Monday, April 07, 2008

800 tons of industrial sand to be dumped at Moonlight Beach

click image for large view and then read the city ads from Friday's Coast News.

Moonlight Beach, photo taken Monday April 7 2008.

Moonlight Beach in 2006.

The city of Encinitas is going to import 800 tons of sand from Carmeuse Industrial Sands INC in San Juan Capistrano to be dumped on Moonlight Beach next week. The sand they always import is that itchy rough/course river sand that they use in hotel ashtrays. Do you think Moonlight Beach needs sand replenishment this year?

Bonus: Aerial photo timeline of Moonlight Beach, click me.


  1. R Beachs R Not AshtraysApril 08, 2008 6:22 AM

    Jerome Stocks has long latched on to the sand issue. It is a warm and fuzzy issue that everyone can like. It is an election year JP and he needs his dose of ashtray.

  2. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!

  3. Now that they are using ashtray quality sand can we smoke at the beach again?

  4. Council is letting city departments take property by eminent domain.

  5. Care to elaborate on that last comment?

  6. Ah, isn't Moonlight a beautiful beach.
    Fat white tourists that smell like coconuts, laying in cancerous silica sand, while their kids play in the sewer water from the creek.
    Moonlight Beach, the jewel of Encinitas.

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  9. Maybe they use that coarse sand so the tourists don't get too comfortable. If they could only find a way to put the bad sand under the good sand, they could spend twice as much money for something we don't need. I just hope that no 40 weight sandpaper companies find out where that 800 tons of coarse sand is going.

  10. Has anyone compared the grains of sand with a microscope?

  11. 5:10

    Don't need no microscope. Local sand feels like silk. This crap makes cigarette butts feel good.

  12. Last month the "negative environmental impact declaration" for the "sand replinishment" was given unanimous approval by Council.

    Not one public speaker weighed in with any comments. I wish someone had. I, personally, couldn't stay for that part of the meeting, but it was "doomed" to pass, anyway, as it did.

    Yes, "warm fuzzies" says it all. And last Wednesday, Council voted to give another $34,200 for Dan Burden and "subconsultant" Linscott Law & Greenspan, for "additonal public outreach" and "traffic annalysis" (for roundabouts, mostly. None of this goes to actual plantings, actual construction, or watering the plantings. This is more PR hype, more warm fuzzies, and we all know it.

    This was on the consent calendar, which has been stacked, with far more agenda items than the "regular" agenda items. Wednesday there were 8 items on the consent calendar and three on the regular agenda. There was one public speaker about the MW Petltz & Associates, Inc. contract (already the City had agreed to pay out $275,000 for the two workshops plus design, only, from A Street to North Court.

  13. Re/ 1:29

    The workshops included the entire North Coast Hwy 101 corridor, not just A to North Ct. The first phase of action will be from A to N.Ct though. There were two groups that walked the north and south ends. Dan was on the north end, as J.P.'s pics show.

    Re/ "Why don't the truck the sand to Moonlight Beach?" Great question. But it is far from pure sand. The orange earth they dumped on Ponto several years back took years to get rinse off. NO ONE would stand for a dirt beach at Moonlight. Kinda surprised Carlsbad doesn't give a damn.

  14. Anonymous April 08, 2008 7:07 AM, Dude, you got quoted in the paper.


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