Monday, March 24, 2008

Sheltered Paradise, the trees make it so

Exhibit A: Coronado Ave in Imperial Beach, California. No big trees, just a few scraggly palms. Note the thin center median where nothing can grow. Lots of corporate franchises, not much in the way of independent small business.

Exhibit B: Leucadia Hwy 101, Leucadia California. Old growth trees on both sides of the road and the center median. (and lots of cool mom&pop small business).

Leucadia is Funky, not junky.


  1. where's the water??March 24, 2008 5:12 PM

    J.P. this is a desperate attempt to justify the meager and less than attractive H101. This is like saying " well my girlfriend is ugly, but not as ugly as my brothers girlfriend." The facts are, they are both ugly.

    If you want to compare H101 to an attractive mainstreet, go to Coronado and photograph their Orange Ave. They have a well maintained mainstreet, with green grass, trees, flowers, and most importantly, a city council that understands that Orange Ave is the showpiece of the city of Coronado!!

    It is also full of small mom and pop shops that draw huge numbers of tourists. All the while being a very nice place to visit.

    Coronado may not be funky, but most importantly it is not JUNKY!!

    Glad you posted this today, I wanted to ask why the city does not water the flowers and plants that the hard working citizens of this community bought and paid. We were promise water for the center medians, I guess we'll just have to do it ourselves. Hell, the wild flowers near my home look better than the flowers in the center median.

    So JP, go to Coronado and photo graph a real mainstreet and don't worry about the toll, it's free!!

  2. You want to see a difference.

    Cardiff Rail Road Crossing- Water, Trees, Flowers, all kinds of Green. Even with Fairy Mary it still looks nice. Plus the Cardiff crossing is getting a quiet zone.

    Leucadia Rail Road Crossing- No Water, No Trees or anything alive. White paint on the pavement from the latest accident and cold case. Plus the Leucadia crossing is dustier and loud as hell. THE DEATH ZONE!

    A picture is worth a thousands words. Lets get it fixed.

  3. As they say, ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Roadside Park BumMarch 24, 2008 9:29 PM

    While staggering through Cardiff this weekend, I noticed that the Fairy Mary surf statue has a Save Trestles sign, won't one of you please remove that awful sign. If there is one thing I hate more than bad public art, it's public art used for political gain.


  6. Leave the Tresles sign. Its better public art than Fairy Mary. Its a positive statement.

    Anyone against it (and for the all wrong toll road) must be a moron and their opinion doesn't count.

    I like the saying "Save Trestles" better than "Keep Leucadia Funky". Its ranks up their with "Save Lake Tahoe" and "Free Tibet"

    The next one is going to be "Save the Colorado River".

  7. Roadside Park BumMarch 25, 2008 7:24 AM

    Anon10:02-Waaaaa,waaaaaa, you don't like me!!!! WWWWAAAAaaa!!! Don't use capital letters for all your words and for your letter, it indicates you have no ability to express yourself.

  8. Cardiff RR Crossing is supported by a local community group as was "Fairy Mary". Where is that same group of concerned citizens in Leucadia? You don't have one because it is to easy to bitch on this blog and get nothing changed.

  9. No, no no anonymous. A passionate group of Leucadians want to replicate the Cardiff landscaping really bad but were told to stay the hell away from the tracks and intersection.

  10. JP - what rationale was offered as justification for allowing Cardiff to beautify the track area and not Leucadia?

  11. So, to follow up:

    Last week I talked to the SD County Air District. (The phone number was from the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board website). I talked to them about the fugitive dust problem in Leucadia. I did not yet file a formal complaint knowing that the dust will be much worse as we enter the dry season. They called NCTD and were told that they did not think the dust was a (big?) problem, they had no funds to do anything about it and (here’s the kicker) the vegetation was being removed per federal regulations.

    To be continued...

  12. Yes I agree with BOB, we need to save Leucadia from the people that want to keep it JUNKY. Bury the train and save Leucadia, either that or we could do the Waco solution.

  13. Imagine Leucadia without the trees. Bleak.

  14. The people who like Leucadia being funky would also like to bury the train.

    Think of all the trees we could have then! In Solana Beach, where a "linear park" was developed where the tracks used to be, nearby property owners are charged a special assessment, because their property value has dramatically increased.

    However, the cost of burying the tracks would not be more than the total cost of the planned pedestrian tunnels. Please write Council to tell them that we do not want to bury the pedestrian crossings, as we would then NEVER, EVER get the tracks burried. The comment period is until April 14th. Only those within 500 feet of the proposed crossings were mailed notice, but anyone can respond.

    The more the better. Save the Trees, save the kelp, save our freedom of expression.

    Yes, keep Leucadia Funky. And I also like the Save Trestles sign.

    If you want to express yourself in all caps, feel free. Better than all the exclamation marks and the whining, AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWs, from some who remain nameless.

    Be a caricature, it suits you. And we will continue to love Leucadia's funky charm. And LOTS of people from Leucadia showed up at the No. 101 corridor workshops.

    Cardiff is cool, too, by the way.

  15. Wow! I just get back in town after a month or so on business and I read some heavy duty stuff. What concerns me most, besides the Brown Act violations (no surprise) is the stuff that is not happening in Leucadia. Some of you are trashing Cardiff. You ask " how does Cardiff get to have their own area by the tracks beutified and not Leucadia? Does anyone ask them? Did you know that they just got together a bunch of citizens on traffic problems in their neighborhood and presented it to the traffic commission? Did you know that one of Cardiff's residents just got on the Parks and Rec committee. I think it is Dr. Lori but I am not sure. They will be part of the last word on the Hall property. I don't think we should alienate anyone, but surely we need to stick together. Jerome is hoping we won't.

  16. Cardiff holds many of the same qualities as Leucadia, in the big picture, albeit different geography. In the 1990's, Leucadia Merchants Association worked closely with the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce in "Clean n' Green" events and other common goals. We got the two boats and planted flowers in them as entryway "bookends" to the city (Cardiff still plants theirs and ours was replaced with the L-101 surfboard sign).
    Cardiff has paid special attention to Carpentier Park that is on the east side of the railroad tracks, and I know the Cardiff Chamber used to recieve around $10,000 from the city each year to help maintain it. I still have pictures of Sheila Cameron (vice president LMA), Ida Lou Coley (deseased), Wayne Holden (deseased) and myself weeding and replenishing Carpentier Park. (The bronze statue of the guy watering flowers in Carpentier Park is Wayne).

    Cardiff, like Leucadia has wished to retain their identity and not be absorbed into the totality of Encinitas. The city has finally grown to respect these similar positions of the various communities of Encinitas. Cardiff has always had it's own zip code. In the fury of banks, grocery and variety stores moving east over the past few decades, both Cardiff and Leucadia have fortunately managed to keep their own post offices. And when it came to Old Encinitas keeping their Library, both Leucadia and Cardiff joined that fight to keep it Downtown - and won.
    We have much in common with Cardiff, even though they have more ocean views. Now that Peder Norby is on board with all three coastal communities, the synergy is even stronger.
    One weakness in the system is that when someone dials information for the phone number of a business in Leucadia, it falls on deaf ears unless "Encinitas" is said instead. Cardiff doesn't have that problem.
    I try to tell new businesses opening up on North Coast Hwy 101 that IF they put "Leucadia" as their address, it makes it a lot easier for their mail to be properly delivered. Having been a mail carrier for 5 years, and living on North Coast Hwy for 45 years, I can tell you that when the 1200 block of SOUTH coast hwy 101 Encinitas is not specified, I get their mail erroneously, and the same happens at that end. But when Leucadia is on the addess it tells the postman whether the address is South or North 101.
    Boring, cerebrial stuff. But hey, you knew the blog was dangerous when you started to read it.


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