Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Got an Opinion on the Hall Park in Cardiff?

The Cardiff people (half from Citizens For Quality of Life) have spent thousands of dollars to hire a mediator. They came up with the idea to try to come to an open process solution. Basically, the idea was to let the citizens work this out. Don't leave it up to the city alone (my view, the city will monkey around, screw it up, cause delays, and waste a lot of money) I give them some credit for doing this.

Doug Long is running on a Hall Property Campaign, so it would be weird if he didn't participate. All candidates should for Encinitas city council should attend this meeting.

You are invited to attend:

Hall Park Conflict Assessment Presentation

Dick Bayer and Christina Simokat of the La Jolla Center for Dispute Resolution invite you to join them at the Encinitas Community Center on Monday, June 2nd at 7pm to discuss their assessment of the community conflict over the development of the Hall Property in Cardiff. The public is welcome; seating will be limited.

The La Jolla Center released the Hall Park Conflict Assessment at the end of March after almost a year of soliciting interviews and opinions from a wide range of Encinitas citizens. It is available to the public on the Contact page of their website,

Hall Park Assessment PDF link

Land use disputes are increasingly common in San Diego County, and usually create frustrating delays and costly political and legal battles. The purpose of the report was to help the people of Encinitas to decide if there are alternative strategies that could be used to develop the park more quickly and inexpensively, with the support of the majority of the community.

For more information, contact Heather Pollock at 858-454-3350


  1. Sweet.... after reading all the comments and seeing how most people know that Jerome Stocks is all about Special Interests (especially City Union and Developer interests), I am stoked to see he has made many enemies out there.

    Everyone sees the emperor has no cloths and the sight is disgusting. Vote for someone else in November.

  2. As a former Encinitas Parks and Recreation commissioner, past chair,Hall Property subcommittee member, and candidate for Encinitas City Council I will be there and encourage others to attend as well.

    Power to the People!

  3. Part of the property could be leased out for commercial use ie.a Costco,Walmart or another way to generate some needed revenue. Encinitas already has way to many parks. I don't understand why you vote for the leaders that you bad mouth later. Conservative leaders generate money liberal ones spend it and complain when it's all gone.

  4. Too bad we don't have any conservative leaders. Stocks and Bonds say their conservative, yet are supported by the unions and give them every raise and benefit they ever dreamed. Now we owe $20,000,000 in unfunded benefits they previously committed but have not paid.
    I’d say the most fiscally conservative councilperson we currently have is Teresa Barth. That’s why we love her. She walks her Talk. Completely opposite of Jerome Stock. Jerome is the type of Republican that make people leave the party in disgust.
    You cannot call yourself a fiscal conservative and be supported by the City unions. That’s just a lye and I hate lairs. The unions are not interested in long term City sustainability. They are only interested in sucking the most amount of money out of the tax payers for union dues. The way they do that is continually push for more staff and higher pay and benefits.
    Not only that, Stocks, Bonds and Dalager support all the unwanted trophy projects like 3 remodeled firestations turning them into Ritz hotels for staff ($5 million a pop total $15,000,000); a library that cost $10,000,000; and now Stocks, Bond, Dalager want a trophy regional sports park that will be used by all of north county, but paid for entirely by Encinitas. Cost - More than $60,000,000. Plus they still haven't been upfront out the huge on-going maintenance costs that would suck the City coffers forever. Let them total up the huge increase in City staff that they will propose to maintenance the regional park.

    Stocks spends more than a drunken Kennedy politician or a Vegas bound Duke Cunningham.

    If you want fiscal sustainability for Encinitas, Vote for anyone besides Jerome Stocks in November.

  5. I really support the lease or selling part of the property to pay for the rest. Most importantly - Keep the ongoing staff needs and maintenance low. Those increased operations costs is what really kills a City in the long run.

  6. It's worse than stated above. The library has probably cost over $26 million. Teresa Barth asked for an accounting of the total expense at last week's budget workshop. City Manager Phil Cotton promised these numbers soon. How soon will we see them?

    Stocks, Bond, and Dalager have been incredibly fiscally irresponsible. We not only have the library and the Hall property, but the Leucadia drainage fiasco and the Public Works yard boondoggle.

    I don't care which political party a council member is affliated with. I want fiscal conservatism and prudent spending. It seems that Barth is the one who best fits this description.

    In spite of past mistakes, I am not in favoring of selling the Hall property or developing it commercially. There is a need for more open space and parks in Encinitas. Look at the heavy use that Cottonwood Creek park gets. A truly community park is still the best use, as long as it doesn't serve special interest needs, but serves the broad needs of all the citizen of our city.

  7. You seriously want a Wal*Mart, the worst, trashiest retailer in the history of shopping, to go in place of a park???

  8. You're right about just a Wal-mart they have the super Wal-marts that generate even more money.

  9. Who said Walmart. Just allow another commercial area for small commercial stores. That area needs more commercial to serve the surrounding population. You know...Mom and Pop shops.

  10. anon 709,

    "Conservative leaders generate money"

    Can you name some of those leaders here in this city?

    Generating money sounds a lot like taxation.

  11. Mom and Pop went out with the buggy whip. Hell,why give up good parking spots for a bunch of old geezers. Wake up man!

  12. Anon 12:43 Yes Ecke,Sierra Pacific West(Tom Brown)

  13. Ecke!???

    Name all the occasions that Ecke has taken a public stand on policy issues that were directly about their bottom line.

    Tom Brown

    He did lay out his views. They were reasonably conservative.

  14. Oh, And Tom Brown sure did contrast with the phony Dan Dalager. Dan talks the talk and they stumbles and trips.

    I hope Tom Brown runs again.

  15. Please build the park with light standards and ball fields a nice place for people the run and stay fit. Build a Walmart the people get fat and stupid.

  16. People are already fat and stupid.

  17. The Hall property was purchased with money that came from a Bond issue (not James Bond). The Bond was designated as a Recreational Use Bond. How is it that the City could possibly lease or sell any of this property for commercial use?

  18. Build a nice sports park so the kids can play baseball you fucking grumpy nimby idiots.

  19. I think the park should be the size that was originally planned.
    if the city can't swing it then build less fields and amenities maybe, but keep it open space. what a chance for future generations,plant trees and let it grow wild.

  20. The Hall Property was purchased with bond money which is tied directly to park land acquisition.

  21. Sell it to a business called park property.

  22. Open space, fields that can be used for various sports, yes.

    WalMart, no. We don't have to choose between sports complex and Wall Mart.

    More passive uses, including multi-use fields would be appreciated by a bigger base of citizens. We don't need inter-league play off fields, dedicated to only soccer, or only baseball, for instance.

    I think bob in black letters is different than Bob Nanninga, bob in blue, posting here.

    Dick Johnson, you are a dick. Build me my sports complex with 90 ft. light standards or I'll call you a whining idiot and a nimby. Nanny nanny nanny, you bully. Grow up.

  23. When the city purchased the property, I applauded the concept of a community park. I was impressed by the city, in a public advertisement, inviting it's citizens to design their community park. It was a noble gesture. The process proceeded and a consensus was reached for a park concept in a well organized and fair manner. It appeared to address a very fair share of park elements the community wanted.

    I am not clear what happened next.
    A very different concept was then presented.
    Now it is defined as a “Special Use Park”.
    Features from the workshop maps showing gardens, grassy wooded trails, ponds and water features and daylight creeks are sacrificed. Areas for arts/cultural/education, skateboard areas and ball courts have all been limited. When I moved to Encinitas, it was “The Flower Capital of The World’. Now we have no room for a garden in our ‘special use park’. Are we sacrificing all this to accommodate regional soccer tournaments? There should be playing fields. Maybe fifteen percent of our community plays soccer. The majority of the park should appeal to 100% of the stakeholders.
    I am not sure that this is the park concept that the majority of stakeholders want. A survey of the citizens at Encinitas Days did not want this. A Sandag report was not supportive. Council meetings comments seemed to show that this was not a popular proposal. The press did not seem to support it.
    Is this the best for the most? If it is, I support it.
    This design is a radical departure from any public workshop concept.
    Encinitas should consider the greater community good.
    I am not convinced the current park design accomplishes this.

  24. Soccer????????? Sissy europeans and poor mexicans play soccer. Build baseball fields. Don't build a walmart that will attract more mexicans.

  25. Soccer is the game of the world. Baseball is the game for fat beer drinking spectators to watch men stand in the field. Wow. Thats exciting. It fits the American fat ass complacent personality.

    My prediction is baseball will fade and soccer will take it place in America too. Switch petco park to soccer.

  26. Oh great the race card, that's all my blog needs.

  27. To sift through all of you transplants who have some golden idea of what Enc/Cardiff/Leucadia should be is hilarious. I love walking through my neighborhood where there are huge stucco McMansion duplexes where there was once a reasonable sized home and laugh at the "Scale Back the Park" signs that someone gave them when they moved into town and bought their CBS sticker for their H3....instant locals. These are the same profiteers who brought us the Cardiff Kook.

    I propose a new red sign for Cardiff...."Scale Back Your House."


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