Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strange Tree Vandalism at Cottonwood Creek

Some unknown person/persons had trimmed a bunch of lower branches on trees and shrubs at Cottonwood Creek (the portion of land between Highway 101 and B Street in Encinitas that is kept as a natural habitat area).

Then today it was discovered that two large trees were cut down right along Hwy101, a Cottonwood and a Sycamore. Volunteers with the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy work hard to restore and maintain this area in a natural state. It is really discouraging for them to see this destruction and trimming of the trees. It is not known if it was the same person or persons that did both damage.

And, why? This is not an area where the trees are manicured, this is a remaining jewel of what nature used to be like in this area of Encinitas. By the way, trimming native riparian vegetation after March 15th is in violation of the Department of Fish and Game regulations that strive to protect nesting birds.


  1. I thought I read somewhere that Stocks had rampaged through that area following his pedometer equipped with GPS, or maybe its the return of the crop circle aliens trying to find Stocks's kegger.

  2. I think its the administrators at Paul Ecke Central. They are known for killing mature trees. Just look at the ones along Vulcan that they paved over the roots. Even the kids talk about the dying trees. But the staff continues to let them suffer.

    We are teaching our kids to be tree murderers .



    I'm glad these are our problems here. Great place to live.

    Other areas, have gang shootings, murders, stabbings at bus stops, muggings, etc.

    Love Encintas / Leucadia !!!!!!!!

  4. I heard on the news it was Al-Qaeda.

  5. The City should just cut down the ten trees dying on Vulcan Avenue in front of Paul Ecke School. Its better then just letting them experience a slow plainful death.

    I know. Get an arborist out there. That ought to get them cut down within a week.

  6. Who orders the chain gang to back hoe all living things along Vulcan and NCTD right-of-way? Is it City staff or NCTD? Who ever it is should be reported to the state air pollution board and the Regional Water Quality Control Board for causing erosion and siltation problems in our storm drains.

    When the vegetation roots were there it wouild hold the dirt in place. Now the dirt fly up in the air with each train and when it rains the loose dirt washes down the drain costing the City thousands of dollars to clean out its storm drains.

    A train just came by and dusted me out when I was walking along Vulcan Avenue. No wonder all the houses along Vulcan always look so dirty. NCTD is causing Leucadia to be dirty by their scorched/backhoed earth policy.

    If they wanted weed control, they could have just cut the weeds with a field mower.

    Add this one to the dumb ass things done by the City and or NCTD.

    Who did that stupid act?

  7. Encinitas SurgeonMarch 19, 2008 4:11 PM

    It was me. I am a tree surgeon. OK

    Like a surfer going crazy from being out of the water to long.

    Arborists go crazy if they don't cut down a tree every few days.

  8. "What is Fugitive Dust? It's Air Pollution!"

    California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board

    San Diego (858) 586 2600

    Not Complying With the Fugitive Dust Rule:


    "When Airborne PM Crosses the Property Line and enough neighbors complain, the owner is subject to H&SC Section 41700 (the Nuisance Law)."

  9. I want to add my angry voice to this question of the prisoners removing all green things, roots. The dust is constant and I simply stopped fighting it for the last 6 months. Now my place looks like crap.

    Is this where we complain? California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board

    San Diego (858) 586 2600

    Not Complying With the Fugitive Dust Rule:

  10. I've been thinking about his for quite a while...since the NCTD is basically blighting our whole corridor, the city of Encinitas should slap them with a lawsuit. If you had a neighbor that put your health at risk, lowered your property values and subjected you to loud noises at all times of night, you'd have a right to sue in civil court...any lawyers out there agree with me? Left Coast, what say ye? How about a Class Action Lawsuit by the citizens of Encinitas? I realize this may sound like "sue happy talk" but maybe that'll make the NCDT wake up.

    I take the train to LA a lot, and there isn't a single town that has a corridor that looks as terrible as ours.

  11. Back to the tree/Cottonwood Creek situation - I noticed that somebody also cut the small cables that are strung between the green metal railing at the SW corner of 101 & B St. (Enc. Blvd.). They were obviously cut, right in the middle, by a person with some kind of cable cutters. They did not look worn or corroded - they were cleanly cut. The city has now put some yellow caution tape over them. I also noticed a bunch of transients/homeless guys cooking something down by the tennis courts on a little fire they'd built, but I doubt they're to blame for the trees or the cables. (How many homeless guys do you see carrying bolt cutters and saws?) :-)

  12. It is not NCTD that is removing the plants.

  13. I called Calif. Air Resources Board, SD Office and spoke to a supervisor about the fugitive dust situation in Leucadia. I did not yet file a formal complaint. My thought was that the situation will get worse going into the summer, so maybe wait another month or so. They told me that an agent would drive to Leucadia to observe the situation. Ideally, The ARB will convince NCTD / ENC to fix the problem – maybe by promoting, not destroying vegetation.

    PS – I will re-post to the next track-oriented thread.

  14. It is not NCTD

  15. Calif. Air Resources Board said they would determine if ENC and / or NCTD was responsible for the fugitive dust (or not). We'll see if they follow through...

  16. Good job Ribeye2k-

    Stay on them. At least you are doing something productive instead of just complaining.

    I also also agree with Mary. I take the train to LA all the time. Amtrak only flies through Leucadia. In san clemente they go about 30 mph. Its time to sue again. NCTD is defecating on Leucadia.

  17. It's not the NCTD, eh? They have the say on whom can and cannot utilize their right of way, and this is why I know this.

    About 9 years ago, I got a call from my friend, Toby, who works at Lou's Records, and there was a dead dog near the tracks, right across from Paul Ecke elementary school, and no one at Lou's could handle going up to the dog's body and looking for an ID tag, so I did. As it turns out, there was no tag, and the body was a ghastly sight-both front legs had been severed off, so I thought of the kids who would have to see this, and immediately called Encinitas City Hall. I waited three days, and no one came out to collect the remains.

    I called back and was told, "Oh, we have no jurisdiction on the tracks. We aren't even allowed to step on their right-of-way, so you have to call he NCDT offices."

    So I called NCDT offices and told a nice lady that there was a rotting corpse on their right-of-way, and children got to see the ever expanding body every day, and don't you think it's a health hazard to allow a stinking dead dog body to lie there for over a week ?

    Long story short: the dog was picked up within a half hour of my call.

    So don't tell me what the NCTD doesn't do. They do whatever they damn wel please.

  18. They did not remove the plants, even though the dog died.

  19. Roadside park bumMarch 24, 2008 2:47 PM

    The Pacific Railway Act of 1862 gives the railroads of America omnipotence!! They have millions of acres of right of way and can do with it as they please. Including maintaining the RR through out Leucadia as a DEAD zone for plants and vegetation.
    Only when pressed by the public will they succumb to the demands of the community.

    The first order of business for Leucadia is to have a new rep for NCTD, ie shitcan Jerry Stokes in November.



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