Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Small Step...


  1. Better than just a plain ugly sidewalk.

  2. What is that a picture of? Something that used to be in Leucadia?

  3. Beautiful day for a walk !
    We enjoyed the new sidewalk today.

  4. When the city tossed around the idea of starting a partial and "temporary" sidewalk in Leucadia just last year, I was pretty stoked (having been among many who've asked for one repeatedly since 1993). Wading through one person's suggestion that it be ASPHALT (like the median berms we got), I'm glad that idea was ditched and we ended up with the material we did. (However, Russell Levan's suggestion of PERMIABLE material is ideal in our flood zone and should be considered in the final chapter).
    Overall, I believe Bonsall Construction did an amazingly good job with curbs, gutters and driveways, but of course they can't please all the people all the time, who can? Still, it'll be a good template to correct certain areas once (or before) the finalized layouts are chosen.
    Unfortunately, by ACE CARS the new walk is still unlevel with their property and my mom fell there and broke her leg a few weeks ago.
    She wishes to extend her thanks to the unknown and off-duty paramedic biking by, who saw it happen and rushed to her aid waiting on the ambulance.

  5. Ambulance chasing lawyerMarch 23, 2008 5:33 PM

    I smell lawsuit!!!


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