Sunday, March 30, 2008

Local Yokels


  1. seen the wig players many a time including a classic new years eve at the leucadian.
    keep on rockin in the free world
    lo-fi billy

  2. You gotta LOVE the wigbillies. True Leucadians.

  3. Simon judge on American IdolMarch 30, 2008 9:34 PM

    JP, you owe me 2:46 minutes of my life back. Shear crap!! A complete and total embarrassment. If this is what your blog is going to be from this point forward, you have lost your mind. Why not post the train running through the town and that damn whistle that just get louder after every suicide?? Just as entertaining.
    Or maybe this is some sort of sleep deprived joke you are playing prior to April fools day. Either way it's just plain AWFUL. These people would be run off the streets of Paris, not for lack of a permit, but for lack of talent. Spare us this indigestion in the future.

  4. Pretty strong words from someone who must hide behind a corny made up name. Is that the best you can do, "Simon"? Besides, anyone who watches AI or knows who the judges are is totally pathetic.

    For the rest of you who don't hate our guts: Come see us murder MORE classics at the Environment Fair at Cottonwood Creek on June 8th!

  5. Murder is too kind of a word for what you do to a song!! I'll bring an ice pick to stick into my ear drums for the environment fair.
    PS- I don't hate your guts, just the way you play music. But I forgive you because you are an artist.

  6. Now see, bloggers, this is good. "Simon" and I have an open communication going. Real discourse, give and take, and it appears we agree to disagree.

    By the way, I'm sorry you got fired from your job at the Sperm Bank. Heard you were drinking on the job.

  7. Mary, Mary, Mary, is this any way to treat your biggest fan?? I mean really now, that jab about the sperm bank was uncalled for don't you think?? Everyone loses a job in life . Some of us recover and others become artists. BTW, artist= unemployed fast food server!!

  8. Thanks, again, JP. The acoustics didn't come out so well, but I love the wigbillies, too.

    As for "simon," I think rspb came out of "retirement" and promptly fell off the wagon.

    YOU are the one dominating the threads with your WHINING!!!!!!!!, dude. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

    All you seem to be able to think about, "simon" is what you don't like. Poor guy.

    Thanks, Mary and Bob, for not letting this bum run you off the blog.

    Keep on playing, creating art; it is appreciated by many. Go back to Paris, bumOne, if you don't like it here.

  9. I'm sorry about the jab, "Simon".

    I'd love to make it right and send you naked pictures of your Mom, but see, there's a waiting list.

  10. To say that "Anyone who watches totally pathetic" seems overly broad. I don't hear a lot of peace, love or tolerance in such a sweeping condemnation. And I thought the hallmark of a "true Leucadian" was live and let live. Maybe not so much.

  11. Mary, you use the excuse that many use on this blog, that if you are a Leucadian that somehow that is acceptable for ... lousy art, bad music, junky H101 etc. It's not. While your desires may be noble, your music is awful. Perhaps it was the acoustics of you tube or my speakers, what ever. To seek a "PASS" simply because you are Leucadian is an insult to all Leucadian with real talent. ( And there are some DAMN talented people in this town! Leucadia Art Gallery showcases many fine artists and Fred Calwell from 101 design is extremely talented also, as is the man at Shatto T-shirts. During the first Leucadia nights a trio of young musicians performed in front of the surf shop at Leucadia plaza, they were quite good as evidenced by the large crowd of people.) I'm sure you have some sort of real talent, it just hasn't been presented yet on this forum.

    As for the attacks against my previous employment and my mother, that's beneath you. But that's also something you'll have to take up with your conscious. I didn't attack you, I attacked what was presented as acceptable music.

    Your biggest fan,

  12. Mary, you're funny.
    My take is Simon is one of those Yuppie kooks that just bought an over priced McMansion in "Encinitas Ranch" & is way over his head in debt & has no time left over for the good things in life.
    His trophy wife is screwing the poolman & he's taking it out on you.
    Nice song. From the heart with no effects.

    Oh & by the way Simon, the only time anyone "becomes" an artist is when they are born.


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