Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leucadia Hymettus Roundabout Landscaping




  1. Are they gong to water the plants???

  2. You can use the fire hydrant. You know, the one out on the corner.

  3. That Street is going to look SWEET!

  4. Floyd the barberMarch 27, 2008 3:14 PM

    Oh, Andy, well that... Oh , well I,I,I,I, niiiiice!

  5. Former Captain Christopher PikeMarch 27, 2008 8:34 PM


  6. Gentrification never looked so bland.

  7. They look great, and mostly work great. I think that the next one at Hygia will go in soon.

  8. Actually BOB, the area in question looks much nicer now that it's not so....blighted!!!

    Sorry it's not full of weeds and dirt, your favorites. Perhaps we should plant some coffee beans and then import a couple of hundred pickers, but agriculture in Encinitas seems to be on the wain so financially I doubt this work for the long run.

    While bland it may be, it's better than what was there-blight, and the area is safer also.

    Progress isn't always pretty, but not everyone in Leucadia wants this community to be kept JUNKY and UGLY. Your days of hogging the argument by being the loudest voice in the room are over. The tide has turned, and more and more Leucadians want Leucadia to be not just the Art and Soul of Encinitas, but they want it to be a nice safe place to walk and do business and live.

  9. Bob,-you can take solace in that NCTD keeps the RR right of way an ugly scorched earth blighted dirt and orange sand bag filled eyesore. Is that more to your liking??

  10. This once beautiful rural beach town with dirt & rocks & sand & vacant lots & trees & wild flowers & trails & wild life & quiet winters, is now being paved over with concrete & asphalt .
    One man's beautiful is another man's blight.

  11. I love it. Everyday I drive home, (that is after my road rage incident because some dumbass did f'n Yield), I enjoy the beauty it encompasses.

  12. Hey Jon P-

    I agree and offer a few other points.

    The politicians keep approving the higher density developments for their buddies. The crowds are here to stay no matter how bad we hate them. We will never be a rural farm/beach community again. Even though we don’t have the water and do not welcome the crowds.

    I rather landscaping over crowded unsafe dirt and littered streets any day. If you want to see what crowded streets without any improvements looks like, go visit TJ. Do a shot before you look around, otherwise, you can not stomach the sights and smells.

    That road is a major improvement for Leucadia. I can not wait for phase II to complete the long needed project along with getting that railroad crossing fixed. What is the status of the fix for the railroad crossing? Did someone on Council say they were working on it?

  13. Does anyone know why they DID NOT replace the fencing with Block Walls (like they did from RSF to Vulcan)on the North Side of Leucadia Blvd at Hermes Ave?

    This is very frustrating to me!!

  14. Better than dirt and weeds but very bland and boring. I hate the roundabouts why do people speed up going thru them instead of slowing down like they are supposed to?

  15. I too appreciate the improvements to Leucadia Blvd, so I'm not sure why the nameless hostility.

    When I said bland I was speaking of the landscaping palate, not the round about itself.

    As to the statement "Your days of hogging the argument by being the loudest voice in the room are over" I can assure you I will always be the loudest voice in the room.

  16. So far I am not too impressed with the landscaping but give it a chance until its finished. I am sure it will be as nice as Santa Fe or the east Leucadia. They better not have cheaped out on us.

    I LOVE THE ROUNDABOUTS. No more sitting at an ugly traffic signal for no reason when its safe for me to cruise right through the intersection at 20mph. They are great, put more in!

  17. To anonymous at 6:29 pm on Mar. 28:

    Sitting at an ugly traffic signal for no reason? So far none of the roundabouts have replaced traffic lights. All existing and planned roundabouts in Encinitas are replacing uncontrolled intersections or intersections with stop signs.

  18. I agree with Bob, it is generification -- not the roundabout, but the materials! Why not a community effort to tile the surface, or paint it, or apply a sculptural surface like the wall at the Del Mar library -- there are plenty of artistic people in this community. Now we have a rubberstamp, when it could be a Picasso.

  19. You are exactly right. The three intersections with roundabouts were not controlled.

    My intent was to show an overwhelming approval of the roundabout as the best intersection control of choice. you only have 3 choices for intersection control. Stop signs, traffic signals, and roundabouts.

    I drive roundabouts and they feel like a natural flow. My gut tells me to yield when someone else is coming. Otherwise, I go. I did some research on roundabouts and learned traffic signals stink. They have the highest fatalities of all three types of control, they have high ongoing operational costs, and I hate waiting at them when the coast is clear most of the time.

    Roundabouts are stellar. Check out some facts:

    I hope like many other states throughout the US and countries throughout the world. More and more signals get replaced by roundabouts.

    They are not new. check out the below article.

    If you don’t currently like them, Clear you mind, Quite looking for others like the government including a red and green lights tell you when its safe to cross an intersection to plan your future. Take some ownership and freedom. Look and when clear go.

    Life is great. Try and get used to them. They are the wave of the future. Much safer, lower overall cost, and much better on the environment. People who love freedom, gotta love the roundabout.

  20. Roundabouts also bypass red light cameras.

  21. I love roundabouts and wish there were more in Encinitas, Southern California, and the US. I have driven on many roundabouts in the Northeast US, as well as in other countries, and find the time and gas-wasting stop signs and traffic lights to be inefficient and frustrating.

    One pre-Christmas season I kept a knitted knitted had project on my passenger seat. I knit an entire hat just sitting at traffic-light intersections. Sometimes there were no cars even moving in any direction! What a waste of time, fuel, and space. With roundabouts, away we go! It's truly a shame how long it takes to drive across tiny Encinitas some times of the day. More roundabouts would shave drive times and congestion quite a bit.

    I especially like the "dot" roundabouts one finds at small intersections in the UK - roundabout rules with little expense and fuss. They aren't hard to learn to use with a good public education campaign.

    I'm not sure why the Encinitas roundabouts have to be so expensive and fancy, though. I'd rather have more functional roundabouts than a few with fancy landscaping (though I admit, some of the areas that have now have landscaped roundabouts were butt-ugly before and needed some serious beautification attention anyway).


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