Monday, March 10, 2008

The new building going on the corner of Phoebe St and Hwy101

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  1. eclectic is cool, top heavy is poor design.... leucadia deserves funky cool not flat and cold.....

  2. I like the architectural lines but the materials look like junk concrete -- what about some stone, or art work such as mosaics -- that would be funky. As it is now, it looks like the new building next to Jack in the Box in Cardiff -- innovative lines but arrested design.

  3. it has potential, looks like a ship with four sails -- if the top were white and the bottom solid, and put four flagposts on the top at each balcony, it might resemble a four-masted schooner.

  4. The sky looks great.

    But IMHO here is another example of a developer maximizing cubic footage in our community with no symbiontic sense, so that he/she or they can live in a gated community somewhere else. (Not unlike the situation a lady on Phoebe encountered, who spent tons of money to negotiate the size of the McMansion robbing her ocean view. At a city meeting the developer's wife CRIED at the podium "But this is our dream home!" The emotional plea was honored and their plans stood. They built it to the 9's and then sold their dream home a few months after completion.)

    But this one has little adherence to the Specific Plan. NO roof articulation and no gradual stepping as shown in the SP guidelines for 3 story structures. Traveling south on 101 the walls curved walls are not seen, just flat square walls, 3 stories tall.
    Another critical aspect of this plan (and others doubtless coming soon) is that the parking is far from adequate. (The previous planner even wanted to put his handicapped parking on the street. And BTW, Rick Smith of Leucadia Glass did NOT get to count street parking as part of his parking requirements when he built his business a mile down the road - and he actually helped write the Specific Plan being on the SPARC committee. Since then for some bad reason, that important requirement has been waived on 101 and the public parking section of Phoebe St.)

    The "2 car garages" means tenants have to park their cars in tandem. In other words, the first car parked in the garage is locked in place and cannot go anywhere if their roommate is parked behind them. How handy and safe is that?

    The building would look excellent in San Diego, but I doubt if it would pass their strict parking requirements without proper underground parking.

    If they're going to take up that much room with a structure, I'd like to see them emulate the Victorian era of the Pannikin; or the Classic English Tudor style of the General Store that used to be on the NW corner next to Leucadia Roadside Park; or the cool Art Deco period of the Longboard Grotto. But not the 70's Whoops period of Del Mar.

  5. Assuming that those are living spaces above, and small, 500-1,200 sq. ft. retail spaces below, I am curious to see what type of retail shop can make a go of it in Leucadia. Given the city's draconian 2nd Hand Dealer law, any new antiques stores avoid this city like the plague. We're maxed out on surf shops, eateries and yoga venues. With rents likely starting around $3.50+ per square foot, once you add in utilities, liability insurance, payroll, workers' comp... Well, let's just hope there are a few trust funds to tap, because as far as making a living, it doesn't pencil out. And this particular building? Butt ugly.

  6. I agree with the top heavy comment and the parking requirements comment. Parking is a premium at the beach. Require more not less.

    It will look ghetto when completed like the Maimi looking crap they are building up in Oceanslime.

  7. I don't care what it looks like. Is there enough parking?

    If not WHY NOT?

    Will the taxpayer have to bailout the developers for not putting in enough parking?

    Or is L101 suppose to be so walkable that we can get rid of parking and force people to walk to the shops?

  8. Looks great. Glad money is finally being pumped into the 101. Thank you to whoever is doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the other anonymousMarch 11, 2008 8:58 AM

    Looks ugly. Agree, glad money is finally being pumped into the 101. Thank you to whomever is doing this????????????????????

  10. As an artist, I just have to say I hope the upper part of the building is wood siding.
    If not, it looks too big & the design basically sucks. Wood would help soften it up & make it less top heavy.
    Remember it's Funky not Fugly.
    A better idea would be four units, each with a unique design. Smaller buildings will help preserve Leucadia's home town feel.

  11. funny how progressive design is polarizing. the top heavy design allows for more pedestrian friendly space at the street level, very nice. the living space does step back as the code says, so it looks like this developer is working within the zoning. however, add a little architectural articulation and whammo... the NIMBYs come out. suprizing anyone ever tries to develop in FunkyLeu. a little advice neighbors: be glad this is happening otherwise funky will always be dumpy, you need this!

  12. What a bunch of cry baby know-it-alls!! If you don't like what the developer has proposed why don't you buy the land and build something yourselves!!! But NOOOOOOO, it's easier to criticize someone else than put your $$$ where your mouth is!!! The building looks great, build it as is!!! What's on that corner now??? Construction materials. Before that?? WEEDS AND DIRT!!!!

    As for parking, well the Panikin has just laid some new concrete increasing their usable space, did they increase their off street parking??? HELL NO!!!! You people pick and choose those you favor and oppose, so cheap, so clannish!!!

    As for the building next to the Jack in the Box in Cardiff, it looks great, better than that shitty hole-in-the-wall dump with creaky floorboards, Miracles. It was a miracle that my foot didn't fall through the floor. It was miracle that they lasted as long as they did. It was miracle that they never had a cabaret license for those awful singers. It is a Miracle that they never returned and better for all of Cardiff!!!

  13. Yes, when will we learn. One must have money to have an opinion (even on a blog) in Leucadia - and increasingly throughout this country.

    Ownership = correctness

    BTW, capital letters and exclamation marks are a bit hysterical sounding. Has anyone else noticed that screaming indignation doesn't make an argument more compelling or truthful?

  14. It's obvious the two posters above are either developers or out of towners.

    Miracles was a nice old building & nice place to hang out. The place was packed every weekend.
    Look at it now. It's an empty ugly eyesore. A lot of locals think the new building is a dump, including me. It looks like shit. Just like the new building on Phoebe st.
    If you have to build this crap, build it on El Camino Real where we don't have to see it.

  15. Jon P. buy the land at pheobe and 101 and keep it empty!!! Put your $$$ where your mouth should be. What have you done for Leucadia?? What great monument have you built?? Show us your ideal space, building, home, whatever?? We just want to be able to understand your ideals!!!
    Small building don't maintain Leucadia's feel!!! They are more expensive to build than larger buildings and the permit fees are just as high.

    What has been proposed is NOT junk and thankfully isn't FUNKY either. It's modern and different and will be a very nice addition to H101. Everyone would be proud to live and work there.

  16. We put blog-meister my guess is the arky-tecky is tired of losing his battles in Del Mar to destroy the town ambiance and has decided to not only come north phycically to build but cyberly to spew venom on this blog as well.

    Personal property rights are good just dont tread on me whilst exercising them.

  17. See folks, It's all about money for these guys.

  18. FUNKY is not a design requirement in the Planning Code.

    A bunch of FUCKHEADS here!!

    I am very happy with something being pretty cool being developed here.

    BTW - I am a landowner here. Are you? It's good for your future values assholes.

  19. This project will go forth as planned . Why?? Because it increases the value of the property and that means more tax revenue for the city and local govt. AS the property sits now the taxes are not much at all versus the new tax base that the city will reap from 4 condo and various other revenue sources.
    This project will go forth as planned.

  20. Cain't we allllz jusssss git along!!!

  21. the cardiff kook statueMarch 11, 2008 2:18 PM

    That building is rad!!!

  22. Yea, not only am I a land owner, I rented for many years & still lease land in Encinitas.
    I'm 7th generation Californian. My Grand Daughter is 9th generation. Her Grandfather & Great Grandfather grew up here. I started a nice family business in Leucadia that I still run.
    I laugh when people move here & think they know what's good for Leucadia after only living here for five years.

    And what's up with this comment?

    "What have you done for Leucadia??
    What great monument have you built??"

    Sounds like developer thinking to me.

  23. Jon P said "As an artist, I just have to say I hope the upper part of the building is wood siding.
    If not, it looks too big & the design basically sucks. Wood would help soften it up & make it less top heavy."

    This is a fair observation. The materials used will make or break this wonky design.

    BTW, I am a commercial property in San Marcos and homeowner in New Encinitas if that allows me to have an opinion.

  24. Can anyone be happy that someone is making the bold move towards an investment in Leucadia?

    I agree with "f l wright aia" (although I doubt that is your name... )

    Funky... hmm, rhymes with junky. The politicians and big business that influence our little part of the world (sorry, but the truth hurts folks) likely hear this and think how naive the citizens of Leucadia are... and what are these simpletons, these hippies going to do? Which makes it that much easier to differentially allocate our tax dollars to other projects to more politically savvy, focused, solution oriented areas.

    Keep Leucadia Funky?... can we stop this already? Lets mature, lets evolve, lets be positive and focused. How about Beautify Leucadia? How about attracting credible businesses to Leucadia. How about not positioning ourselves as funky folks who are ok with inadequate drainage, unsafe rail crossings, no bike lanes, inconsistent residential zoning. Enough of this funky... please.

    Support investment, support positive and green growth, support the betterment of the community.

    Should we just let our beautiful community turn into a shit hole like the corner of Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd.? Now that is funky.... so is the smell of a dumpster.

    What would you prefer more liquor stores? junk yards? used car lots? vacant lots littered with orange sand bags (courtesy of the NCTD landscaping bureau).

    As a landowner, citizen, business person and human, we should encourage thoughtful, well executed investments in our community. We should take action to support these activities or we will get left behind and end up living in a ghetto.

    PS - Not a developer, so please no assumptions. I am an accountant and work for a living. I have a wife, children and dogs.

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  26. Watch and see how fast these spec buildings are sold.

  27. long time LeucadianMarch 11, 2008 10:14 PM

    Brain sounds like a newbie.... probably from LA.

    Watch your shit Brain.... we are maturing whether we like it or not.

    Your comments sound like you might be happier living in San Marcos.

    Good investment should have good architecture that fits with the community - not damage the community character.

    Adios Brain. Don’t let the roundabout hit you on the way out of town.

  28. Leucadia looked very different 10 years ago -- now what is "junky" is what the City Council has allowed to happen -- sure there used to be flooding, but nothing like it is now -- do you know the City shuts off the drainage that works in Leucadia so that the sewers are not overrun with water spewing in from other parts of Encinitas, do you realize there were established trees and flora on 101 before the shock and awe policy, do you realize that people used to be able to safely walk and ride bicycles along 101 before development increased bypass traffic from I5. Now, with planned neglect, areas of Leucadia do look junky -- they need restoration not remediation.

  29. Brian- don't listen to Long time Leucadian-he/she is a cranky old fart that has been part of the problem for years, the keep Leucadia ugly crowd. They fear a decent Leucadia and the safety and visual appeal that is forthcoming. His/her day has past, but they keep holding on to the past because that's all they can relate to, the past.

  30. long time leucadian.... you can't spell. While I have a brain, my name is Brian.

    But hey, no need to get nasty....I am just sharing an opinion. Don't be a hater.... certainly don't threaten me to watch my shit. That isn't a very mellow, Leucadian or "funky" attitude bro.

    Why would you care if I am a newbie? Newbie to what? Life? Sharing ideas? Thoughtful contributions? Participating in the community?

    Is your idea of sharing ideas an opportunity to try to slam someone? Are your ideas the only correct ones and everyone else (you know, those assholes from LA) is wrong. Reasonable people can disagree.

    Come on...grow up and be positive. Polarizing on an issue and stating that "oh, you must be from LA" isn't even close to a rational argument. But maybe you are on to something. the city council probably does the same thing... well, except they say "Oh don't worry, they are from Leucadia"

  31. Brian has a point. If Leucadians like the word "funky" than it is up to us to rebrand it in a positive light. Leucadia renaissance will not be accomplished though naysaying and name calling. Although "keeping Leucadia funky can be done with artistic and eclectic flair green growth is vital to our well-being. I wonder if the new project at Phoebe and 101 will integrate solar panels into the design and use both Leed and Smart standards.

  32. long time leucadianMarch 12, 2008 8:07 AM

    Your right Brian, I cannot spell.

    The “watch your shit comment” was in response to the condescending comments like:
    1. Lets mature, lets evolve….
    2. Come on...grow up…..

    I find that offensive.

    I bet you are the type of person that enters a room of your colleagues and says, “Good Morning children”.

    What do you consider mature and grown up Brian:

    1. Top heavy architecture with no parking?

    2. Converting a formerly cool surf town known as Carlsbad into a box laden developer ghetto.

    3. Are our politicians mature and grown up that don’t balance a budget and keep us out of massive Debt.

    Tell us Brian, what will your matured and grown up Leucadia look like? Will it look like that top heavy architecture? No thanks.

    As to your saying my comments are negative. Not at all. I feel mine our positive. I find yours very offensive and ignorant. Of course you all are welcome to post whatever they want. That’s what makes the blog fun. If someone comments on your comments, that’s what it’s all about.

    Look forward to your future posts Brian.

  33. cardiff is not newportMarch 12, 2008 8:17 AM

    Funky and junky, apples and oranges. The difference isn't sublime. Open your eyes.

  34. They must be loving this debate at City Hall.

  35. Anon-8:22 We here at city hall don't place any significance in the comments on this blog. We do what we want to do, with or without your approval.

    We are omnipotent!! We are right, you are wrong This project will go forth as planned to provide additional tax revenue and ten's of thousands of additional fee's for permits and what not!! Feed the kitty, that's our motto!!!

  36. Maybe if they put some fast growing trees like Eucalyptus in the front of the building the structure wouldn't look so imposing. I like the architecture looks like La Jolla but like I said some tall trees (replace the canopy) and the building will represent ECLECTIC Leucadia. Then again I look at things from a different perspective you could say a narrower point of view.

  37. I've read this thread, and I must admit I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the most obvious thing to me (perhaps it's because my wife and I have a retail store fronting Hwy 101) - That "retail space" is no retail! Why are there no doors facing 101? Where are the "storefronts"? Inside? Why is the building fronting onto Phoebe St. instead of the highway? This design as proposed simply perpetuates the "lack of walkability" that we deal with now on Hwy 101 in Leucadia.

    I would much rather see the building set back from the street with a greenbelt protecting a walkway and a gathering place, with storefronts opening out to our grand old Main Street. Stop turning your backs from Old Highway 101, buildings!

    Hopefully the new streetscape project will help make this possible - narrow the highway to make for more parking spaces, and make the highway opposite that lot no so... butt ugly. :/

    Hey, don't take my word for it, check this out in Google Maps:

  38. just build the damn thing


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