Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Orpheus Firestation Torn Down

SDUT story from Oct 2007 Chula Vista firm gets contract to replace Leucadia fire station


  1. After the fire houses are built, we city staff will need new digs also!! Our current location is old, crapped, dirty, smelly, moldy, hot in the summer, cold in the winter. We need a new city hall. Preliminary estimates with all the bells and whistles will run about $25n million dollars, quite a bargin for such dedicated workers!!!

  2. Oh, I forgot , we want an ocean view also and a new water cooler. The one we have now is worn out from too many people leaning on it and gossiping about nothing.

  3. My business is about to go BKMarch 11, 2008 3:52 PM

    Yep- That cool $5 million trophy facelift will really make my business on HW101 more profitable. WTF?

    What’s next, another $5 million on another trophy station upgrade before we get our streetscape to help our businesses survive?

    Why is the City building these over the top structures that don't fit in with the surrounding neighborhood?

    Who the hell is setting these priorities?

  4. Go complain at the planning commission. They can say no to a project.

  5. Now listen to me business about to go BK, you just keep paying your taxes! You hear me!!! We want your money and we want it now. WE are more important then your business. Govt is business... about collecting more and more taxes. While just today we were discussing taxing off street parking spaces . Parking is a privilege not a right!!! As with most thing that are a privilege they can and should be taxed! Park in your garage=tax. Park underground=tax. Park in a designated off street location=tax. 2 car garage= 2 taxes. This will help solve many traffic problems and reduce the excessive consumption of wasteful gasoline. Thereby reducing our dependence on Arab oil! Taxes are good!! Say it with me business about to go BK, say TAXES ARE GOOD!!!

    Now don't you feel better?? Of course you do!
    PS- The new firehouses and new city hall will be super GREEN, of course that will cost more money but don't be worried we'll just cut back on streetscape projects and flowers for Leucadia.


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