Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recycle Your Electronic Waste in Leucadia April 19th

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*Sometimes these e-waste recycling events are feel good scams (see this Wired Magazine article) but I've been assured this event is on the up and up.


  1. Item no. 14 on tonights agenda should be interesting. No staff report presented by City Attorney. Only a verbal report. thats odd. Tune in and watch what he has to say.

  2. Go Green.
    Let's try to make this e waste drive a success.

    Surfrider, (, is partnering with Paul Ecke Central PTA. (,
    and L101, ( to sponsor this worthy effort.

    All of the ewaste is recycled responsably on shore.

    Surfrider is offering to have volunteers to help donors unload the e waste from there cars.
    Any one who be willing to help is welcome. You can help too, by spreading the word.

    This is good for our community and our world.


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