Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Leucadia Farmers Market Logo


  1. There will be tee shirts and e-wise shopping bags available soon at THE MARKET.

    Thanks, Fred.
    This is very cool.
    Fred's a busy guy, but he took the time to offer his artistic services for the benefit of our community. He did negotiate a few free tee shirts out of the deal.
    A good deal for The Market,PTA,L101and Leucadia.
    Support 101 Design.

  2. I hope that surfboard was made locally and it not a cheap chinese knock off.

  3. God. Please no more sign pollution. If you must put these up, please take down all the other ugly green signs for the farmers market.

  4. Historically, the Leucadia/Encinitas boundary was Athena Street - there was a sign, back in the day. Seems like nowadays anything north of Encinitas Blvd. is referred to as "Leucadia". Just saying.

    Regardless, Fred rocks.

  5. to God Anno.
    I do not see any reference to signs.

  6. Very cool. I don't know about anyone else, but I really missed the farmers last week. I am ready to see them again.

  7. Aw shucks, thanks for all the annonymous kudos. I think.

    Yes, that surfboard was digitally created locally.

    I agree, we don't need any more signs on 101. I especially hate the useless ones - like:

    CAMPAIGN SIGNS (that insult a voter's knowledge of their favorite candidate and blight everywhere for months and then several signs never get picked up after an election.);

    NO LITTERING $1000 FINE sign (a sign that is NEVER enforced. When I called the Sheriff reporting a candidate's campaingn signs clogging up the stormdrain, I did so citing the litter law. I was told there was no way to prove they did the littering, even though their name was on the litter in 12" letters.);

    NO TRUCKS signs (that shows a truck stuck in a position in which trucks never get stuck);

    LEAVING CARLSBAD (like folks don't get it when a few feet later it says ENTEREING ENCINITAS then see the 16' LEUCADIA sign;

    40 MPH (if it's gonna be ignored and unenforced at 40 MPH, it might as well be ignored and unenforced at 30 MPH);

    NO RIGHT TURNS AROUND 9am (huge and hideous, but probably a necessary evil);

    I love Chris Hicks' surfer crossing signs and don't think there's enough of those. When her signs kept getting stolen she learned that greasing the pole worked pretty well. But she actually got chewed out by someone's mom who complained about the grease all over her son's clothes.

    And of the 12 retro 101 sheild signs I designed that the city put up in 1997, only one remains. Kind of a drag and a compliment at the same time.

  8. I love the sign that Fred made! Oh, and I'll be performing as a street statue and giving away gifts on Dec. 14 at Leucadia's farmer's market....the INVENTOR will be there also!


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