Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springtime in Leucadia

If you haven't been to the beach yet this spring make time to do it. There is a ton of sand on the beach and the current mild tides are ideal for long walks. Who knows how long the flower bloom will last so get out of the house and take the family down to the beach.

Leucadia Blog: Beacon's Beach Wildflowers


  1. Aren't these the same flowers that NCTD is having removed by the probation con's along the RR tracks??

  2. Happy spring, JP, and everyone.

  3. Hello
    NCTD is not involved in removing any plants along the RR tracks.

    Nice happy pics.
    tnks JP

  4. I was wondering why there are no flowers blooming in Leucadia's center medians this year while the rest of the county is covered in flowers. I thought the prison road work crews just picked up trash. Did they pull up all the plants before the flowers could bloom???

  5. grumble, grumble... Spring time in Leucadia used to be nice before we had those roundabouts and non-smoking ordinances. I blame it all onl those a-holes from LA!

    Happy spring!

  6. Oh Yeah, now I remember. that was the year, I had my taxes lowered from $6 per year to $3 per year.

    Lets hope for another flood year.


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