's stairway is probably three stairways ago. But the RR is still scorched. Some things never change.


    I cannot look at it anymore. It reminds me of how nice it was when I moved here in the 80s.

    Now we have people crawling all over each other and stressed out to the max.

    You can thank politicians like Jerome for selling out and maximizing density for developer's profit. Look what thats got us. No water, gridlocked streets, crowded beaches, stressed out Yuppies all over the place with there Iphones and Lexuses, loud and fast traffic, 3 times the number of trains each day, our City cutting down trees faster than we can plant them, the City wasting our money on trophy firestations and regional parks, and seawalls armoring our beaches.

    Check out the difference in the look of the beach.

    This gets me sick. The best times in Leucadia were clearly before the 1990 and it the downfall is accelerating.

    Be responsible and only have 2 children if any. Humans are heavely destructive to our envirnment and the rest of mother earth.

    The future looks crowded with much less creatures other then us humans! Humans are killing this earth quickly.

  3. Cool old photo,
    the world changes, adapt.
    I can see the lot where my old house on Neptune was and my current house further east.
    The world changes, get involved locally and try to make it change for the best.

  4. The world changes.

    As the rats breed like flies and eat the remaining food and baby rats to survive another day.

    The rats adapt.

  5. Soilant Green coming soon

  6. But look at the bright side. We're not in Viet Nam anymore.

  7. Good one. Our country wouldn't try something stupid like that again would it?

    Oh and at least we don't have 10% inflation per year and high interest rates right?

    Joke (hint-waite 2 years).

  8. Any more photos from that era?? What a treat! Please share more!

  9. I love this photo! It reminds me of when I grew up and played sand lot baseball at the NE corner of Neptune and W. Glaucus with Tim, Pat, David and the rest of the Leucadia gang. Chuck would have loved this blog and I know that Hildegarde and Betty do. Keep it positive that's what makes Leucadia more than just a place on the map - it occupies a space in our minds. signed T. Pat

  10. The picture must be older the 1972. Where's the freeway? Sure is a sweet photo though, I moved here in 1975 and I'm sure happy I did the place still has a great vibe even with a boat load of extra people.

  11. I noticed that 5 is invisible too, but it's there. It's just recessed. The small bridge over the freeway is there (Woodley Rd, now Leucadia Blvd.)The fwy opened in 1965. But in the parking lot at 7-11 (prior to the auto parts store being built) there is that caddy-wampus trailer that was Southwest Bank. I think that was early 70's.


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